Costa Rica Resort is a four-star hotel and a newly-established at the beach front of Sabang Beach, Baler.

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Actually, it is easy for you to get there, if you have a private vehicle travel time would be around 5 to 6 hours. From Manila, vehicle can take NLEX via Sta. Rita exit and head towards Nueva Ecija. Just go straight, passing by Cabanatuan City then take the Camiling-Pantabangan road straight up. Travelers will be passing through several mountains on the way up until it reaches the province of Aurora. Another option would be to pass the NLEX-SCTEX route passing through Tarlac-Zaragoza-Sta. Rosa and continue on to Cabanatuan City, which will lead you all the way to Aurora.

If you are a tight budget backpacker, your option is public transportation the Joybus would be highly recommended. It is the executive coach bus line of Genesis Transport that goes directly to Baler. The terminal is located at the corner of Edsa and New York Street in Cubao. Just a heads-up, there are only two scheduled trips: 12 midnight and another one at 2:30 a.m. Reserving a few days in advance is highly encouraged since it gets fully-booked easily.

If you are planning for Surfing adventure, this resort is perfect for your stay. Costa Rica Resort is just meters away from the huge waves of the Beach. In addition to that, the said resort is also near to the town proper wherein Museo de Baler and Dona Aurora’s House are located, and so other destinations such as, balete tree, Ermita Hill, Waterfalls and coves.

Costa Pacifica’s facilities will also help you relieve all the stress that you had after a long week at the office and will give you a vibrant feel with its outdoor pool, a kid’s activity room for your little ones as well as a gym to set a tone for your daily workout regimen. Moreover, mouthwatering dishes will suit your fine dining experience with a touch of local vibe feel for a reasonable price. If you are travel blogger, don’t worry you can still post and stay connected with the resort’s free Wi-Fi

Economistas’ Outing the Cheapest Way Possible in Siniloan, Laguna.

My University Organization named “Future Undertakers for Sustainable Economy” or simply FUSE embraced the Municipality of Siniloan, Laguna located at the boundary between the Municipality of Mabitac on the west, Pañguil on the east, Real, Quezon on the North and Laguna de Bay on the South.

The said outing was well-planned with the organization officers, from the budget for foods, transportation, accommodation, and itinerary. Since our group deals on how to manage scarce resources therefore it is easy for us to allocate our finances. We brought our food and with regards to our accommodation, we got it for free because we have one member who is residing in Siniloan.

It was a long travel via Jeepney. From Binangonan, Rizal where we originated we took a 45mins Travel going to Tanay Rizal amounting to PHP25. In Tanay Rizal, the Terminal going to Siniloan is there. Another one hour of a zigzag road is waiting ahead that surely it will result in dizziness (actually I vomit that time) before you will reach the Town Proper of Siniloan. But if you want an alternative route if you are from Manilla, The town proper or población is about 84 kilometers (52 mi) from Manila, passing Manila East Road or Marcos Highway, and about 113 kilometers (70 mi) via the South Luzon Expressway passing the town of Santa Crúz, the capital of the province.

On our first day, we went to a vegetable plantation to harvest some vegetables (for free). We cooked it for our dinner and luckily the parents of our member who owned the house offered us a native chicken. We spent our whole day learning about Siniloan by talking to the locals. Sinilóan is politically subdivided into 20 barangays. Of these, 13 are classified as urban and 7 are classified as rural.

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Valderráma/ Bagong Pag-Asa (Población)
Bagumbarangay (Población)
General Luna
Padre Burgos
G. Redor (Población)
Wawâ East
José Rizal (Población)

On the second day, we visited the river named Río Romelo runs through the center of the town and is used for fishing ground and irrigation purposes. We were a trekker that time bringing our food to reach the beautiful part of the river. Our way to reach that was very challenging but then again since we trek as a group we forgot the hardship instead we enjoyed it a lot.

When we reached the Climax, the place was beyond description, a green environment with cold and freshwater. Clean atmosphere, In short, it was perfect for swimming. There are small falls and a large basin wherein you can dive.

We spent all day long at the place.  There were also other groups of travelers at that time.

Great experience with the Economists. I missed you guys, to my Alma mater.

Year 2014 SM MOA Pyrolympics: Firework Display Trivia, Tips, Spots and Schedules

Last Year, I was able to witness the amazing fireworks competition. Actually, this event started as part of Chinese tradition of welcoming the New Year. With a dazzling display of fireworks and firecrackers, it has been believed that evil spirits that bring negative vibes maybe scared and banished away so a prosperous year will be waiting for anyone. Moreover, with the said tradition it has been innovated for a reason of aesthetic and entertainment value. Pyrotechnic appreciation became an annual competition.

This 2014, Eleven participating countries will fight head-to-head in this competition namely Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Germany, Finland, Canada, USA and the Philippines. More than just a demonstration of finesse and beauty, this exhibition is the Olympics of fireworks and each country is expected to give its best shot. Indeed, delight at the grand profusion of colorful lights in time with music all across genres that showcase the artistry and skills of each competing team. Take pride in the Filipino progress in the field of pyrotechnics and delight at witnessing the country’s global competitiveness.

Each week two countries are competing and showcasing their Fireworks. In the same manner, there are establishments are offering a fine dining in front of the said event. So let’s take a glance of the exhibition while dining with your love ones. Tickets for the entrance are available in SM tickets, you can also avail it at the entrance point.  But if you are tight budget and you don’t want to spend for tickets, I will give you some tips and spots where to see the display clearly.

Best Spots:
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1. Parking Lot at Ocean Drive. - In this place you can easily watch the display in a different point of view.
2. 2ecom Prism Plaza. - Just go to the 3rd floor using the escalator, in this place you can clearly watch the firework.
3. Seaside Blvd- This Street will be closed however you can stay there if you are early at the railings.

Tips- You can bring your picnic blanket. Bring your own bottled water and foods. But foods are available also. If you are about to go home, make sure to stay at least 1 hour and avoid the huge number of audience that will also go home.

The PyroMusical Competition 2014 schedule:

February 15: 
 Platinum Fireworks Inc of the Philippines
 (Opening Exhibition)
 Howard and Sons fireworks of Austrailia

February 22 
 Spain - Brunchu Pyro Experience
 Jubilee Fireworks of United Kingdom

March 1 
 Brezac Artifices of France
 Tamaya Kitahara of Japan

March 8
 Liuyang New Year Fireworks of China
 Vulcan Europe of Germany

March 15 
 Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd of Finland
 Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada

March 22
 Atlas Pyrovision of USA
 Platinum Fireworks Inc. of the Philippines -
 (Closing Exhibition)

📹 A Video Blog In Baler, Aurora

Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora, which is 230km away from Manila and is accessible through a mountain pass by either a private vehicle or bus. For surfers and surf wannabes this place is best and nearest among the surfing spots in the Philippines. Baler is famous for Cemento beach, Sabang Beach, and Baler Bay.

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Must Visit in Thailand: Snakegirl Attracts Tourist

Hello Travelers, I know guys that Thailand is the cosmetic Capital of the World and surely that is one reason why Thailand is one of the Top must visit country. Aside from that, they also rich in culture, traditions and tourist spots.
But today lemme feature you this viral photo online. In Bangkok to be specific,8 year old Mai Li Fay,is far from living the usual life of a girl her age. Everyday, thousands of people gather to the front of her family’s house to get a chance of seeing and possibly touching the young girl, a gesture which both Buddhists and Hindu pilgrims seem to perceive as a guarantee of good fortune.
This is the picture of the snake girl in Thailand that went viral . Many said that it is just edited (credits to the owner)
According to the country’s top medical expert, Dr Ping Lao, the young girl suffers a very rare syndrome known as the Serpentosis Malianorcis or Jing Jing’s disease, which gives her lower body a distinct reptilian form and aspect. Only a handful of such cases have been recorded throughout history, so the scientific knowledge accumulated about the pathology is rather limited and there is no cure in sight at the moment. The Fay family have welcomed the situation brought by Mai Li’s situation with a mix of anguish and excitement, as the never ending lines of tourists and pilgrims have brought the badly impoverished family some substantial revenues and given them an important raise in their social status but cost them there privacy and intimacy.(World News Daily) 

So, you have now another  reason to fly Thailand. Travel now! 

Actually, Its my dream to visit Thailand . Hey Travel Bloggers! So what are you waiting for?

What to Expect in Ermita Hill in Baler Aurora?

So since we already finished Surfing, Biking around Baler Town Proper and our outdoor boodle fight lunch, we separated from the group and we started to trek going to the hill. It can also be reached by traversing the river of Tibag and is more or less twenty minutes’ walk from Castillo.

We walk the long beach line to reach the river, when we got there, we asked a local inhabitant if how deep is the river if we are going to cross it through. The local told us that it’s too deep so we need to swim. But the thing here is, we had cameras and gadgets therefore there’s no way for us to swim.

Fortunately, a small banca is available to bring us towards the other side of the river. We just need to pay PHP5.00 each. It was a motorboat to be specific and it takes five minutes for us to reach to the other side.

When we reached on the other side, we don’t know where to go (we don’t have a tour guide). So what we did was, we just asked and asked to the locals that we met on the road.

What to Expect?

The Tidal Wave Replica- It’s a statue located at the foot part of the said hill.During the Tromba Marina, a phenomenal tidal wave in 1735, which swept the town of Baler, it was used by the old folks as their get-away. The place became their temporary resettlement, which they called “Kinagunasan”, meaning “devastated”.

Erimita Park –A 35 minutes' walk to the foot of the hill and 15 minutes' trek uphill. This shrub-covered area provides an excellent view of the town of Baler, Sabang Beach, Cemento and Dimadimalangat islet. It is a short, steep trek from the foot of the hill, through small trees and cogon grass, to the top. It is a wide area on the fill perfect for picnic.

Man Made Forest/ Philippine Civil Service Centennial Forest. - The highland refuges proximity of about two hectares facing Pacific Ocean. It is roughly six kilometers from the town of Baler via Kinalapan-Road. Hidden beneath a clump of trees are the almost unrecognizable remains of a bell tower. Owing to its excellent vantage point, the bell tower was formerly used to warn people of Baler of raiding pirates. During sunny days the place is swelteringly hot.

The Large Cross and Grotto- Aside from its magnificent landscape, Ermita Hill is known as a sacred haven for religious activities by devotees of the Miraculous Mother Mary, of whom a life-size statue is situated in a grotto on top of the hill. Under the Spanish rule, a Watchtower was built to guard the town against possible attackers. Governor Bella Angara-Castillo (then a Congresswoman) appropriated funding for the prevention of erosion of the hillside and its beautification.

The four of us were very satisfied on climbing up the hill. After we reached the summit of the hill, we decided to go back in Sabang Beach. It was not just a simple trek but a time to bond each other who loves pictures and picturesque views.

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