๐Ÿ“น [WATCH] Google Philippines will bring again the Youtube Space in Manila this October 2017.

Watch the videos below as these might be a proof that Youtube Philippines successfully brought “Youtube Pop up Space MNL” in the country. Indeed, this might be also a reason for you to join the upcoming SPACE on October 2017.

Advertisement by Google:

This coming October 2017 another Youtube Space Pop-Up Manila will rise again to offer the Filipino Content Creators a haven  where they can showcase their talent and creativity .  Google Philippines will bring this project to the Philippines temporarily to help #PinoyCreators in maximizing the Youtube as a platform of sharing contents, helping them grow and making the most out of it.

On April 28 to May 1, 2017, the first ever Youtube Pop-Up Space in the country was successfully held at BGC Art Centre, Taguig. It was launched on April 28 – first day – with a party participated by innumerable Filipino Youtubers.  Big Youtubers also joined the occasion – ThatsBella, Pamela Swing, Say Tioco, Janina Vela, Inigo Pascual, Donnalyn Bartolome and etcetera. Indeed, foreign youtubers like Black Filipino, Dwaine Woolley and Travis Kraft were also there.

The door opened and the registration started at 5:00 PM; and right away, foods and drinks were unlimitedly served and indulged by Youtubers; simultaneously partying the performance of Karl Zarate – a youtuber with music niche.

The highlight of the night was for the youtubers to see the SPACE. It is a set provided by Youtube wherein Creators can freely film their content.  As of today, there are nine permanent Youtube SPACES around the world and Youtube Space Manila is just a pop-up or temporarily running for a short period of time.
Watch the Video BELOW:

I Love Tansyong TV during the launching of Youtube SPACE MNL.

Watch the next video to see how Youtube Space Manila looks like and you’ll surely have an idea on what to expect on October 2017.

Watch the trailer below as I filmed inside the Youtube Space Manila for my content.

So if you’re a Youtube content creator that has 1000 subscribers, you may sign-up at Youtube Creator Community for free - to connect with more youtubers around the world, to ask assistance from the community manager and mostly to get updates for Youtubers’ event.

๐Ÿ“ Location: 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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