Top 25 Famous Travel Blog in the Philippine Blogosphere in 2014.

We all knew that nowadays, blogging (social media) is now considered as on of the rapid increasing medium of marketing - aside from print, TV and Radio advertising. And so, “I Love Tansyong” Team in support with “MoneySouldiers” research the Philippine Travel Blogosphere and its stakeholders that play a huge role in the most powerful and influential way of advertising  – e.i , bloggers, readers and  advertisers.

Tools to measure the Rank:  ALEXA.

We Choose Alexa as a ranking system tool because it has a reliable audits when it comes to global page views versus the bounce rate. Moreover, the algorithm to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. Alexa Traffic can be used as a competitive intelligence tool to measure the blog’s SEO rank and organic traffic.

Purpose of the Study:

1.      For Bloggers – to continue the niche (travel and leisure) with a healthy competition approach. Therefore, bloggers can easily reach and look for the right target advertisers on their blogs.

2.      Advertisers – To help you out on which travel blog is worth paying for your ads, wherein you can simply reach your target market.

3.      Readers – Awareness on what blog is worth reading for.


The sampling are Filipino and/or Filipino at heart bloggers (residing or not in the Philippines) who rock the social media through sharing about travel and leisure. We used the google search engine, SEO tools, surveys and various blog directories to get the random sample.

Here is the result (Jan 1 - Aug, 25 2014)

Lakad Pilipinas – By Christian Lucas Sangoyo, who is a travel and photography nutcase -

Rank 577,739
Ivan About Town
– By Ivan Henares was among the first Filipinos to take advantage of the entry of low cost carriers in the Philippines.

Rank  576,078
Journeying James – By James Betia, backpacked the Philippines for 100 days, non-stop the cheapest way possible.

Rank  543,117
Sole Sisters

 Lois Yasay and Chichi Bacolod — co-founders of the travel blog — decided to quit their day jobs to make serious traveling their business.

Rank  485,436
 Langyaw – By Estan Cabigas , a Cebuano freelance photographer, writer and blogger based in Makati City, the Philippines- Langyaw is Bisayan for an outsider, a foreigner in a local place. It also means a visitor, or more, a traveler. He has been exhibited his work in major cities in South and Southeast Asia, Germany, China, the Netherlands and Paris, France as well as attended local and international photography

Rank  466,051
Franny Wanny
 – Fran and her girlfriend blog about food and travel

Rank 447,380

 .The Pinay Solo Backpacker –

Gael Hilotin is a Filipina solitary nomad decided to travel and blog after her friend passed away.

Rank  438,716
Philippine Travel Blog

–an experimental project on group blogging with focus on Travel, Tourism and frequented Philippine destinations with a goal to promote each and every travel destination of the Philippine’s 7,107 islands, serve as a guide to tourists and travelers, and educate the online reading public about the great wonders and richness of the Philippine archipelago — all thru the power of blogging.

Rank 417,829
17.                                                                       Flip Nomad - 

He started this blog last October 2009 and bought his domain FlipNomad last November 2009. He built this blog hoping that it could help him to go back to backpacking. And after one and a half year of blogging, he  decided to pursue this idea full time.

Rank  388,382
Ironwulf En Route

 - By Ferdinand Decena, an award winning photographer and blogger who aims to chronicle his travels across the country and different parts of the word

Rank  380,235 


– By Angel Juarez who is a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer , scuba diver, aspiring marine conservation biologist , environmentalist, runner and computer expert.  

Rank  290,417
Davao City Guy

– By Jonas Ignatius Lagabala, he blogged about anything that can be found in his city- from the best destinations, From the best destinations and events in Davao, escapades outside his hometown, piggin' out in restos and shopping malls.  -

Rank   275,412
Directions on Web

– By Lagalag, is a blog that gives a commuter’s guide on how to reach a specific location around the Ph. The blog shares to city dwellers, visitors from other countries, people from provinces, tourists and other inhabitants of our metropolis different ways of getting to various places in Metro Manila.

  Rank  260,092
Confessions of a Pinay Travel Junkie

– A Reportage revolving around a Filipina gypsetting mum's random musings, gastronomic pursuits, occasional voluntourism, spontaneous explorations, and child-raising whilst on a globetrot.

 Rank  -  215,751


– A community of Filipino and Filipino at heart bloggers aim to promote beach tourism in the country by spreading the word about the various beach destinations, travel agencies, beach resorts and hotels, and their products and services. At the same time, they wish to help travelers and would-be-travelers score a good deal

Rank  210,682
The Wandering Peach

- is about places that Author and her family has visited, memories created and the bonding that all of us has shared during travel moments...  -

Rank   207,225

– by Micaela Rodriguez, who blogged for 10 years now. She currently aims to travel around the Philippines, Asia and the whole world one continent at a time!  -

Rank  203,580
Pinoy Adventurista

– By Mervin- a daring traveler, mountaineer, food lover, and adventure seeker. He challenged himself to visit all the provinces in the Philippines! On August 7, 2013 - he already footed all of it.  

Rank  175,070

  The Longest Way Home -

One of the most read travelogues in the world. And without a doubt has become the most documented story arc in online travel history. Home

Rank  164,931
Unwinding Moments

– By E- Guaza Kate,a glampacker who blog about vanity during travel – makeup, fashion and etc.   -

Rank  136,593

Out of Town Blog
 – By Melo Villareal , He began his career in accountancy in 1999 after receiving his diploma in accountancy and law. He worked for multinational companies as an accountant for three years before leaving the corporate world at the age of 23. In search of a more fulfilling occupation, he has since worked as a freelance travel photo-journalist for several local and international travel publications.

Rank -  127,249
4. -
The Poor Traveler

By Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos - The Poor Traveler has emerged as one of the biggest travel blogs in the Philippines and in the region in terms of traffic and social media presence.  

Rank -109,640
Our Awesome Planet

- By Anton Diaz , He started “Our Awesome Planet” former “ Lonely Planet Guide”,  in January 2005 after the big Tsunami that hit South East Asia and before my first son Aidan was born in Asian Hospital- wherein those times, the art of blogging is new and now become the medium of publicizing  

Rank  90,509
Tales of a Traveler

 – By Papaleng , he explores some of the world’s fascinating and intriguing secrets

Rank- 74,458

1.    When in Manila -

By Vince Golangco - is a community of over 100 writers, photographers, videographers and storytellers who simply want to share their stories of adventures and discoveries. What started as a small blog from Manila, quickly turned into a platform, an online magazine that boasts the stories from Manila, the Philippines and the world. With stories and writers contributing from Manila, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United States and ALL OVER THE WORLD, has quickly become the go-to lifestyle magazine for Manila and beyond!

 Rank  20,947 
Disclaimer :

1.      The blog rank listed above is dynamic and fluctuating continuously after Aug 25, 2014 – it may increase or decrease based on its blog’s traffic.

2.      If there are travel blogs that are not listed above and it qualifies to be one of the top 25. Inform us.

3.      “I Love Tansyong” is not even related to the blogs listed above and not liable in any fortuitous events that might happen between bloggers and advertisers.


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