BEACH CAMPING With Travelers in Liw-Liwa,San Felipe,Zambales.

Home sweet home.
While Waiting For The Tent.
Beach Camping is one of the exciting parts of my Zambales escapade. It was my first time to experience staying inside in a distinctive shelter for a long span of time (most likely 2 days 1 night) set up in the under the sun. The said beach camping was the official accommodation/shelter of all travelers who joined for said tour.

“At last !I am now an official camper”.

Moreover, the tents were set up in a campsite which is a meter away to shoreline of the beach. All the tents were situated in a safe area under the trees.

Whats inside my tent?
James and other campers/travelers started to set up all the tents right there and then when we arrived, while doing the tents other campers were just watching and waiting (trying to observe the new environment). I was able to witness how James spent an effort to set up the tents for his guest campers. (Newbies usually keep on watching the whole process since newbies are not aware on how to set up the tents.) James (organizer) provided a free seven tents. Some of the campers brought their own camping tents, and their own hammock. Backpackers/Campers used lightweight equipment that can be carried long distances on foot. James required us to bring our own bed bag or blanket for the bedding. After setting up, James assigned the campers on what tent they will occupy and who will be the tent mates.

James as he set up the tent 
My tent mates is, and fortunately I slept alone in my tent coz he slept in one of the hammock outside therefore I slept all night long. I slept very deep to the point that I was not able to join the campfire (a huge regret when I learned that they ate fried frog, drink beers with barbeque and mallows, and party).

Camping describes a range of activities, and with this beach camping, I experienced for the first time, to sleep outdoor while raining. It was the best experience, a memorable one that I will surely miss. Maybe, I have to expose myself in this kind of recreational activity because it was fun, yeah, really fun. I am just thinking, much better if I’ll join a mountaineering group, or maybe I can do beach camping by myself during weekend for relaxation. “I have to do it”.
The Travelers/Campers
When we were about to go home during our last day, everyone were busy clearing all things scattered, and Chris (one of my new friends) and I volunteer to gather all the tents. James teaches us how to do so.
The campsite 
Up until, that I’m writing this post, I still have a hangover of the said Camping. Great Camping Experience!

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