Boodle Fight at Bilao at Palayok Restaurant in Puerto Princesa City

Suffering from gastronomical craving while you are in Puerto Princesa City? Do you want to eat Tons of foods in a boodle approach? Do you want to experience a Filipino native environment? Looking for a very oriental Filipino Cuisine? Are you a food adventurer with tight budget? Well, if you are one of those people who said YES towards those questions, this is a must read post for you guys!

In addition from roving inside the Underground River, Sand Bathing in white beaches, breathtaking zip line adventures, breathtaking rock formations, and friendly locals. Puerto Princesa City travel and vacation would not be complete without dining at one of the popular restaurant the city named Bilao at Palayok Seafoods ; Native Restaurant.

Bilao at Palayok Seafoods & Native Restaurant is located along Rizal Avenue which is 5 minutes away from Puerto Prinsesa Airport. It is a finest restaurant anyway wherein you can easily locate by asking any locals or just ride a tricycle for only PHP8.00.

It is not that complicated and so easy to find because A huge Palayok or simply Earthen Pot outside the restaurant will welcome you at the entry point of the vicinity. At the heart of the restaurant are wooden crafts. Tables, chairs and even flooring are made up of wood mostly bamboos. And there is a Short bridge heading to the main dining area of Bilao at Palayok wherein live and colorful Coi Fish are swimming that will surely captured your attention. As you go ahead you will notice the restaurant's interior design is very Filipino, ambiance is very relaxing and feel looks expensive but for the delightful and delicious food, Bilao at Palayok dining experience is actually affordable and perfect for those travelers with tight budget.

Personally, I was impressed and amazed by the overall design and feel of the restaurant since native designs are very rare in the urban zone where I am living .Bilao at Palayok looks like a mini Filipino art gallery at the same time. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant during daytime to appreciate the ethnicity and beauty of the area.

Puerto Princesa's Bilao at Palayok is a must try to those who will visit the city because of its food because of the food. We were all shocked by the generous serving of this group meal for five persons or more in a boodle arrangement. The JAVA rice in the middle is very appetizing and it is surrounded by the various dishes like Grilled Liempo, Chicken Barbeque, Fried Boneless Milkfish with tomato, Fresh sea weeds, sizzling shrimp, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na baboy, fried danggit, Adobo, Hipon, Laing etc for an amount of 20 USD. Desserts are also available starting at 70 Pesos .Food presentation is perfect! Price is reasonable and the servings are enough to 2 to 3 per viand (oh diba? Fiesta sa Dami). They cook your food on the spot so you really need to wait for it.

The Water Pitcher is very creative with recycled long neck bottle covered with Rattan.
Moreover, as unbiased blogger, I have also things I noticed in this restaurant, why not to consider. Honestly, I love the place yet let me also give you some things that the restaurant needs to focus or should I say “needs improvement/pay attention”. Or travelers must consider as well.

1. When they have lot of guests, tendency was they served foods too late and delayed; the service level was not that good.
2. Since it is an open restaurant, mosquitoes are really your great enemies. The restaurant set up around a mosquito coil killer yet since I have asthma, the smoke from the coil is a triggering factor.
3. If you are  a photo enthusiast , let me inform you that the restaurant had  a dimmed light which is not advisable for photo shooting (you should bring a strong shutter)

Hope that this post will help towards your travel.

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    here in Zamboanga, it is called Latu. This is one of my favorite seafood.. hehe


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