How Tiki Bar in Puerto Princesa Come Up With its Brand Name?

“ Manong ! What is the best place here to hangout during at night?”, I asked the Tricycle Driver. “ Ah !! I can suggest you to try Tiki Bar”, the driver was proudly said it.

In every travel, we cannot separate the reality that in nature we really find ways to have an activity at night. From tiring tours and escapades all day long, I don’t really know why we still have the energy at night allocated for any good vibes thingy. Speaking of Good vibes, we are looking for nightlife stuff even in a rural zone. Luckily in Puerto Princesa City, Tiki Bar is the place for gimmicks wherein you can consume the last remaining energy of your body from the long span of your Tour. Just like living in Manilla, the nightlife is one of the stress relievers and you can also experience that in Tiki Bar. Weh- we-h Wait What About TIKI BAR?

Manong! Just a question, What is the meaning of Tiki? Is it a local dialect in Palawan?” My friend asked the driver. “That’s the thing that you need to find out!” The Driver told us with a smile. My friend was very stubborn asking the same question. “Like what I’ve said, you have to find it out”, the driver laughed. “Why do you keep on answering the same answer, Manong?’ my friend said. “ Becoz you keep in asking the same question” the driver laughed again.

During the Second day in Puerto Princesa, That was our City Tour, and since we are really curious what is behind the name of that Bar. We asked it directly to the tour guide. At first, he was hesitant to answer it Directly, He just smiled and said it because of the CR. Instead of signage are MALE and FEMALE. They used TITI (Penis)for the male comfort room and KIKI (Vagina)for the female comfort room. They combine it, so they came up with the name TIKI BAR. That was a very hilarious moment, everyone was laughing out loud. And everyone said AHHHH!, as a sign that we just realized.

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That signage brought us to a high level of curiosity, my friends and I, really want to go Drinking in that bar not to get drunk, but the very reason was to take picture of it.

On the Third night, four of my friends went and we were amazed by the atmosphere. There was no difference in Manila, the crowds were very energetic, and there were lots of Foreigners and elite people inside. Since we used to be Bar Hoppers in manila, which was just normal for us. So we danced until the band invited us to dance upfront on the stage to the tune of Gangnam Style. The Band was a very great performer and the best thing was they were very approachable compared to the bands in Manila. The Genre of their music was very up-beating, so there was no way for you to sit all night long.

We ordered One Bucket of Beer, you can also order a bucket of assorted brands, for only PHP 300, and you will be having six bottles. But our mission here is not to get drunk however the picture taking on the CR signage was our priority.

After we accomplished our mission, we bought tequila and went home and continue the Inuman Session. It was quite cheaper than staying all night long in TIKI BAR.

Really the marketing strategy of the management of the bar is very creative. Look at the name! It was very interesting.

Trivia :

You can order Crocodile Egg Sisig and the Famous tamilok.
You can also order a Variety of cocktails.

📍 Location: PPRV+38Q, Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines

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  1. Tiki Bar. A place everyone is belong. Correct me if I'm wrong, this bar was already aired at one of the episode in Rated K. I really looking Forward for your more post Tansyong....


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