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07 December 2015

πŸ“Ί Review : ABS-CBN TV Plus - Ang Mahiwagang Black Box


I am using a cable connection for my television for a long span of time now because it includes local and international channels. However, I was not able to utilize it due to my busy schedule and I just realized that I paid my monthly bill w/o using it at all. Infact, during my weekends I only watch local channels like ABS-CBN and GMA7.

When a digital box was released to the market, I was thinking to grab one. ABS-CBN Company announces this “Mahiwagang Black Box” to the televiewers on what they can get of having this box in their households.  ABS-CBN TV Plus (formerly SKY TV+ or simply TV+ and stylized as ABS-CBN TVplus), is a digital terrestrial television product and service owned and operated by ABS-CBN Corporation.

I just recently bought it amounting to PHP1999. This product’s original price was PHP2500 during the release.

 Let us unbox!

Mahiwagang Black box – It is light and small box.

ABS-CBN Mobile Sim Card- you need this to activate some of the channels owned by ABS-CBN as well as activation of the warranty.

User’s Manual- Your best friend on basic trouble shooting

Audio and Video cable – this will connect between your TV and the box.  Disadvantage: there is no HDMI port.

The adapter – it is requisite to give power of the digital box.

Remote control – I love how it looks like – very elegant. And the good thing, it has a free battery.

Antenna and cable – the cable length is enough to bring the end of the antenna outside - to capture signal. But I would love if they provide longer cable so that I can extend the antenna towards the rooftop.

Meanwhile, an issue came out that ABS-CBN TV plus is a way of the ABS-CBN company to monopolize the televiewers because it only guarantees you of having the ABC-CBN channels. But that is not true, I personally experience the crystal clear output  from GMA7 and GMA News TV using the ABS-CBN TV plus.  So basically, it will still vary on your location.

ABS-CBN TV plus gave me a Crystal clear picture and sound with Affordable one-time fee compared with cable connection. It is beneficial to me because there is no need for me to pay a monthly bill – so it is a huge saving. And it works perfectly to me