๐Ÿฅš Balut (Chicken Embryo) Eating Challenge Becomes Tutorial.

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Even if balut/balot might not sound appealing if you haven't grown up with it, nor eat - it does make a nutritious snack, high in protein and calcium. A serving of balut contain 188 calories, including 14 grams each of protein and fat, 2 milligrams of iron and 116 milligrams of calcium. So today, another food trip day  ang ipapakita ko sa inyo.

February 19, 2017 – Sunday at exactly 5:30PM, I went out to look for something to eat, when I saw this young vendor selling ballot. I bought three pieces and came up the idea of “why not filming me while eating these three?”

The video below is really spontaneous. While eating, I also did some research about the nutritional facts of such delicacy so that I have something I can narrate on my Vlog.  Undeniably, “Balot” is really one of my favourite exotic foods because the broth inside the egg is very savoury.  There was even one time –way back in my college days - I was able to consume eleven pieces in one sitting. Truly “Balot” is healthy aphrodisiac but always remember whatever is too much is not advisable especially ballot contains high cholesterol.

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Reasons Why Being Single is More Fun Than In Relationship.

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Hello guys! It’s February 2017 and Love is in the air (I can feel it). Being in a relationship – successful and happy relationship to be precise- is the ultimate goal of everybody now (pahabol ‘ika  nga).  Undeniably, while everybody is busy towards the Valentine’s Day, there are few individuals who are still searching their better half; to the point that they are pressured to get a partner and avoid emptiness this Heart Month.

Well well well! In this Vlog post of mine, I’ll be highlighting and putting up the positive side of being a single. Indeed, I come up this topic since a lot of you guys can relate to this. I created this video due to the fact that there is always a positive viewpoint on“#StatusSingle” that most of us – we are scared.

Watch the Vlog below. This was recorded at the pool area of Cambridge Village, Pasig City. I hope that after watching such video, you’ll realize that we have to be grateful why you’re still single. Be happy.

If you like the Vlog, don’t forget to hit subscribe button on my Youtube channel & give a massive thumbs up. I challenge you “Can you give me reasons why being single is more fun?” Just leave your comments below.

Flood In the Philippines, Be Like..

Flood is an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land. In Manila, Philippines and/or provinces, flooding is normal since the country is surrounded by bodies of water – sea, rivers and lakes.  In addition, flooding is an economic issue of the country specially the safety of the Filipinos.

“Uulan lang ng kaunti , eh tataas na ang baha” , there are reasons also on why there is a rapid increase of water level even in a light rain. E.g, improper garbage disposal – it results to drainage-clogging – mostly in the urban zone.

In this Vlog episode, I’ll show you how it looks and feels like to get stranded in the middle of increasing “water level” in just a light rain.  Allan and I went to “Joey’s Burger” in Bumatay St. Manadaluyong City to grab a bite, while we indulged our food, we didn’t notice that it was already raining outside.  We were shocked when we can no longer go home after we eat due to the quick increase of water level. Even the tricycle drivers were not accepting passengers anymore.

Watch the video below.


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