Year 2014 SM MOA Pyrolympics: Firework Display Trivia, Tips, Spots and Schedules

Another firing experience will welcome you this Chinese New Year in SM Mall of Asia. Witness 2014’s best fireworks display on any of the select dates from February 15 & 22, March 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2014. Be fascinated by the grand display of skills and artistry through fireworks technology from different countries. So share the spectacular experience with your friends and family to make it even more memorable

Last Year, I was able to witness the amazing fireworks competition. Actually, this event started as part of Chinese tradition of welcoming the New Year. With a dazzling display of fireworks and firecrackers, it has been believed that evil spirits that bring negative vibes maybe scared and banished away so a prosperous year will be waiting for anyone. Moreover, with the said tradition it has been innovated for a reason of aesthetic and entertainment value. Pyrotechnic appreciation became an annual competition.

This 2014, Eleven participating countries will fight head-to-head in this competition namely Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Germany, Finland, Canada, USA and the Philippines. More than just a demonstration of finesse and beauty, this exhibition is the Olympics of fireworks and each country is expected to give its best shot. Indeed, delight at the grand profusion of colorful lights in time with music all across genres that showcase the artistry and skills of each competing team. Take pride in the Filipino progress in the field of pyrotechnics and delight at witnessing the country’s global competitiveness.

Each week two countries are competing and showcasing their Fireworks. In the same manner, there are establishments are offering a fine dining in front of the said event. So let’s take a glance of the exhibition while dining with your love ones. Tickets for the entrance are available in SM tickets, you can also avail it at the entrance point.  But if you are tight budget and you don’t want to spend for tickets, I will give you some tips and spots where to see the display clearly.

Best Spots:
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1. Parking Lot at Ocean Drive. - In this place you can easily watch the display in a different point of view.
2. 2ecom Prism Plaza. - Just go to the 3rd floor using the escalator, in this place you can clearly watch the firework.
3. Seaside Blvd- This Street will be closed however you can stay there if you are early at the railings.

Tips- You can bring your picnic blanket. Bring your own bottled water and foods. But foods are available also. If you are about to go home, make sure to stay at least 1 hour and avoid the huge number of audience that will also go home.

The PyroMusical Competition 2014 schedule:

February 15: 
 Platinum Fireworks Inc of the Philippines
 (Opening Exhibition)
 Howard and Sons fireworks of Austrailia

February 22 
 Spain - Brunchu Pyro Experience
 Jubilee Fireworks of United Kingdom

March 1 
 Brezac Artifices of France
 Tamaya Kitahara of Japan

March 8
 Liuyang New Year Fireworks of China
 Vulcan Europe of Germany

March 15 
 Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd of Finland
 Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada

March 22
 Atlas Pyrovision of USA
 Platinum Fireworks Inc. of the Philippines -
 (Closing Exhibition)

📍 Location: Seaside Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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