The Spectacular Panglao Island in Bohol.

Panglao is an island in the Philippines found in the Central Visayas. This island is divided into two municipalities namely Dauis and Panglao. It is one of the main tourist destinations in the Philippines

Moreover, the island area measures 80.5 sq. kilometers surrounded by white shoreline with different resorts. From private to public resort, luxurious to affordable, and developed to virgin beaches, lot to choose from. This main island is surrounded by islets such as Gak-ang, Pontod, and Balicasag where in all you need is to ride a boat to witness the innumerable dolphins.

It is very easy to travel here.

 Affordable -
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If you are in tight budget, what I can recommend is you go to Dumaloan Beach Resort where-in you can rent there an open cottage for PHP250 and the entrance fee of PHP50. (Rooms are also available) If you are a tactful solo traveler, it would be better to pay for the entrance and set up your tent discreetly inside (believe me). Tip: you can talk any guest or group inside the resort if you can set up your tent beside their open cottage so that the management will not confront you. You just need to be approachable because Boholanos are very friendly by that your food will be free, locals love to offer foods and drinks. (You just need to be wise)

 Convenient - If you are aiming to relax on your vacation, immediately think about "Alona Beach", Bohol Beach Club, and other deluxe beach resort. Panglao just located southwest of the island of Bohol and east of Cebu. Similar to Boracay you can find an amazing white beach and crystal clear water.

Panglao is very accessible. From Tagbilaran Airport, take a tricycle towards Dau, from Dau take a mini-bus to Dauis, then ask the driver to drop you off at Dumaluan Beach.

Panglao Beaches are very impressive with its cleanliness. Many activities are offered, Especially Balicasag Island is really worth diving at. Dolphin watching, kayaking, and Food tripping are also available. (Prices vary based on season).

Dumaluan beach is connected to Bohol Beach Club; therefore I was able to go to the private resort for free. The sand is very fine and well maintained; the utilities clean their shoreline every now and then. I was wondering their sand which adjacent to the hotel of BBC smells chlorine, I don’t know if they maintained it by putting chlorine. 

The interesting activity I did was building a sand castle.

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๐Ÿ“ Location: Bohol, Philippines

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