๐Ÿ”ด LIVE- Totropahin O Jojowain Challenge + Q & A with Viewers (EMOTIONAL ITO!)

William Pombo,Tansyong Orbuda,Youtube LiveStream,Sneak Preview of Google Nest Hub 7 inches.,advise on how to recover economic recession due to lockdown.,Tansyong's story about him being a victom of Identity Theft,Opinion towards Government Officials who violate HEAL AS ONe ACT,story during LOCKDOWN - fear,Anxiety and Worry.,narrated his Story as a PUM,ADD TO CART CHALLENGE,Tansyong's Reaction to Princess' Video Quality, LIVE SESSION! with William Pombo, Roy Angelo Formoso, Adrian Rosasiรฑa And yours truly, Jonathan Orbuda
0:00 Intro 5:00 Opening 6:26 How we became Barkada? 12:49 My CONDO Update 20:00 Welcome Adrian to LIVE 21:29 Shout Out to the Viewers. 26:20 JoJowain O ToTropahin Challenge 27:20 Anti- Terrorism Bill 29:40 Yorme Isko Moreno (Tropa o Jowa) 34:00 Wil Dasovich (Tropa o Jowa) 37:15 CongTV o DJ Loonyo? (Q&A) 30:16 Pres. Duterte (Tropa o Jowa) 41:10 Baste Duterte (Tropa o Jowa) 42:35 Ryan Reynold (Tropa o Jowa) 44:00 Mayor Vico Sotto (Tropa o Jowa) 46:00 Kokoy De Santos (Tropa o Jowa) 48:54 Enrique Gil (Tropa o Jowa) 50:30 Katawan O Talino (Q&A) 52:30 Doctorate Degree na Lalaki o Gymaholic na lalaki? (Q&A) 56:30 Living With a Dream Guy or Having Kids with a woman? (Q&A) 1:01:19 Pangit na Daks o Pogi na Juts? (Q&A) 1:03:40 Are you open to having a relationship to a transman (Q&A) 1:05:20 Love or Career? (Q&A) 1:09:00 Expensive Gift you Gave to your partner? (Q&A) 1:12:30 Pano ka mapa-in love? (Q&A) 1:24:25 Youtube Career or Boyfriend? (Q&A) 1:30:35 Do you believe in second Chance? 1:35:48 What accomplishments you are extremely proud of? 1:41:00 Nakipag-Suntukan na ba kayo? 1:41:53 Sino na naka MU na GIRL? 1:43:00 Craziest Things You Ever Did for Love? 2:08:00 Sometimes By Britney Spears (Cover )Karaoke (Muted Due to Copyright)
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