Get Someone to Pay the Bill – My Workmate said.

Together with my friends and/or workmates, from our workplace, we headed towards Ortigas , Pasig city – a location where beers are still being offered during daytime, specially to customers who are night crawlers. Yeah, undeniably, if you’re working at night – it is quite difficult to look for an open bar during daytime; but within the heart of Ortigas, you can find it.

Meanwhile, inside the car and on our way to the said bar, we talked a random topic – what to do when you get fired from your job?
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🍽 Best Bite in Bacolod – The Authentic Bacolod Inasal.

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Aside from its colourful Maskara festival and must-visit tourist spots, Bacolod city is popular for its Bacolod Inasal. In fact, there are numerous restaurants located around the country claiming to have an authentic Bacolod Inasal as part of their menu. But eating Bacolod Inasal,  that is being bought and eaten right in the vicinity of Bacolod City gives such feeling of genuineness.

Bacolod Inasal has a great taste that will surely make you consider of tasting once you visit this place. It has a tender and juicy flavour which is perfect partner for rice. I would also advise you to try this as pulutan with cold beer. Without a doubt, Bacolod Inasal can be eaten without a sauce because of its savoury flavour.

Inasal is a Visayan word “asal” which means to grill or roast. Inasal means roasted or grilled which is commonly used as Inasal Baboy and Manok or simply Lechon.  Inasal varies in terms of taste depending in the origin of the recipe. With Bacolod Inasal, it has distinctive taste that you can easily distinguish when you eat a roasted chicken that are coming from different location. I must say that whoever created the secret recipe of Bacolod Inasal – he/she made

The Best Foundation of Becoming a Content Creator is Knowledge.

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For you to become an expert, you have to start from basic. That’s what I did when I attended my first ever Youtube Workshop. I’ve been doing several videos for quite sometimes without considering the small details that might affect negatively towards the quality of my creation. By participating such workshop – I’m now meticulous when it comes to some details that needs to be done and what not.

The workshop highlights the basic camera lighting and production. The topic is very helpful especially to youtubers like who has challenges – e.g. not having time, production equipment is too expensive, general production knowledge, not sure which equipment to buy and which software to use.

During the workshop, I met a lot of content creators like Mikey Bustos and Luigi Pacheco. In addition, it was also my first time to handle an expensive camera that is mostly being used in a large film making. Seeing such thing made me more enthusiastic on achieving my dream.

Watch the video below.


With Mikey Bustos – a Canadian-Filipino youtuber who recently became a news-maker worldwide due to his parody of Despacito – I wear Speedos.

The Feeling of Being Recognized and Valued.

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Nothing is powerful than a positive reinforcement. Indeed, being recognized and valued as an individual is such a wonderful mania that you can give to a person. It will truly give him/her a motivation to keep going, no matter what.

As a Youtube content creator, I must admit that there are times that I’m considering of giving up my channel and not to produce any content anymore. There’s only one reason –scarcity of resources.

To upload a video, there are lots of things happened behind it. It takes a full effort before having quality content. However, if I’m gonna give up on this; I’ll have no outlet anymore to showcase my artistry. My passion of sharing my content is very achievable when I’ll go online .Indeed; Youtube platform has the capacity to do it for me.

As a youtuber, I am a “ONE MAN-TEAM” – I do my script, concept, lights, filming, editing and uploading the final output. No wonder, a small youtuber like me might reach to the point of giving up. And to avoid that eminence, you need a support system that will help you to bring back the heat of your passion. Moreover, I had hard time looking for a support group that will rescue me as my friends that surround me can’t even understand the concept of “YOUTUBING”. They all just watch Youtube but never in their minds had they asked how the life of a youtuber looks like- behind the camera.

Good thing, Youtube Philippines values their creator and they brought the Youtube SPACE here in PH. Fortunately, I got a slot to film inside the said SPACE. At first, I thought that filming in Youtube Space Manila is a “One Man-Team” style but I was surprised because I was given my own production team – light men, cameraman and cinematographer – exclusively for my slot. I even borrowed money from my friend to buy a new DSLR camera just for that event; yet without my awareness, there were cameras in the studio that can be use for free. Foods are available all day long for all the people inside the space as well.

Without a doubt, I felt being valued that time. Since I was a kid, I’ve been dreaming of doing such fad –hearing the queue of “Lights! Camera! Action!”. And I can’t still imagine that I did it with the help of Youtube.  That wasn’t just the content that we successfully created matters the most, but it was the experience of meeting again with my long-time dance partner after six years and executing our dance move in front of the camera with a dramatic lights facing towards us. It was undeniably a glorifying bliss for a dreamer like me.

Watch the video below

Personally, I would like to give thanks to Youtube Space MNL for bringing back the feeling of heat towards your Pinoy Creators’ passion. Truly, it affects me positively -to hold tight on what I dreamt about.

The Taste of Mango Flavoured Pizza in Province of Guimaras.

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When I visited the province of Guimaras , a lot of residents here advised me to try their pride – the sweetest mango in the whole world ; it can only be found in this province and they export it in various countries.  I’ve heard it a lot; not just hearsay but I read numerous travel blogs that are highlighting this famous mango. But “nothing-to-few” online writers wrote about this Mango Flavoured Pizza; indeed, it can only be found as well in this province.

Honestly, I just discovered it when I personally get there. It can be bought at the store named “The Pitstop Restaurant, ” which is located along the Guimaras Circumferencial Road of the municipality of Jordan. It is my first time to hear, see and taste such innovative pizza.

Obviously, since mango is the primary product of the province. Entrepreneurs took advantage of the abundance of such fruit; they innovate the usual pizza into a mango-flavored pizza that when you heard it – it will trigger your curiosity of buying and get the answer of “HOW   DOES IT TASTE LIKE?

Personally, nothing spectacular when it comes to the crust. The crust is tender especially if it is still hot. But when it comes to the topping which is mango itself, I rather preferred eating the mango separately as a fruit or as a shake rather than eating it on the top of pizza crust. I can taste the sourness from it, which is obviously normal for a mango when it went through a process of cooking. Unlike with the process of “Mango Jam”, though it undergone with the heat; sugar is added as part of the process to maintain the sweetness.

Honestly, I don’t like mango on the crust. I rather chose mango shake with pizza instead. But that was just my preference because my friends enjoyed the Guimaras Pizza. In fact, they bought a lot as a pasalubong way back home. Well. It’s a matter of preference. But I strongly suggest considering it buying and personally taste it.

If you already taste it, please leave your comments below. Maybe I just have a weird taste bud and didn’t enjoy the pizza.

πŸ“Ά [Tech Vlog] MyPhone Digital TV Dongle is Not Working in Samsung Galaxy A5.

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I was very excited to buy this smallest phone accessory which will turn your smart phone into a digital TV.  I watched this in one of my subscribed Youtubers; from then I consider buying one for my Samsung A5 since I am no longer using it daily.

Myphone Digital TV Dongle is amounting to 499PHP which is affordable enough for a dongle. Imagine, you’ll no longer need a TV, no internet connection needed and all you just have to do is attach the dongle in your phone, install the application for streaming and in an instant – you’ll have a TV right in your phone streaming digitally.

September 5, 2017, William Pombo and I dropped by at SM Cubao to look for a MyPhone Store and buy such accessory. The saleslady tried two items and we even went to the nearest door so that we can search for the signal. However, after multiple attempts, the dongle wasn’t working in my Samsung Galaxy A5. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the OTG connection for my Samsung S8 Plus so that I can try it as well.
Truly, it is important to bring your phone right at the Myphone Store before purchasing the dongle and have it tested first, because not all phones are compatible to this dongle regardless if it is high-end or low-end phones.  Maybe next time, I’ll consider bringing my OTG for my S8 Plus when I drop by at the store because I’m really curious of this dongle and its quality. In addition to that, it is just amounting to PHP499.

Consider also watching the videos below about MYPHONE DIGITAL TV DONGLE.

I you have bought already this dongle; please leave your comments below. How was it? Is it worth buying for?  Do you guys want me to buy this as well or it is just a waste of money?

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🍽 Boodle Fight at Sungayan Grill & Floating Restaurant - The Taste of Bolinao.

This is a sumptuous post obviously. Join me as I’ll taste the food - a talk of the town restaurant in Pangasinan. This BEST BITE episode is part of my Pangasinan Trip with #BiyaheniJuan Group.

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When you’re planning to travel in the north, specifically in Bolinao, Pangasinan; never forget to bring your friends or family to this worth visiting restaurant which is situated along the river – Sungayan Grill and Floating Restaurant.


This place is truly placid eloquently that it is situated in a rural zone which is totally six-hour travel away from Manila via land (Van). Honestly if you‘re bearing in mind to try this restaurant solely, then don’t consider this, since it really takes an effort just to reach the location. However, if you’re on a backpacking trip, then think about to include this to your itinerary. In addition, it is just located in Balingasay, Bolinao , Pangasinan and a 10-minute walk from the main highway.

About the Place.

Sungayan Grill and Restaurant is a floating restaurant that reminds me of LOBOC Floating Restaurant in Bohol. This restaurant offers a boodle fight type of dine. Indeed, they also serve various packages depending on the numbers of guest – e.i. table for two, barkada, family and etcetera. You can avail the floating restaurant with an additional fee of PHP150 on the top of the food’s bill and you can now experience eating while seeing the nature. If you get dizzy easily like I do, then you can just eat there at the place.

There are nipa huts around, ornamental plants and fish pond which are very perfect-framing for photography. Moreover, if you have a car; parking area is available.


Majority of the foods they serve – sea foods and grilled foods which is least expensive when you eat sea foods in Dampa located in the city. This is due to the reason that sea foods are incredibly abundant here in Pangasinan as the supply increases, the price decreases.

Boodle dining includes rice, crabs, shrimps, grilled fish, sea weeds, green mango and various vegetables, among others. Juice is for free and unlimited as well.  If I’m gonna rate the taste, I’ll give it a ten over ten since that time I was extremely hungry due to the activities we did before we came in here. Honestly, a judgement of a person when it comes to taste is no longer reliable if hunger dominates.


Since they served freshly from the kitchen, then expect that you have to wait for a few minutes. When I say few, it takes 30 minutes which is good for me as I have enough time to saunter the place and take footages for my Vlog.  But the staffs here are costumer- oriented, since this is a restaurant of course.


With that picturesque view, undeniably eating the foods here is more enjoyable. That feeling wherein the nature is connecting towards you which leads me to become more relaxed and stress-free to the point that, I almost forget the span of time I was waiting for the foods I ordered.  The fresh air coming from the river is astounding .This place is somewhat convincing you to stay longer and make a fuss of the scenery.

Personally, I love the experience of eating sea foods by the river. It is totally different to what I’ve routinely did everyday – eating at fast food restaurant. Sungayan Grill and Floating Restaurant satisfies both my gastronomically craving and my crammed mind.


😱 [CONFESSION] 5 Things that I am Scared About.

Everyone has a weakness yet not everyone admits it. We don’t even disclose our fear to anybody assuming that this might lead us to become the centre of laughter in a circle of friends. But for now, I am brave enough to share you my TOP 5 Fears.

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1.    FEAR OF DEATH – I don’t know what made me scared of death. The fact that I assumed – when the moment of your last breath ends, it might be extremely painful. I even tried to hold my breath to experience how it feels when you’re having hard time breathing during your last breath. The feeling is so scary. Lot of my friends say that there’s nothing to be scared  about death because everyone will die.

Gusto ko pag natsugi ako , yung hindi masakit , yung natutulog ka lang” I jokingly answered.

Indeed, anything that has something to death – I am scared – e.g morgue, cemetery, flowers, burial, coffin and etcetera. I am even afraid of an embalmer, so crazy, isn’t it? Even staring the face of a corpse during vigil is quite disturbing for me.

2.    FEAR JUMPING INTO THE WATER - I travelled a lot and I already visited a lot of waterfalls and cliff but none of those “worth jumping places” I jumped. I don’t have fear of height at all; being in high places is relaxing for me but jumping into the water from a high place is so scary .Due to the fact that I don’t know how to swim. I have this thinking – what if I’ll no longer float and having hard time to swim. Even if my friends are waiting me down there to rescue, no one can convince me to jump.

3.    FEAR OF NOT MEETING GOALS – In the workplace, I easily felt devastated whenever I have goals to meet and I wasn’t able to achieve it.  For example, I have goal to buy this thing and so I’ll work hard for it but when there’s an emergency expenses and I can no longer purchase that thing, I felt bad easily. And that’s what I’m trying to avoid – not hitting goals.

4.    FEAR OF SCARCITY – I grew up in a “NOT WELL-OFF” family. I strived hard to become better and so in the future I am capable of purchasing what I need and what I want. It is my biggest fear, to live in scarce a resource -wherein you need to beg for foods, lend money to buy your basic needs; it is so degrading and that is one of my fears.

5.    FEAR OF FALLING IN LOVE – Yes, I admit! In my thirty years of existence, I never had a long term relationship. I am afraid of getting hurt in the latter part because I knew myself that I can’t handle it. Truly, being in love is such a great feeling but there’s a huge risk of getting hurt. I don’t want to become an abandon-crying individual due to unsuccessful love story. Indeed, I don’t want to grab a stone and hit my own head.

I still have few more other fears but not as extreme as those listed above. Those remaining are can easily be conquered but those top 5 that I disclosed, perhaps I need someone who can help me winning over those trepidation.

Will You Sacrifice Your Highest Paid Job to Fulfill Your Passion?

I just want to look back those moments that I started doing my “I Love Tansyong” blog.  It was just a dream at first; creating a travel blog requires you to travel a lot and in line to this, it requires you as well to have enough budgets in sustaining such lifestyle. Indeed, it was a tough pronouncement to start this kind of dream to become reality. But the impetuous of doing it is extremely high that no one can hinds against it.

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My passion of travelling and sharing my experiences are both my passion. Since I was a kid, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a rich man someday and so I can saunter the whole world – with no scarcity. But it wasn’t the situation; I grew up with my Grandparents in Bohol who worked as a government employee. I made bringing myself in the urban zone of Manila and studying hard believing that education is the key to success. I graduated and continuously weaving words online using the blog platforms. Thanks to Google I also earned a minimal amount from doing it. I   saved it up and started looking for a permanent job which brought me into becoming a banker.

I was chasing pavements and looking for a higher pay job so that I can carry out my original dream – Travel.  I ended up in a Call Centre Industry which is undeniably helped me a lot of pleasing my dream. But there is still a challenge behind, I thought that having a job that gives me an enough pay will also give me an easy way to travel. Highest pay job is accompanied by sacrificing your time – working eight hours a day, five days a week. Not to mentioned the time that was wasted due to congested traffic going to work and back home. It was nerve-racking yet you have to go with it since as you increase your salary, in proportion to that, your expenses also increases – eg. Utility bills, mortgage, insurance and etcetera.

But still even that fracas, I kept on holding my dreams. Until recently, I was involved into this new platform named “Youtube” wherein it’s an innovative way of sharing my content and at the same time earning penny from it. I started to incorporate Youtube videos into my blog which works perfectly to me. I started becoming more vibrant in the workplace because I have something to look forward once I got back home – writing my online content, editing videos and building my brand online.

Numerous dreamers say to get a genuine self fulfillment, “You have to give up your stable job and pursue your passion” which is partly correct as “You can’t worship two gods at the same time”. However it doesn’t apply to everyone, it may applicable to those who grew up in a well-off family wherein they still have someone whom can rescue them in times of need. But to those who are like me, it is totally not a coward approach of not letting go your stable job to continue your passion. Use your stable job to hunt your passion instead. Make it as an advantage. It (pursuing dream) might not happen abruptly but by using your rational side in doing this decision-making, obviously it works slowly but surely.

I can’t have my laptop, camera, and phone and internet connection without my job. Having those medium, I can now easily reach my dream of creating content from my travels.

Sacrificing your stable highest paid job to shadow your passion will give you actually a gunning definition of who you are. I knew a lot of creative people who are still working in a job that they’re not really passionate about because that’s what really the reality is .Other needs to send money to their family or what not. It is poignant but true, and I must admit that my fervour of becoming a traveler and content creator is not sufficient enough to pay my mortgage and bill. Yet my permanent job can pay my bill and above all, it can pay to keep going my passion.

As I always highlight – our decision must be in a realistic approach, sometimes our heart isn’t giving a rigid judgement and so taking risk is not that measurable enough to avoid any fortuitous events in the future which lead you to an extreme regret.

πŸ“Ή [WATCH] Google Philippines will bring again the Youtube Space in Manila this October 2017.

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This coming October 2017 another Youtube Space Pop-Up Manila will rise again to offer the Filipino Content Creators a haven  where they can showcase their talent and creativity .  Google Philippines will bring this project to the Philippines temporarily to help #PinoyCreators in maximizing the Youtube as a platform of sharing contents, helping them grow and making the most out of it.

On April 28 to May 1, 2017, the first ever Youtube Pop-Up Space in the country was successfully held at BGC Art Centre, Taguig. It was launched on April 28 – first day – with a party participated by innumerable Filipino Youtubers.  Big Youtubers also joined the occasion – ThatsBella, Pamela Swing, Say Tioco, Janina Vela, Inigo Pascual, Donnalyn Bartolome and etcetera. Indeed, foreign youtubers like Black Filipino, Dwaine Woolley and Travis Kraft were also there.

The door opened and the registration started at 5:00 PM; and right away, foods and drinks were unlimitedly served and indulged by Youtubers; simultaneously partying the performance of Karl Zarate – a youtuber with music niche.

The highlight of the night was for the youtubers to see the SPACE. It is a set provided by Youtube wherein Creators can freely film their content.  As of today, there are nine permanent Youtube SPACES around the world and Youtube Space Manila is just a pop-up or temporarily running for a short period of time.
Watch the Video BELOW:

I Love Tansyong TV during the launching of Youtube SPACE MNL.

Watch the next video to see how Youtube Space Manila looks like and you’ll surely have an idea on what to expect on October 2017.

Watch the trailer below as I filmed inside the Youtube Space Manila for my content.

So if you’re a Youtube content creator that has 1000 subscribers, you may sign-up at Youtube Creator Community for free - to connect with more youtubers around the world, to ask assistance from the community manager and mostly to get updates for Youtubers’ event.


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