Boodle Fight at Bilao at Palayok Restaurant in Puerto Princesa City

In addition from roving inside the Underground River, Sand Bathing in white beaches, breathtaking zip line adventures, breathtaking rock formations, and friendly locals. Puerto Princesa City travel and vacation would not be complete without dining at one of the popular restaurant the city named Bilao at Palayok Seafoods ; Native Restaurant.

Bilao at Palayok Seafoods & Native Restaurant is located along Rizal Avenue which is 5 minutes away from Puerto Prinsesa Airport. It is a finest restaurant anyway wherein you can easily locate by asking any locals or just ride a tricycle for only PHP8.00.

It is not that complicated and so easy to find because A huge Palayok or simply Earthen Pot outside the restaurant will welcome you at the entry point of the vicinity. At the heart of the restaurant are wooden crafts. Tables, chairs and even flooring are made up of wood mostly bamboos. And there is a Short bridge heading to the main dining area of Bilao at Palayok wherein live and colorful Coi Fish are swimming that will surely captured your attention. As you go ahead you will notice the restaurant's interior design is very Filipino, ambiance is very relaxing and feel looks expensive but for the delightful and delicious food, Bilao at Palayok dining experience is actually affordable and perfect for those travelers with tight budget.

Personally, I was impressed and amazed by the overall design and feel of the restaurant since native designs are very rare in the urban zone where I am living .Bilao at Palayok looks like a mini Filipino art gallery at the same time. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant during daytime to appreciate the ethnicity and beauty of the area.

Puerto Princesa's Bilao at Palayok is a must try to those who will visit the city because of its food because of the food. We were all shocked by the generous serving of this group meal for five persons or more in a boodle arrangement. The JAVA rice in the middle is very appetizing and it is surrounded by the various dishes like Grilled Liempo, Chicken Barbeque, Fried Boneless Milkfish with tomato, Fresh sea weeds, sizzling shrimp, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na baboy, fried danggit, Adobo, Hipon, Laing etc for an amount of 20 USD. Desserts are also available starting at 70 Pesos .Food presentation is perfect! Price is reasonable and the servings are enough to 2 to 3 per viand (oh diba? Fiesta sa Dami). They cook your food on the spot so you really need to wait for it.

The Water Pitcher is very creative with recycled long neck bottle covered with Rattan.
Moreover, as unbiased blogger, I have also things I noticed in this restaurant, why not to consider. Honestly, I love the place yet let me also give you some things that the restaurant needs to focus or should I say “needs improvement/pay attention”. Or travelers must consider as well.

1. When they have lot of guests, tendency was they served foods too late and delayed; the service level was not that good.
2. Since it is an open restaurant, mosquitoes are really your great enemies. The restaurant set up around a mosquito coil killer yet since I have asthma, the smoke from the coil is a triggering factor.
3. If you are  a photo enthusiast , let me inform you that the restaurant had  a dimmed light which is not advisable for photo shooting (you should bring a strong shutter)

Hope that this post will help towards your travel.

Manila's Baywalk Version in Puerto Princesa City.

In Puerto Princesa City, a Version of SM Mall’s Baywalk is located at seafront strip just meters away from the City proper public market and it is beside the seaport. It was the former Seaplane but unfortunately the houses located here were razed by fire. According to rumors, it was intentionally made for rehabilitation of the inhabitants and the place itself.  Today, it is now one of the tourist spot of the City; it provides a scenic place to view the panoramic horizon of the sunset and a perfect place for jogging during sunrise. In most of the “City tour Package” the drop off location is Baywalk because at the end of the tiring day of the tour, this is the best place to relax while the breeze of the cold wind will embrace you.

If your gastronomical craving will trigger, no need to worry about it, because the within the vicinity, innumerable food stalls are selling foods , like fish ball, isaw, squid balls, fruit shakes and some other stuff. If you really want to end your day with a dinner, Eateries are also available that offers local cuisines and barbeque. If you are also looking for a hangout with friends, you can order drinks here up until 4AM however unlike the SM Mall of Asia’s Baywalk , you can’t even hear a band music considering Puerto Princesa Bay walk is not a noisy place. No worries about safety because the location was strictly monitored by the tourist police 24 hours.

The huge beautiful colorful peacock lamp is the first thing that will capture your attention at the entry point of Puerto Princesa’s Baywalk. Correspondingly the peacock is the official seal of Puerto Princesa City and the numbers of the feathers of the peacock tails symbolizes the numbers of Barangays. Having this beautiful symbol in Baywalk signifies that you are indeed in Puerto Princesa City

Furthermore, the location also provides a long way for jogging. Not only that, a 25PHP per hour rental of bicycle is also available.  It’s going to be an exciting, enjoyable and affordable activity with your friends/family because you can get 20PHP rental if you are a group who are going to rent.

Here is the Interview with Dhen Soriano . 

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1. What Can You Say About The Baywalk?
Answer : The place is great, this is perfect of picture taking, however I smell something fishy. But it is ok; the port is too close here.

2 .What is your unforgettable scenario encountered?

Answer: I was shocked while watching the two guys in front of me at  the gutter. Im from behind, at first I thought that they were just having a friendly conversation, when the two guys started to kiss each other, I was like standing erected  and shocked , I planned to capture the moment yet I can’t move at all. Truly, the place was romantic to the point that I saw something fishy, hahha!!

3.  What was your activity for you entire stay at the Baywalk?

Answer.  First I bought a sorbete for 10 PHP, Im sitting there and watching those who were biking. After I finished my Ice Cream, I took a lot of Pictures, and roved around for food tripping.

4. Can you describe the place in one word?

Answer: Perfect! Because the ambiance here during morning if perfect for jogging for your Golden Retriever and in afternoon watching sunset and biking is best.

Bird's Nest Soup in Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant Puerto Princesa City.

Nido Soup or the so called Bird's nest Soup
One of the display inside the restaurant

We arrived most likely 5PM and we got our luggage around 6PM. So that was almost dark and murky when we totally exit outside the airport. Outside there was Tourist Police Post so we went ahead for assistance. “Sir! Is there any public beach here wherein we can stay overnight for free camping” one of my teammates asked. The reason why we asked it because we don’t wanna pay for one night accommodation, we already did camping when we were in Bohol at Panglao Beach, so why not try it again. But unfortunately Puerto Princesa’s Beach are not good for camping because during high tide it is very risky and wide shoreline only exist during low tide. “Let us eat first our dinner”, Bonjo said. Everyone agreed and Bonjo recommended “Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant”, according to him, it is one the best restaurant in the City since that was his second time to visit Puerto Princesa.

I ordered two cups of rice.
We ride a tricycle and we went ahead to the Restaurant located at Rizal Avenue, Just five minutes’ drive from the Airport to the Restaurant( the fare is just 10PHP each beware coz some of the drivers take advantage, they charged us 20PHP each which is illegal).
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Meanwhile, when we reached at the entrance of the restaurant, it was really good ambiance, the vividness of light were enough for dinning only. The environment was very quiet and relaxing. The design was very native; you will see lots of wooden figurines. The whole restaurant was made of wood and old materials that can be found only in Palawan. The place is nice that you can feel the fresh air since dining areas were designed as cottages aside from the main dining area of the restaurant.

Grilled Pork
The Crew was very silent and tame, and they easily respond to the customers need.

The foods were really great in proportion to the price. Price is higher than the Eateries but the amount that you going to spend is value-laden. The foods were savory that will make you realize that your life is worth living. “Ang Sarap Mabuhay”. I ordered “Ginataang Hipon”(Shrimp in cocomilk), Bonjo ordered “ Inihaw na Manok”(Grilled Chicken), Jerbie Ordered “Inihaw na Liempo” (Pork Barbeque).

Balinsasayaw Restaurant was named after a native bird in Palawan called as the Balinsasayaw bird. The bird uses its saliva to construct its nest which is the main ingredient of the Balinsasayaw soup. The place is popular in serving the Balinsasayaw soup also known as bird’s nest soup. So the dinner is not complete without it. So we ordered one for 350PHP (it’s actually expensive) which good for 5 persons. Their bird’s nest soup is worth your money and they can serve it half their regular serving if you are dining solo.
Grilled Chicken
We leaved the location feeling very satisfied with food, very full, very tired from our flight, therefore we decided to rent a room just nearby Bona’s Chaolong. Unconsciously we slept.

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant
Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. no.: (048)-434-5804
Ginataang Hipon
From the left : Athan,Norie,Bonjo,Jervie and Angel

Where you can buy affordable foods in Puerto Princesa City?

Puerto Princesa City has a nice of relatively affordable places to eat. Walk along the safe Rizal Road and you’ll encounter restaurants, grill places, fast food joints, coffee shops and even eateries. There are more places to eat along the National Highway. But what I can advise you to go for eateries.

Let me give you a heads up where to eat in Puerto Princesa City for 35 pesos heavy meal. That includes one viand for 30 pesos, one cup of rice for 5 pesos with free cup of soup. You can also choose one vegetables dish for 20 pesos. Look for Iglesia ni Cristo Church, and along with it you will see innumerable eateries.

I say relatively affordable because for the type of food you will be getting, it’s more expensive here in Manila. We though seafood was abundant but there were times that they ran out of crabs or prawns but I guess it’s because the place is really popular.

But what made me amazed was the price of a cup of rice, it was Five Pesos Only, Imagine the price if you’re gonna buy it in a fast food for PHP15.00 or in eateries in Manilla for 10PHP. What a huge difference, given the fact that the quality of the rice was almost the same, I mean they used the same commercial rice.

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Basically, Philippines is still abundant of rice and Puerto Princesa City proved that. Showing the cup of the rice for an affordable price along the street, will I’m sure your vacation will leads you to a perfect affordable food tripping.

Ginataang Pagi 

adobong pusit 

Crocodiles : Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center , Puerto Princesa?

“ Walang Buwayang Nagkakape sa Palawan, Buwayang Totoo Meron.”

Adult Croco

Skin of Crocodile
Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center were established aiming for further research towards endangered species like crocodiles. The Building structure is also a Hospital for sick and disabled crocodiles. In connivance of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (DENR-PAWB 0and Palawan Local Government, they also maintained a micro-zoo with some of Palawan’s indigenous animals. The Zoo’s visiting hours are from 1:30pm-5:00pm and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 nn, and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays. Feeding time is every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

The Research Institute is located in National Road, Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan which is 30-40 minutes travel from the city proper. One can take a tricycle and get off at Barangay Irawan where the crocodile farm is located. A Jeepney could be hired to get to the place. But if you’re on a City Tour Package, no need to worry coz that is part of the destination.

As you proceed, you will see a signage of the “Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center”. Behind it, is a pond for the Park with a water tank.

At first, you thought that you are in a school for enrollment, the queue, the Tourists, the children and the facilitator, it will reminds you of school enrollment scenario .Kidding aside, A man with a microphone will start to introduce the place, at the lobby where the introduction conducted, a skeleton of a huge sea water crocodile is encased in a glass chest. Adjacent to it is the wall with crocodile’s skin hanged. As per the man with a microphone; this crocodile was caught somewhere in island and was killed after it devoured a child. This remains of the crocodile showcases how big salt water crocodiles can grow. The Skin hanged on the wall can’t be sold anymore due to its oldness. Near of it is a skeleton of a Sperm Whale is also displayed, the skeleton was retrieved from a dead whale found on the shores of Puerto Princesa. Fossils also displayed in a small museum.

Baby Croco
Meanwhile,  as soon as you are done on the lobby, you are going to proceed at the Crocodile Hatching House, there crocodiles are taken cared by the conservation center and are segregated into different levels of maturity from egg to a few months old. You are allowed to pass at the area where in you can see upclose the baby Crocodile. However you are not allowed to extend you body parts into the basins where the baby Crocodiles were nurtured.
 Moreover, your Travel Tour is not complete with seeing the Adult one Next on the line is the Building for the Adult Crocodiles. Above the crocodile den is a metal path walk where guests may walk over the dens to the other end. The den is divided into sections where some sections contain the huge salt water crocodiles that are already growing moss on their backs. Then, there are two larger sections that contain dozens of smaller adult crocodiles.
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There are pens for ostriches, cages for Philippine cockatoos and bearcats that are also available for viewing; those are the Palawan’s endemic animals that are rescued and conserved.

Visitors are also treated to an opportunity to have pictures taken with the baby crocodiles that the center is conserving which is amounting to PHP50 and if you’re going to ask a hard copy then you will need to pay PHP150. So I advise you to bring your own Camera.

Just a Heads up, if you’re going to take a picture with the bearcat another PHP50 is needed, I recommend you to take picture of it coz the bearcat is very cute, and you can hug it or place it on your neck during picture. Watta cute remembrance, right?

As you completely finish the entire Croco tour, you’ll realize how rich the palaweรฑos are, because they really value of what they ha. Unlike us, we will only realize the value of a thing when it’s lost at all.

Puerto Princesa’s Street Culinary on the Rove.

Mouthwatering aroma from the smoke of variety grilled exotic foods conquered over the street of Puerto Princesa near church. I cannot wait but to taste the scrumptious selections of Inihaw(grilled) enough to fill my cramming stomach.

Together with my friends, we unintentionally bring ourselves in a corner of the City where in you can find a lot of street foods. First on my sight is a feature of orange rounded balls floating in hot cooking oil wherein everyone are waiting to eat. It is what we called “Itlog na Orange”, Main Ingredients are Duck Egg and orange breading that will undoubtedly trigger your appetite to taste it.

On the other side, another delectable on the lists is the Teripella, it is a hog intestine chopped and coated with flour, definitely with a meaty crispy thingy on your mouth. Twit, a mixture of skin, fat and pork meat, which is also same as pork barbeque, yet cheaper, captured my astounded appetite.
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Also, there was the famous, rectangular shaped blood known as the “Betamax” just like eating a Dinuguan on a stick, right? But what’s special about it, is the Sawsawan, it is vinegar from a coconut wine.

Continuing our trip, I found in one corner near the stoplight a woman selling Ampaw (Sweetened Pop Rice). I just remember my last time tasting the sweet thingy when I was in grade school in Bohol. My Grandma bought me that time, (I felt loneliness rapidly that time, because during my Palawan Travel was simultaneously my Burial of My Grandma yet I still choose to travel). The sweetness of the Ampaw reminds me of the sweetness of my Grandma.

As we walked onward, Bonjo, My Best Bite Buddy found a “Mamang sorbetero” (an ice cream vendor) pushing his cart. We cannot separate our gluttonous feeling when we saw the variety of colors/ flavors of the Ice Cream.

The Entire Walk of Fame, este Walk for food, Unconsciously, I spent almost PHP200.

Filipinos are known for unique persona that make up almost anything into something new and unblemished. And well, food is not an exemption. While any nations still prefer dining in or out and eating pizzas, or any deluxe foods, we Filipinos bring our hunger with our favorite “Pinoy Streetfood”, delicious yet affordable that can totally gratify your stomach, taste bud, pocket and craving for fun Foodtrip.

Plaza Cuartel History: 143 Americans massacred, 11 Survived

In addition to the memorial marker, there was the Palawan Massacre Monument. The monument was created by Don Schloat, a World War II veteran and was one of the survivors in Plaza Cuartel
The Dark Past is now a Light Leisure Park , Entrance fee is free

How about looking back the history of Palawan Mass Killing of 143 American as Prisoner of war (POW) during WORLD WAR 2?

"In this place which was a military fort of World War II, the burning of more or less 150 American POW was done by Japanese soldiers on December 14, 1944. Some managed to survive by swimming their way out from the sea to Iwahig. The remains of those who died were brought and buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri, United States, 1952." These are the words that you can read if you visit plaza cuartel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

The Tagalog information what plaza cuartel is?
A grim reminder to all of us that once in Palawan, there was a devastating event happened during the Era of Japanese. The first Era was Spanish, the American took after that, up until the Japanese Era came that leads the mass killing of the American. The Japanese decided to kill the POW veterans by burning them in a tunnel. Luckily 11 out of 143 was able to escaped by swimming going to IWAHIG w/c is currently popular as a prisoner colony .Plaza Cuartel  was a military fort in World War II ,After the world war, the Americans took control of the place once again until it was passed on to the Constabulary. Later on, it was given to the National Police. In 1997, it was renovated and became a leisure park.
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Plaza Cuartel is located along Taft street, in Barangay Liwanag,just across the Immaculate Conception Church. You will see a gate and the tourist police are also posting on that area for assistance. Moreover, the place looks like your ordinary park with concrete pavements, towering trees and benches.As you enter the gate , you will see the garrison and tunnels that are witness the sigh of the Americans during the mass killing.  The 143 POWs aka Prisoner of wars were kept in the tunnel during World war 2 up until their last breath.

The List of the names of the survivors are listed also in the park.

The remains of the burned Americans were brought to the US.

Plaza Cuartel looks like your ordinary city park with concrete pavements, towering trees and benches. Yet darkness story underlies within the beauty of it.

Can you imagine that once there was a grievance scenario happened in this place? The park is perfect for dating!
Inside the park , you will feel the green nature that will embrace your inner piece .

Food Vlog : Delicious Crazy Crepes in GreenHills, San Juan City.

With 101 locations (and many more on the way) Crazy Crepes is at the forefront of the crepe business with their scientifically crafted crepes. While the majority of their outlets are in Japan, Crazy Crepes has opened outlets or is constructing outlets in high profile venues in the US, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China, and is working in the US to expand to hundreds of locations.
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Everyone loves this new twist on the popular ice cream sundae!

Secrecy of World-Class Products in BINUATAN CREATIONS, Puerto Princesa City ,Palawan.

Trying Hard Copy Cat : As I tried the  process of weaving, truly I'm having hard time.

The Landmark of Binuatan Creation at the entrance
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"Binuatan Creations" is a well-known handicraft shop that manufactures handloom woven products maximizing Palawan’s indigenous fibers. "Binuatan Creations Handloom Weaving products" include key chains, bags, handy bags, notepads, wallets, coin purses, hats, curtains, placemats, table runners, wall finishing & window blinds, split curtain, arranged grass flowers, and slippers. These are the products that you need to check if you are going to travel to Puerto Princesa.
The Location

Binuatan Creation is located at Bougainville Drive Corner Rafols Street, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. If you are on a package city tour, you won’t miss visiting it since that is part of the package. But if you are on a DIY tour aka “Do –It- Yourself” tour, Just Ride a Tricycle anywhere at the City Proper.  (Just a heads up, that is a few minutes away from Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill)

The Process.

“Ate! How long is the process for you to finish the entire product?” I asked.

“Most likely, I can say 2-3 days from getting the raw products if we are talking about individual product yet since if it is in bulk, it took 1 week to finish I think” she estimated.

Amumuting, buri (palm tree), buntal fibers, buri sticks, vetiver grass, arena grass, banana, daninel grass, Florida grass field grasses, coconut ginit, tikog grass, and isay grass,these are the grasses and fibers that are being used in creating the beautiful hand loom woven products

The process in making the products: (as per PusangKalye Blog)

  1. grasses being dyed into the desired color.
  2. drying.
  3. dyed buntal fibers.
  4. warping of threads to be used for weaving.
  5. harvesting of threads from warping frame.
  6. setting in of threads into the looms.
  7. drawing of threads through heddle wires and reeds.
  8. weaving.
  9. finishing and cutting of woven materials.
  10. packaging.

The Products

Just beside the production area is the showroom/the store wherein the final products are displayed and ready to sell. Once you enter the store, you need to leave your sleepers outside; the store is like a wooden native small room. Inside you will get amazed by the various products that are available,  very colorful and very beautiful products that I'm pretty sure you'll get tempted to buy.

Inside, if you are in scarce resources, I advise you to take pictures of the entire product, LOL. That’s what I did since I don’t have the capacity to buy such a product, Pictures are fine for me.

The People
Palawans (the inhabitants of Palawan) are very approachable and entertaining. They were kind to answer all our questions. The personnel is allowing us to observe and experience how the weaving process is being made. They shared and show with us the raw materials how it looks like and the final product itself.
“Ate, how you were able to finish the product if various visitors are interrupting you, just to try the process?” I asked.

“Actually this is just a showroom wherein we can showcase the process and the product for educating purposes to the tourists. There are also locals (Palawan residents) who are doing the product in their households and delivering here their final products” she explained.

So undeniably, the handicraft industry of Puerto Princesa brings a sustainable livelihood for the locals.

"Binuatan Creations" is very successful in that they get their products exported to other countries like the U.S.A which is a huge help to the locals. The goal of the livelihood program is to transform field grasses and fibers that can be found in Palawan into useful and functional products. Great Idea!

Mang Juan and Only: Mang Juan is without money,  And Only He Can do is to take pictures with the products

Binatuan Creation Contact
Phone: +63(48)4337630


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