What to Expect in Ermita Hill in Baler Aurora?

After our Lunch on the first day of Baler Adventure, Erwin, Mia, Elora and I were planning to traverse towards Ermita Hill. Actually visiting on the said Hill was not part of the package tour.

So since we already finished Surfing, Biking around Baler Town Proper and our outdoor boodle fight lunch, we separated from the group and we started to trek going to the hill. It can also be reached by traversing the river of Tibag and is more or less twenty minutes’ walk from Castillo.

We walk the long beach line to reach the river, when we got there, we asked a local inhabitant if how deep is the river if we are going to cross it through. The local told us that it’s too deep so we need to swim. But the thing here is, we had cameras and gadgets therefore there’s no way for us to swim.

Fortunately, a small banca is available to bring us towards the other side of the river. We just need to pay PHP5.00 each. It was a motorboat to be specific and it takes five minutes for us to reach to the other side.

When we reached on the other side, we don’t know where to go (we don’t have a tour guide). So what we did was, we just asked and asked to the locals that we met on the road.

What to Expect?

The Tidal Wave Replica- It’s a statue located at the foot part of the said hill.During the Tromba Marina, a phenomenal tidal wave in 1735, which swept the town of Baler, it was used by the old folks as their get-away. The place became their temporary resettlement, which they called “Kinagunasan”, meaning “devastated”.

Erimita Park –A 35 minutes' walk to the foot of the hill and 15 minutes' trek uphill. This shrub-covered area provides an excellent view of the town of Baler, Sabang Beach, Cemento and Dimadimalangat islet. It is a short, steep trek from the foot of the hill, through small trees and cogon grass, to the top. It is a wide area on the fill perfect for picnic.

Man Made Forest/ Philippine Civil Service Centennial Forest. - The highland refuges proximity of about two hectares facing Pacific Ocean. It is roughly six kilometers from the town of Baler via Kinalapan-Road. Hidden beneath a clump of trees are the almost unrecognizable remains of a bell tower. Owing to its excellent vantage point, the bell tower was formerly used to warn people of Baler of raiding pirates. During sunny days the place is swelteringly hot.

The Large Cross and Grotto- Aside from its magnificent landscape, Ermita Hill is known as a sacred haven for religious activities by devotees of the Miraculous Mother Mary, of whom a life-size statue is situated in a grotto on top of the hill. Under the Spanish rule, a Watchtower was built to guard the town against possible attackers. Governor Bella Angara-Castillo (then a Congresswoman) appropriated funding for the prevention of erosion of the hillside and its beautification.

The four of us were very satisfied on climbing up the hill. After we reached the summit of the hill, we decided to go back in Sabang Beach. It was not just a simple trek but a time to bond each other who loves pictures and picturesque views.

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πŸ“ Location: Ermita Hill, Baler, Philippines

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