Balete Park & Millennium Tree: Largest Balete in Asia.

For those who are not into water sports (Surfing to be specific), a hike and a day tour would make the stay at Baler complete. Try visiting the biggest Balete tree in Asia. It’s a park that is situated in Maria Aurora. This Park encompasses a 600-year-old Balete tree. This tree was labeled as the official "Millennium Tree” of The Philippines.

After we went to Jabuyo Falls, we go directly to Maria Aurora where the Tree is located. It was raining and all of us are already wet and tired. Ten minutes ride and there we go, we reached at the area.  When I stepped out from the BUS, I was amazed of how stunning the tree is. It was very huge compared to the Balete Trees that I’ve seen when I grew up in Bohol. In fact, it would take 60 grown men, holding one another at arm's length, to encircle its gigantic trunk.

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So I was excited to see it closer. I took first a picture in front of it and due to the largeness of the tree I am having hard time capture the right angle.

From the word itself “Millennium Tree”, no wonder and it shows on its appearance. Because its age, the tree's thick roots have grown above ground, such that caves have formed under various sections of the trunk. This unique tree has generated national media attention and is now the most visited tourist spot in Aurora.

Moreover, I went to the core of the tree. It was truly amazing creation made by time. Inside, is like a cave. Imagine, it was raining outside but inside it was dry. The atmosphere inside is majestic, quite freaking due to its darkness. I climbed… When I reached on the top, you will see the entire location in a different point of view. Very glorifying and I almost forgot that I’m tired from trekking.

The Park is maintained by Local Government Unit. There is also a booth wherein you can give a donation for the maintenance of the park. If you are going to climb the tree, make sure you are capable of doing it because there is no safety gadgets offered to those visitors who wants to climb. Just a heads up, climbing is too easy but going down is very difficult but don’t worry there are local guides on the area that will rescue you on the top.
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📍 Location: Baler, Aurora, Philippines

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