The Taste of Mango Flavoured Pizza in Province of Guimaras.

I’ve been travelling around the Philippines for quite sometimes and I‘m dreaming of visiting all the 88 provinces. Along with this, tasting foods that are coming from these provinces is also my priority, among others.
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When I visited the province of Guimaras , a lot of residents here advised me to try their pride – the sweetest mango in the whole world ; it can only be found in this province and they export it in various countries.  I’ve heard it a lot; not just hearsay but I read numerous travel blogs that are highlighting this famous mango. But “nothing-to-few” online writers wrote about this Mango Flavoured Pizza; indeed, it can only be found as well in this province.

Honestly, I just discovered it when I personally get there. It can be bought at the store named “The Pitstop Restaurant, ” which is located along the Guimaras Circumferencial Road of the municipality of Jordan. It is my first time to hear, see and taste such innovative pizza.

Obviously, since mango is the primary product of the province. Entrepreneurs took advantage of the abundance of such fruit; they innovate the usual pizza into a mango-flavored pizza that when you heard it – it will trigger your curiosity of buying and get the answer of “HOW   DOES IT TASTE LIKE?

Personally, nothing spectacular when it comes to the crust. The crust is tender especially if it is still hot. But when it comes to the topping which is mango itself, I rather preferred eating the mango separately as a fruit or as a shake rather than eating it on the top of pizza crust. I can taste the sourness from it, which is obviously normal for a mango when it went through a process of cooking. Unlike with the process of “Mango Jam”, though it undergone with the heat; sugar is added as part of the process to maintain the sweetness.

Honestly, I don’t like mango on the crust. I rather chose mango shake with pizza instead. But that was just my preference because my friends enjoyed the Guimaras Pizza. In fact, they bought a lot as a pasalubong way back home. Well. It’s a matter of preference. But I strongly suggest considering it buying and personally taste it.

If you already taste it, please leave your comments below. Maybe I just have a weird taste bud and didn’t enjoy the pizza.

📍 Location: Guimaras Circumferential Rd, Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines

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