10 Videos That Will Positively Change Your Perspective Towards American Bully Dog Breed.

This was Escobar - the American Bully when he was 4 months,I newly got him

    American Bullies - These dogs are never meant to have aggression at all. The sad part, they're frequently misjudged as scary dogs because of how they looked. In addition, they're also mislabeled as Pitbull which we normally meant as a fighting breed and dangerous to humans when aggression occurs, as they looked similar. 

    The American Bully is a recently formed "companion dog breed", originally recognized in 2004 by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and followed by the European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) in 2008. It has been recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) since July 15, 2013. The American Bully is a small to large breed and was created through years of selective breeding by combining the desired traits of the UKC American Pit Bull Terrier and the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier.

    Escobar the American Bully - when he was 9 months living with me. He has never been in a dog cage and he freely saunters inside my condo unit.

    Aside from muscular and Scary looks, traits such as being stubborn, friendly, affectionate, intelligent, loyal, obedient, strong-willed, clownish, courageous, and gentle came from American Pit Bull Terrier. The traits of being tenacious, devoted, loyal, attentive, courageous came from the breed of  American Staffordshire Terrier. 

    It is strongly NOT advised to all kennel breeders to mix this American Bully breed with another bloodline and breed which has a history of aggression because it will mess up the traits and the submissive affectionate temperament.

    I am with Escobar- the American Bully. This is his happy place, a dog park located in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

    Meanwhile, below are 10 videos of ESCOBAR — The American Bully that I owned. Having him in my life starting January 2021 was the best decision I made. He is EXTREMELY affectionate and attached to me that sometimes I get annoyed but I enjoyed it most of the time. He easily gets jealous whenever my attention is focused on my phone or even watching movies on Netflix. He acts like a kid seeking attention which makes me remorse sometimes — of getting this breed. 

    Well, I will write more on how my life changed when I got this breed living with me. But for now, let me share with you his 10 short videos —That Will Positively Change Your Perspective Towards American Bullies Dog Breed.

    American Bully Loves Wrestling on the Bed.

     Since naturally, dogs live in a pack, they need others' existence —either other dogs or humans to play with. If I missed bringing him to the dog park for socialization, he normally initiates and acts like he wants to play with me. It is challenging to refuse such dogs' invitation to play especially, we knew that they're animals but they consider trusting humans to play their vulnerability.  

    He Never Go Outside The Room without my permission.

    Since I live in a small condo in the metro, it is rare for my dog to go outside the hallway whenever he wants because I am honestly avoiding someone —the other dwellers in the establishment to feel scared towards my companion. Because of how the American Bullies looked like, as an owner, I always practice precaution and I assumed that everyone is not a dog lover — at least, it reminds me of guarding my pet as always to detour problems in the later. 
    But I feel pity for my dog, whenever he sees someone opening the door from the other units. His tail will automatically wiggle and wants to play. Unfortunately, he can't go outside as I put hinder in front of my door. The hinder is just a  cheap metal trolley that normally a big dog can easily push just to get put but he is afraid whenever a movement from the trolley occurred. American bully is like a small dog trapped in a muscular big body and masked in a scary face.

    American Bully Loves Bread and Pastries.

    Dogs can safely eat bread in much the same way as humans—in moderation. Feeding your American Bully with bread as a treat now and then won't hurt her/him, as long as she/he is also fed a complete and balanced diet and gets plenty of exercises. Though dogs' digestive system is designed for raw meat as they're a family of Fox that survives from the wilderness, it is also for the dog to experience human foods every now and then moderately as a treat since dogs like American Bully is a domesticated breed. 

    American Bully Always Watching ME While I am Cooking.

    Dogs stare at you while you eat or prepare your foods because they want what you're eating. In the wild, dogs stare at the pack leader as he eats. This is how they let him know they are hungry and hope to get his scraps. You're the pack leader, and they are hoping you'll share your meal. 

    American Bully Has Bad Behavior, He Never Failed Humping Every Visitors I Had.

    Honestly, this behavior of my American Bully is something that I am not proud of. Not all my visitors or friends can tolerate this act. They normally get scared as they assumed it is an attack but this gesture is a form of excitement. Usually, dogs aren't emulating mating behavior when they hump. Nonsexual arousal is more likely to provoke a dog to hump. It's just a way for the dog to burn off energy or relieve stress.

    Until now, I am having a hard time correcting his actions. How I get laid when no one will attempt to enter my door when I open, they'll get scared right away. Just kidding!!!

    American Bully easily Learns the "SIT" command as early as 4 months.

    When it comes to living with a well-mannered bully breed, training him to follow a few basic cues makes all the difference in the world. By simply saying "SIT", my dog is very attentive to that because that is the first basic trick I taught. I always use positive reinforcement which in the video below, I used bone. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding positive behaviors — is actually helpful, while a simple "no" is enough when they do bad things. 

    Actually, I admit I hit him when he chew my new-purchased slippers and it happened four times. He also damaged four slippers and one pair of expensive rubber shoes - both I forgot to put away. 

    American Bully Loves Leafy Vegetables.

    Dark leafy green vegetables contain important minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants and vitamins. They also possess cleansing and pH balancing properties, and they are an excellent source of fiber. But again, always bear in mind - like I've mentioned in Video #3, dogs' digestive system is designed for raw meat. So, moderation is the key.

    American Bully Loves Yogurt.

    Yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It also can act as a probiotic, which can be good for the digestive system. If you are going to feed your dog yogurt, it should be plain and free of any added sweeteners, both natural and artificial.

    American Bully Loves Owner's Attention.

    One of the most common reasons is that they are bored. This could be because they are not getting enough exercise, enough mental stimulation, or they are genuinely not getting enough attention from their owners. 

    I am guilty of that! As an owner, having a dog is a big responsibility. You have to get up from bed even if you don't want to — just to walk him out and have socialization. Especially in my case, I have a busy life as someone who works in a 9 to 7 job, and so also maintaining my digital visibility online - eg. blogs, social media, and vlogs. 

    Undeniably, having a dog is like having a kid. you need to spare time for them or else, same with kids, if they're lack-of-attention and time, they will behave - not according to what you want.

    American Bully Can Finish One Whole Bone for only 30 Minutes.

    The American Bulldog bite force is 305 PSI, which packs more of a punch than the Pit Bull. 

    This breed isn’t considered aggressive, sharing a reputation with the American Bully for being a gentle family dog. These are both Bully breeds, so we can gather that the American Bully bite force might be somewhere between 200 and 300 PSI range. 

    Any dog breed can bite hard, but it depends on the owner and the amount of socialization the dog has received that determines its behavior. Therefore, this is not a bite force to be feared! And for God's sake, stop associating "lockjaw" to American Bully.

    After watching these videos, With Bully breeds, aggressive stereotypes and discrimination are common; I hope you no longer get scared of this dog breed because they're the most affectionate and loving companion that you will surely love in return.

    The Real Situation of Bohol Province After Typhoon Odette.

      Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022 to all of you guys. It is difficult to celebrate Christmas and experience genuine joy if at the back of your head when someone who is related to you is a victim of Typhoon Odette. It may sound repetitive hearing sad news since December 16, 2021, from the television and seeing aftermath photos on social media but that is the reality.  A lot of provinces in Visayas and Mindanao are still not yet fully recovered from the disaster until now as of writing. 

      Since Bohol is my birthplace and that is my home province, my family and relatives are not exempted from the said traumatic experience.  Two of my relatives’ houses were damaged – our ancestral where I grew up and my aunt’s house, both located in the town of San Isidro. Fortunately, the said town has zero casualties and that is the only positive thing that I consider looking at. But other than that, the shelter, food, and power supply are limited. This scarcity is something that we have to consider offering our hands. 

       On Dec 20, 2021, my cousin had a chance to update me on their situation after the typhoon. He was asking for monetary help to build their dwelling back. I decided to go online and did live streaming on my Youtube and Facebook for a donation drive. 

      As of Dec. 26, 2021, I gained PHP3,779.00 from my friends and followers through my GCASH number. And I am extremely thankful for that.


      ☑Gcash: 09158500077 - (my personal Gcash account, so I have the record of the amount received)

      ☑ VIA BANK (this will go directly to the victim's account, so I have NO record of the amount received)

      •   - Security Bank - Tagbilaran City
      •   - Account No. 0000017990862
      •   - Account Name: Kevin Suaybaguio


      Ancestral House where I grew up. This is the extension part made of hollow blocks and cement. This is located in Sitio Cabatuan, Brgy. Poblacion, San Isidro, Bohol.
      See the coconut tree was fell towards the roof.

      This is the house of the cousin, located  in Sitio Libas, Brgy. Causwagan, San Isidro, Bohol.

      The roof is damaged.

      The wall is made of bamboo which is not durable when typhoon hits.

      This is the front of the house.

      This is the piggery.


       (courtesy of Darryl Laquinta )



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