Will You Sacrifice Your Highest Paid Job to Fulfill Your Passion?

I don’t wanna be too emotional in this blog post but you can’t blame me – it’s my birthday. I want to write about a topic which is personally close to my heart. Hopefully you’ll get a life-reflection from this, coming from a different perspective – a standpoint of Jonathan Orbuda.

I just want to look back those moments that I started doing my “I Love Tansyong” blog.  It was just a dream at first; creating a travel blog requires you to travel a lot and in line to this, it requires you as well to have enough budgets in sustaining such lifestyle. Indeed, it was a tough pronouncement to start this kind of dream to become reality. But the impetuous of doing it is extremely high that no one can hinds against it.

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My passion of travelling and sharing my experiences are both my passion. Since I was a kid, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a rich man someday and so I can saunter the whole world – with no scarcity. But it wasn’t the situation; I grew up with my Grandparents in Bohol who worked as a government employee. I made bringing myself in the urban zone of Manila and studying hard believing that education is the key to success. I graduated and continuously weaving words online using the blog platforms. Thanks to Google I also earned a minimal amount from doing it. I   saved it up and started looking for a permanent job which brought me into becoming a banker.

I was chasing pavements and looking for a higher pay job so that I can carry out my original dream – Travel.  I ended up in a Call Centre Industry which is undeniably helped me a lot of pleasing my dream. But there is still a challenge behind, I thought that having a job that gives me an enough pay will also give me an easy way to travel. Highest pay job is accompanied by sacrificing your time – working eight hours a day, five days a week. Not to mentioned the time that was wasted due to congested traffic going to work and back home. It was nerve-racking yet you have to go with it since as you increase your salary, in proportion to that, your expenses also increases – eg. Utility bills, mortgage, insurance and etcetera.

But still even that fracas, I kept on holding my dreams. Until recently, I was involved into this new platform named “Youtube” wherein it’s an innovative way of sharing my content and at the same time earning penny from it. I started to incorporate Youtube videos into my blog which works perfectly to me. I started becoming more vibrant in the workplace because I have something to look forward once I got back home – writing my online content, editing videos and building my brand online.

Numerous dreamers say to get a genuine self fulfillment, “You have to give up your stable job and pursue your passion” which is partly correct as “You can’t worship two gods at the same time”. However it doesn’t apply to everyone, it may applicable to those who grew up in a well-off family wherein they still have someone whom can rescue them in times of need. But to those who are like me, it is totally not a coward approach of not letting go your stable job to continue your passion. Use your stable job to hunt your passion instead. Make it as an advantage. It (pursuing dream) might not happen abruptly but by using your rational side in doing this decision-making, obviously it works slowly but surely.

I can’t have my laptop, camera, and phone and internet connection without my job. Having those medium, I can now easily reach my dream of creating content from my travels.

Sacrificing your stable highest paid job to shadow your passion will give you actually a gunning definition of who you are. I knew a lot of creative people who are still working in a job that they’re not really passionate about because that’s what really the reality is .Other needs to send money to their family or what not. It is poignant but true, and I must admit that my fervour of becoming a traveler and content creator is not sufficient enough to pay my mortgage and bill. Yet my permanent job can pay my bill and above all, it can pay to keep going my passion.

As I always highlight – our decision must be in a realistic approach, sometimes our heart isn’t giving a rigid judgement and so taking risk is not that measurable enough to avoid any fortuitous events in the future which lead you to an extreme regret.


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