Dirt and Shampoo Residue Accumulation on a Two-Year-Old Dreadlocks Hairstyle.

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December 2019 when I decided to have my hair dreads. Having dreadlocks was one of my childhood dreams that is not easy to have due to its price. In the Philippines, if you will go to a professional dreadlocks artist, it is undeniably expensive. You might find a cheaper one, but the quality is always in-questioned, especially Filipinos who have genetically straight hair and it takes a long time to get perfectly-made dreads that will last longer.

When I got one, It was really fulfilling to see myself in front of a mirror having new hair. But getting dreadlocks is not a one-time process. It takes care and maintenance to have a clean look. You have to clean it thoroughly to avoid dirt accumulation from the dust in the atmosphere and the residue from the shampoo you've used to wash your hair.

Undeniably, I am diligent in washing my dreadlocks religiously to avoid smell without an awareness that there are areas on your head that accumulate the dirt easily and it is not noticeable until you will have your dreadlocks maintained by an artist. That will be the time you'll see how dirt your hair is, during the process of maintenance.

"Maintenance repair" of dreadlocks is something that you have to undergo every 6-12 months, according to the lockmen. Honestly, it is pricey; but it must be adhered to have a cleaner and fresh look. When I have my hair repaired, it is evidently more painful than the first session. 

Watch the video below:

Before and After Photos:



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