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07 October 2018

πŸ– Where to Buy the Most Delicious Lechon in the Philippines?


We left at Sibonga -Simila Church to be specific- as soon as we’re done roaming around and offering candles. It was actually our listed in our itinerary to go to Carcar to taste the famous CEBU LECHON – right after visiting Simala Church. Well, perfect for me since after the tiring walk and travel to Sibonga, I might enjoy more eating after that.

From Simala Church, we took a “habal habal” heading towards the main road where we can catch up a bus going to Cebu City as it passes through the City of Carcar. But while we were on the motorcycle, we both agreed – not to take the bus anymore since we’re already comfortable of riding the habal-habal. Manong offered us to bring me and William to Carcar City for an amount of PHP 500. At first, we were reluctant because 500php is actually a huge amount; however, we realized that we were too tired anymore to stand by at the road and wait for the bus. What if the bus is full? Then we are going to be late and it was already 4PM.
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If you’re in a shoestring travel, from Simala Church, there are tricycle available to bring you to the main road which is pretty affordable than the “habal-habal”. At the main road, you just have to wait for a bus with CEBU CITY signage. Bus is continuously passing by but I’m not really sure how convenience it is during rush hour and frequently the busses arrive. If you’re also coming from Cebu City, you can take a bus at south bus terminal. But we opted to take a Van where the terminal is located at the back of University of San Carlos.

The Cebu Lechon stores are located inside Carcar Public Market. When we got there, I was overwhelmed of the roasted pig. The last time I ate Lechon was wayback in Bohol for Fiesta.

“Ang dami, ang pupula, ang kikintab”, while staring those…. I can still remember how tasteful those are while writing this blog. “Naglalaway ako!” The aroma of the place is very appetizing and truly you’ll no longer need to find the exact location of the stores because the aroma itself will tell you where they are.

1kg is 400php, we grabbed a half kilo and bring it to nearest open eateries which are located in front of the market beside the main road. We bought a hanging rice, fish tinola, seaweeds salad and soft drink. It was glorifying, yung feeling na gutom na gutom ka dahil sa byahe pero ang sarap ng pagkain.

After we grabbed our heavy meal, we left the market and headed towards the Chicharon Haven which is a 3mins walk away from the market. “MY GOD! Ang daming chicaron!” – Perfect for pasalubong.

Anyway, Watch my vlog below and I hope na mag enjoy kayo. Baka magutom kayo after niyo mapanuod.