Bellagio Square in Malate Manila: A four-sided place for Dining and Entertainment.

October 19, 2013 Saturday Night!

This is the third time that we hang out in a bar with my gym mates. First that was in Tala Bar and the second time was in the Uno in Mall of Asia.  But today, we decided to go MALATE
Gym mates (Left) and Gymmates' Girls (Right)
Bellagio Square is situated in Jorge Bocobo Street, Malate, Manila. It is easy for you to locate the exact place because it is known beer garden in Malate. The landmark is Robinson’s Midtown Mall Manila. Once you get at the lobby of the main entrance of Robinson’s Midtown Mall, look for Jorge Bocobo Street or you can ask any locals where Bellagio square is located at. (Don’t be fooled by opportunist coz its just 3 mins walk from Robinson’s Midtown Mall).
At the Entrance there is a fountain wherein you can throw a coin and wish
How to get in Bellagio Square
There are two ways for you to reach the location, first is via Taft Avenue (LRT of Jeepney) and via Roxas Blvd.
Here is the MAP
Via Taft Avenue .

If you came from Pasay Rotonda just take the LRT at EDSA Station to Pedro Gil Station for Php 10.00. Or Jeep amounting Php 8.00 to Pedro Gil St. Same thing if you came from Monumento Station and the rest stations, all you need is to drop off at Pedro Gill Station. Just ask anybody where is the Robinson located (I would not advise you to ride tricycle or Padyak coz Robinson is just few meters away). Once you will reach at Robinson just look for the Jorge Bacobo St.

Via Roxas Blvd. 

From Baclaran you can ride a cab/FX with LAWTON sign for php20.00. Tell the driver to drop you off at Pedro Gil St. and the other way around, if you came from manila, just ride a jeep or a FX and Pedro Gil St is your drop off also.

• San Mig Lite Bucket (5plus 1) – Php 280.00
• San Mig Pale Bucket (5plus 1)- php 250.00
• Red Horse Bucket (5 plus 1)- Php 250.00
• Per Bottle – Php 50.00
• San Mig Lite Bucket (5plus 1) – Php 350.00
• San Mig Pale Bucket (5plus 1)- php 350.00
• Red Horse Bucket (5 plus 1)- Php 350.00
• Per Bottle – Php 65.00

The Place is really great and perfect for hangout, it is an arcade surrounded by restaurants and Bars. Different band groups are performing in every set. You can order a bucket of beer being offered by various bars. Just occupy the table outside which is adjacent to your desired restaurant and bar so that the waiter can serve you right away.  I suggest you to choose the outdoor tables for you to watch the live band’s performance. But if you prefer to sit indoor, inside the restaurants and bars, waiters can accommodate you the most however you cannot enjoy the band outside. Insides in each restaurant they offer different services based on their motif ei. Morocan Bar named SHAWARMA, Chinese RESTO bar named KOI, and etc. There is also bar suitable for young people 18+ or yuppies named AGENDA and a bar for adult where-in ledge dancers will entertain you.

The Mob is not that hypertensive, the atmosphere is relaxed.  No dance floor to be specific. So if you are a party goer, don’t expect that you can dance or else you’ll get disappointed. But the said beer garden and restaurant arcade is perfect for Gimik.

You can also park your  car and motorcycle just in front of the entrance
Live Band performance
The landscape
A smoke with apple scent

Guess who's with me? Clue : He is famous in Flip Top
(From the Left) Emmanuel Susi(Stripe), Richard(brown), (in the midle wearing red is a famous rapper), Jino (pink)and Paw(Blue)
Anyone who experience the place you can leave your review


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