Balancing Preparation and Authenticity: The Role of Memorized Answers in Pageants.

"What are your thoughts on memorized answers?" Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza asked fellow beauty queen, MJ Lastimosa during their hosting stint at the  #BBPilipinas2024 coronation night on Sunday."


 The Pros of Memorized Answers

Memorizing answers for pageants can offer numerous benefits. First and foremost, it can significantly boost a contestant's confidence. Knowing that they have prepared and practiced their responses allows them to approach the Q&A segment with poise and assurance. This preparation helps ensure they can articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely, hitting all the important points they want to convey. Additionally, memorized answers can help contestants manage their time effectively, ensuring they stay within the given time limits without rambling or missing crucial details. This level of preparedness can be particularly advantageous in high-stakes competitions where every moment counts.

The Cons of Overly Rehearsed Responses

However, there are potential downsides to relying too heavily on memorized answers. One significant risk is that the responses may come across as robotic or insincere. Judges and audiences can often tell when an answer is overly rehearsed, which can detract from the contestant's authenticity and genuine personality. Pageants are not just about delivering the perfect answer; they are also about showcasing the contestant's ability to think on their feet and connect with the audience. Over-rehearsed answers can undermine these qualities, making the contestant appear less relatable and more scripted.

Striking the Right Balance

To truly shine in a pageant, contestants need to strike a balance between preparation and spontaneity. It's essential to have a well-thought-out idea of what they want to say and practice delivering it smoothly. However, they should also remain flexible and open to adapting their responses based on the specific question and the context in which it is asked. This approach allows them to maintain authenticity while still demonstrating their preparedness and composure. By blending the benefits of memorized answers with the ability to respond naturally, contestants can present themselves as both polished and personable, leaving a lasting positive impression on judges and audiences alike.


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