๐Ÿ“ท [PHOTO BLOG] Bragging My Basic Adobe Photoshop Editing Know-How.

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A basic knowledge doesn’t hurt you at all. Hence, it is your foundation to move forward in advance. For you to become a blogger, you must know the basic photography, basic in writing, basic web design and basic html/css coding.  Moreover, for you to become a YouTuber, you must know the basic video editing, filming and lightings. Whomever you knew who is successful in his/her field starts on basic.

Just like in this post, I am showing you guys my basic knowledge in photo editing using Adobe Photoshop software. Truly, in blogging, I should know the basic concept of this Photoshop thingy because it helps me a lot in enhancing my photos before uploading it online. I tried to slowly step up my basic knowledge by practicing it in my workmates' photos.

If you notice in this raw photo, it is much overexposed due to the strong light coming from the sun. I increased the ISO level on this assuming that it was a perfect shot but when I review it in my laptop- it is too much exposed and it looks unnatural.

So what I did was, I decreased the brightness in post-editing. I also increased the contrast so that the shadow and black side will arise. Since majority of the outfit of the subjects are more into black, I decided to lower the lightness to complement the motif.

Also I tried the Black and White concept since not all of the subjects are wearing the same colours. So to create a visual of uniformity, I considered the Black and White Feature.



 I asked NICK and ALVEY to pose as the characters of the Movie – MEN In BLACK. My challenge in editing this raw photo was the lighting. The original MIB has a back-light or also known as hair light. This light is to create a 3D effect of the subject or two emboss the subject which in this case – it was NICK and ALVEY.


What I did was, I cut scrupulously the edges of the body of the subjects and put the black background. To create a back-light effect, I blended the subject’s body and put an emboss effect. I also blurred the edges of the body so that it will no longer noticeable that I just cut-off their body. In addition, I created another layer for Alvey’s body so that I can easily overlay it on Nick’s body -making them a little bit closer to each other.


 Notice the raw photo below, it is pale. Obviously, it blended the white backdrop and the ambiance light of the location


Since I was trying to emulate the Charlie’s Angel movie poster, I have to consider the powerful concept. Since the raw file is quite pale, I just enhanced the saturation and vibrant colour so that the skin tone will look more natural. I also augmented the orange-ish side of the photo to look more visually hot. The white backdrop remains as it is - looking more clean and femme.


The challenge of this photo is how to remove the floor that has a carpet without sacrificing the details. In this photo (Nonie, John and JB) were trying to imitate the poster of an Indian movie – 3 idiots.


What I did was, I overlaid their second picture right below their chair. I also put figures – square, circle and triangle – to emphasize their faces. Moreover, I need to highlight the subjects’ cuteness and stubbornness w/o changing the backdrop’s colour as it remains plain white. 

Good thing, these two guys were easy to absorb instruction. I told them to pose in a dramatic face which is full of loneliness and incompleteness.

I was trying to create a poster of the movie “Brokeback Mountain” wherein the backdrop looks like a ranch. I didn’t download any backdrop online that is similar to the movie yet I used my own captured photo. The said photo was taken during my Calaguas Island Travel. 


It was truly a problem if you have missing props during photo shot. In this case Cesar, A and I were trying to pose like a Harry Potter Movie. However, we don’t have any magic stick; thanks to adobe Photoshop and I instantly created those missing props.

Just like on what I did on the preceding photo – I didn’t download any backdrop hence I used my own photo. This was taken during my Cebu Travel wherein I visited Simala Church. The architectural design of the church is very majestic which is perfect as a backdrop for a majestic movie poster. 

The original Harry Potter Movie poster favors the dark part of the colour wheel. And so, I attuned both our photos and the church photo into more dark hue to perfectly copy the Harry Potter’s grandiose feeling. And then overlay it.

Undeniably, the outputs that I made were not perfect in comparison to those images that I’ve been seeing in magazines, blogs and prints. I knew deep within -I still have to study hard to level up my basic knowledge into an advance state of this Adobe Photoshop thingy. Yet, I’m still happy of what I came up for the reason that I gave my best, just to finish this challenge.

๐ŸŽฅ [VLOG] - Real, Quezon Province Escapade.

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Reรกl is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 35,979 people. This coastal town, located on the eastern shores of Luzon facing the Philippine Sea, is noted for its rural beach resorts.

 Real is a small town facing the Pacific Ocean, approximately 133 kilometres (83 mi) from the Quezon capital Lucena City and 145 kilometres (90 mi) from Manila. Real has 17 barangays: 14 rural and 3 urban. Its total land area is 563.8 km², the second largest in the province.

Tourist spots include zigzag road views, Balagbag Falls, river scenery, and Baluti Island. Its beaches also attract tourists during summer time. Barangays Tignoan and Malapad are also known for surfing.

๐ŸŽฅ [WATCH ] Vocabulary Challenge – a Collaboration of M.A. Buendia and Tansyong Orbuda.

It’s time for M.A Buendia HD to pay his debt of gratitude, LOL!.. As we all knew that we had a successful collaboration video with this call centre youtuber, which now has almost 16k views in his Youtube Channel. If you haven’t watched it yet, just (CLICK HERE). And so, this time, we filmed collaboration for my channel.

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This was recorded right after the launching of “Youtube Creator Community Ambassadors” on August 19,2017 at Relik Bar and Restaurant – Bonifacio Global City.   While other Youtubers were busy socializing; MA and I were also busy filming for this video.

A vocabulary is a set of familiar words within a person's language. A vocabulary, usually developed with age, serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Acquiring an extensive vocabulary is one of the largest challenges in learning a second language. First round will be "USE IN A SENTENCE"; player will pick a word and he will use it in a sentence. Second round will be the SYNONYMS; player will pick a word and utter another word with the same meaning. Third round will be the ANTONYMS; player will give an opposite meaning to the word that he'll randomly pick. This challenge/game was prepared by my friend William Pombo who once appeared in many videos in my channel. (VIDEO 1) (VIDEO 2) (VIDEO 3)

“Since both of you, MA and Tansyong are working in the same industry. Why not take this challenge that will measure your knowledge in terms of English” said William Pombo.

“You’re both Youtubers; M.A. Buendia vlogs about call centre and Tansyong vlogs about challenges. So, why not create a challenge what both of them have in common – VOCABULARY”, Pombo added.

๐ŸŽฅWatch the video below.

Do you want us to do more like this -collaboration video? Please let us know and comment down below.

Youtube Philippines Launches the #PinoyCreator Community Ambassadors.

Taguig. On August 19, 2017, Millennials and young-hearted Youtube creators met up at Rilek Restaurant and Bar -to be part of the launching of #PinoyCreators Community Ambassadors in Manila, Philippines.

The YouTube Ambassador program is currently available in Austria, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Program features

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Want to help other creators grow on YouTube? As a YouTube Ambassador, you can become part of a community to help out and have fun with the next generation of creators by hosting YouTube events in your area. You’ll also get to know other YouTube experts and become a leader in your local creator community.

  • Lead a YouTube Creator Day: Inspire the next generation of creators by leading an event with presentations on YouTube fundamentals, a top creator panel, and collaboration workshops.
  • Host a meetup: Get together with your local community, hangout with new creators, and catch up with familiar faces. Meetups are all about fun, conversation, and making plans together.
  • Unlock perks for YouTube Creators: Get access to perks like advanced training courses and Ambassador get-togethers. The more events you host and the larger your local community grows, the more benefits you’ll unlock.

Steps to become a YouTube Ambassador

They're looking for passionate creators who are knowledgeable about YouTube and eager to make a change in their local community.

You can apply to become an Ambassador if: 

You're in the YouTube Partner Program and your channel complies with the YouTube Partner Program policies. Learn how to become a partner.
You have 10,000 subscribers or more (Bronze benefit levels and up in the YouTube for Creators program).
You currently live in a country where the Ambassador program is available.

Philippines is the 15th market around the world to have this program”, Su Zen Low- Philippine Community Manager proudly said.

This is not just for Manila, but we’re planning to bring this to the other cities. In fact, we have scheduled this September 2017 in Cebu. We’re gonna hand-pick creators from Cebu to become their community ambassadors.” Su Zen added.

In Manila Community, there are four ambassadors named Say Tioco, Michael Josh of Gadget Match, Jako De Leon of Paperbug TV and Janina Vela. Moreover, Aaron of NumuTV was pronounced as the first Philippine Youtube Community Rising Star as he actively participating the Youtube Creator’s Community – an online forum for content creators that was offered to Filipinos five months ago. Su Zen Low also mentioned that these individuals are not paid; they are just Youtubers who are passionate in building a strong Pinoy Creators’ Community.

Thank you for taking the challenge (Giggle)”, Su-Zen jokingly said to the ambassadors as it might be a hard-hitting responsibility to maintain the community’s vibrant culture.

Janina Vela who has 200k Youtube subscribers was the master of ceremony. Say Tioco , a beauty vloggger gave an ice breaker to the attendees – a game that highlights creativity and teamwork. In addition to that, Josh of GagdetMatch pronounced the new Youtube products and updates named – the new Youtube design which eliminates distraction and it has night mode feature, Live Stream both mobile and desktop which is perfect for fund-raising, Youtube Red , Youtube Original and etcetera.

Each one of us has our own voice. We have to listen and respect other’s voices; don’t compare your own voice to others; and never underestimate others’ voices. We’re building community here.” Jako De Leon highlighted in building a rigid community.

(From the left ) Jonathan D. Orbuda of I Love Tansyong TV, Manuel of Apotipoti, Aaron Nomo of NumuTV and M.A. Buendia of M.A. Buendia HD.

The event was successfully ended at 3:00 in the afternoon wherein another batch of foods and drinks were served before the Youtubers left the vicinity. Indeed, a feedback form was also provided so that Youtube Philippines can get the success rate of the said event.

Jonathan Orbuda , Youtuber and Su-zen Low, Youtube Ph Content Creator Community Manager

Photoblog : Not only a Blogger But a Youtuber Also.

Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
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Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
Pinoy Blogger Youtuber Filipino Youtube Philippines Travel blog Vlogger Famous Youtuber in the Philippines
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๐Ÿšด Pedicab Driving Challenge – an Experience that Changes on How I See Things.

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August 3, 2017 – I received an email coming from an organization named *Food for the Hungry Philippines inviting me to be part of their vision trip in ***Malabon City and ****Navotas.  This is one of their projects that let the selected online personalities, vloggers and bloggers to experience the life of the selected families living in that area. I was very excited due to the fact that things like these are my interests –the so called challenges.

August 5, 2017 6:00AM. I went to the office of Food for the Hungry Philippines and together with the staff; we drove towards Katipunan, Malabon city to meet the Obido Family (my host family). I met Mang Edgar Obido and his wife Aling Irene Obido , who survived in a “below poverty line” way of living.  Mang Edgar is a **Pedicab driver. Indeed, for that day, I will replace him in driving his Pedicab. Moreover, I’ll also immerse them and have some lunch at 12NN after my task of earning money from driving his Pedicab.

I was surprised at first because I thought that I’ll just film them on how they live their daily routines but the staff told me to earn money for them. The family picked me up at the drop off location and the staff left me in Obido’s possession. I drove the Pedicab heading towards the house of Mang Edgar. He was remotely driving his bicycle, simultaneously giving me the instruction - both how to drive the Pedicab and how to reach his place.  Even if Mang Edgar was guiding me, I still didn’t rely on him because I was the one driving the Pedicab and whenever there is an accident – it’s still my responsibility.

While I started to put my force on the pedal, I saw how the van and the staff became smaller and started to fade. “I am now alone; I am now responsible for myself.” Mixed of pressure and excitement were the emotions that I felt. It was my first time to manoeuvre such vehicle. Until I didn’t notice that I hit the other side of the Pedicab into a car. The driver of the car was mad at me but I continue driving away from the location as fast as I can, because I might pay for the damage. From then, I can feel the pressure; it was not all about earning money but I have to consider my safety also.

I can feel now how difficult the life of Mang Edgar. My sweat started to drop and I can feel my shirt became wet as my thirst increases. In every pedal that I made, it was an extreme slap to my face saying “Stop complaining in your life Tansyong”. I kept on smiling but deep within I knew my tears started to fall down. Good thing, it was not noticeable since the sweat on my face was more obvious over my tears.

When I reached the house of Mang Edgar, I left my belongings and changed my get up into a comfortable one. Then, we headed towards the market to start the main challenge – to pick up a passenger.  I assumed it was just easy since I’m very talkative to convince people in riding my Pedicab; however I was wrong, there were hundreds of Pedicab and Tricycle drivers who are more competitive and powerful than me. I tried to control myself, the scenario and everything that can hinder my goal. I maintained my positive mindset and kept smiling even if the heat of the sun started to burn my skin. Fortunately, it works and I got my first passenger but another fortuitous event happened. Before I was able to pick up my passenger, while trying to manoeuvre the Pedicab, the third wheel fall down inside the open drainage and I can’t move anymore. Another Pedicab driver approached and helped me because I started to cause a heavy traffic at the area.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

It was annoying sound because it indicates that I need to hurry up. In addition, I heard some laughter from other drivers while watching me – having hard time.

Watch the video below.



What about the experience? It was life changing. It teaches me on how to be grateful in life that I’m currently having. I need to be thankful in every single and small blessing that I received because there are other people out there who live in scarcity yet they are happy. It opens my eyes on how to see things – I have no right to complain because there’s someone out there who’s dreaming of living the way I live my life. Instead, I need to value what I have today and start to work it out to grow.

I really appreciate to Mang Edgar Obido and family in allowing me to stay with them and experience their life. Indeed, thank you to Food for the Hungry Philippines, for having me as your guest and letting me to see the other side of Malabon and Navotas. Truly, I’ll never forget nor erase this one of a kind experience because it is already part of Jonathan “Tansyong” Orbuda.

  • * Food for the Hungry Philippines – A Christian, international, non profit organization doing development activities especially to children living in a poverty line. They served in the country for almost 39 years.  You can help them. Just visit their Facebook. Click here.
  • **Pedicab – A bicycle turned into a public utility vehicle by attaching a third wheel and side car to accommodate more passengers. 
  • ***Malabon City - (Wikipedia) Malabon, officially the City of Malabon (Filipino: Lungsod ng Malabon), is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila in the Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 365,525.Located just north of Manila, it is primarily a residential and industrial town and is one of the most densely populated cities in the metropolis. It has a total land area of 15.96 square kilometers.
  • ****Navotas.- Navotas is a city in the Philippines located north of Manila that is known as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines. The city has the third largest fish port in Asia and the largest in Southeast Asia. Although it was established on December 20, 1827, Navotas celebrates its foundation day every January 16. Navotas became a highly-urbanized city on June 24, 2007.


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