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Mid-September, as I browse James’ Blog, I saw an advertisement on the sidebar Stating:

What: Journeying James 3rd Year Blog Anniversary and Thank Giving of #ProjectJomalig
When: September 28-29, 2013 Saturday and Sunday.
Where:  Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales.

I didn’t waste my time to reserve a slot and everything was all set. But since I have a work September 27, 2013 Friday Night, I asked my Boss for an early out, 3:00AM. She allowed me to do so as long as someone will take my schedule. It’s a huge problem now! I asked anyone from my co-workers but unfortunately no one is wiling to take my schedule. I was depressed that time, I was like a detainee  in a jail , that I have to work, I have to do this things, so on so forth, no freedom and there is no way for me to leave my work place to see the world.

September 27, 2013 10:00 PM , Supposed to be my shift to duty but I have to decide, to go to work (no chance of leaving) or to go to Zambales (once in a life time). I decided to absent (No Work No Pay, since it was not tagged as Vacation Leave). What I did, instead of reporting, I prepared my 45liters backpack and buy some Pica-Pica Foods for my Baon.

3:00 AM - Meeting Place in Macdonald at Quezon Avenue Near MRT Station.

I took a Taxi going to the meeting place with my backpack. I am very excited yet still worried that I might lose my job if ever or maybe I might get a disciplinary action since my work is very strict when it comes to attendance issue. But the excitement is still there, excitement to meet other nomads, to meet my Idol James and to Travel Zambales for first time.

When I arrived, at the meeting place I noticed numbers of individuals with their backpack. “I’m pretty sure that they are the participating individuals”, at the back of my mind. I saw a couple, and I asked them if they are one of travelers and they said “Yes” And that was my first encounter with RunningAtom and with his partner Irish (who gave me her surfing slot for free). We went ahead inside and we met Journeying James.

I was sitting alone in one table; the other nomads are having conversation in other table and it seems that they knew each other already. I ordered a meal while waiting for the others who are on the way. While sitting, there were two girls who join me in one table and It was Maam Elvie Manlulu and with his co-traveler. I was hesitant to start a conversation to her coz it seems that she is an elite person. Another girl joined and her name is Kat (aka Bella Donna on her Facebook). We started to converse “where are you from?”, “Are you a first timer?”

5:00 AM –Departure.

James gathered everyone for further announcement. Right after we left.

6:00 AM First stop over somewhere in SCTEX.

8:00 AM Quickie Stopover at “The Magic Lagoon Bar and Restaurant”

9:00  AM- Around (9:00 AM) Arrival.

Setting Up the tent
Some were preparing the Campsite; others were eating breakfast at one SARI-SARI Store. (we called 7-11 of Liw-Liwa)

11:00 AM -Surfing Lesson Started for the first batch. (I am part of the first batch)

Chris the Surfing Instructor
12:00NN-2:00 PM Lunch 

Chef Arvin prepared a Steamed Kangkong with Bagoong and Steamed Fish with Tomatoes. It was a boodle Fight. It was very appetizing way of eating regardless of the food prepared. Imagine we are more than 30 individuals eating simultaneously. “Akala mo Aagawan ka, kaya Ganado ka

2:00PM -3:00PM Free Time

Swimming and socializing.

Hammock at the campsite
3:00 PM -6:00PM- Games and Raffles.

6:00PM -7:00PM preparing foods for the Dinner

7:00PM-8PM- Dinner
The food : Lechon Manok at Sisig

8PM onwards. Party and Mini-Bonfire, Barbeque Party!! And Beach Party..
(I was not able to join)

September 29, 2013 6:00AM 

I woke up early, everyone are still sleeping. I am preparing for my jogging.

While jogging at the shoreline alone, I just realized that life is more fun especially if you were able to witness the beauty of the World. The World is Huge and our life is not only in a four corners of a workplace, we just need to get out and embrace life.

I jogged and jogged until I didn’t notice that I was too far away from my origin. I went back and other travelers were already at the seashore, taking pictures to pass out of time while waiting for the Breakfast.

8:00AM- Breakfast

Biko at Kape, Perfect in the morning in a rural setting.

10:00AM- Surfing for the 2nd batch 

12:00NN- Lunch 

The Food: Steamed fish w/ fish sauce and kalamansi. plus with Mani sa DAGAT as per Chief Arvin

Steamed Fish

Mani sa dagat 
save the best for last

3:00PM Bye Liw-Liwa

Dropped by at Subic Bay for Pasalubong Buying
Captured at Subic Bay
10:00PM we arrived at Quezon Avenue Macdo.

From the point that I stepped out of the van I getting ready myself back to the reality. The reality in an “Urban Zone Living” which is full of Stress and pressure, “I need to work for a living and to sustain my wanderlust”


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