Saying Farewell to Year 2013 by Remembering it.

Looking back at the past is the best way to remember those events happened to us. I’ve been blogging for almost half year and 2013 is about to say goodbye to me. But that Good bye doesn’t mean that I will also forget those blessings that I received this year. By that, I will post my Top ten events happened to me since the day I started doing this travel blog. It was not that easy but the entire span of time I’m doing this blog; it was very therapeutic to me. I was able to express my feeling in every post that I published. These top 10 Photos that I captured is the reflection of mine. It is also a way for me to give thanks to GOD in giving me a chance to rove.  Hello 2014! But today lemme post my 2013 life through these photos.

Learned to Surf – Just this year 2013 I was able to learn how to balance myself (not towards the schedule, problem, work and personal). Balancing on the water with those challenging waves is one of my achievements in this year. My first Surfing experience was in Zambales and followed by Baler Aurora.

Rizal Adventure with PHP500- I thought at first that PHP500 pesos is now worthless. But when I travelled Rizal Province with this amount I was able to realize that travelling doesn’t need to be luxurious so that we can enjoy it the most. Rizal Province is large province but together with my friends we were able to tour Rizal the cheapest way.
Work Hard and Party Harder- This year also I was able to party in Republiq, Resorts World. As an ordinary office guy, spending resources in such luxurious bar is ever my plan. But then again, I was able to experience it for free. I consider it as one of my blessings in this year.

Health Conscious- January 2013 to March 2013, I was able to achieve the body that I want. I am having hard time to get it, with all those whey protein, amino acids, spending time at the gym and sacrifice the tasteless diet. But in just a short span of time, I was able to get it.

Shockwave with my Kidney Stone- With the same year of 2013. I was hospitalized due to my kidney stone. I was confined for five days and got shockwave procedure to pulverize the stone. The Pain I experienced was beyond description. I remember the doctor asked me 1-10 scale of the pain and I shouted 11. It was very painful but then it was one of my unforgettable events in 2013

Embracing Puerto Princesa City- with the amount of PHP4500 all in. Who thought that I can survive in six days in Puerto Princesa City. It was really my unforgettable experience: from air fare, foods, tours and accommodation PHP4500 is enough in fact it includes the pasalubong. Because of Puerto Princesa City Adventure  I learned  to be tactful in every travel  to save resources.

Adventure in Baler Aurora- This adventure is very memorable to me. From planning up until the date of the tour it was very challenging. I am not physically prepared that date because I was suffering from my pneumonia at that time one week prior the tour. But due to my eagerness to join the adventure, I still pushed it.
Moreover, I was able to do my second time to surf the large waves in Sabang Beach, Biking the whole Town Proper, Trekking to the falls and taking glance at the historical sites of Baler.

Meeting new friends with same interest- From the day I started blogging about travel, my dream is to meet some travel bloggers also. And I am very thankful by this year 2013 I was able to meet numbers of travelers when I joined Journeying James Anniversary in Liw-Liwa Zambales.  It was very memorable because it was my first time to do solo travel and meet new individuals. The challenge was how to socialize others.
My Boracay Experience – Actually my Boracay Experience was happened 2012 but since started blogging this year 2013 Im considered it as a blessing in this year. My Boracay Experience is a medium for me to experience the paradise of the Island during daytime and experience the rave darkness at night time.

Oh My Bohol- Same thing with my Boracay experience, it was not part of my 2013 events but then again this year i started blogging at it is part of my posts. Actaully I grew up in Bohol, it is my home province and yet this year who will forget this province who experience the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

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