👩‍🍳HONEST REVIEW | My First Hand Experience Using Dowell Induction Cooker IC-377.

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December 2019 when I bought I bunch new of home appliances that are essential in my newly-moved condo unit. One of the appliances that I purchased was the Dowell Induction Cooker IC-377 model with 1600W. I got it from SM Department Appliance Store which was amounting to around Php2000 plus. If you check the price online in Lazada or Shopee, it is still the same price up until now. 

The said item was stocked inside the box and never been used because  I was frequently using the small multifunctional cooker every time  I cook foods that brought whenever  I go to work. When the COVID19 pandemic entered the Philippines, the lockdown started in March 2020 and I have started working from home since then. Since the eateries were closed for weeks and got extended more weeks, I have to cook my food inside my condo since buying meals every meal time outside is quite difficult and unsafe.  July 2020 when I decided to use the Induction Cooker that was stocked for months. 

Honestly, I love the cooker because it cooks the food very well and quickly. There are 7 presets that you can choose depending on your meal to prepare and 8 adjustable temperatures. In addition, it is easy to clean, just wipe it with a clean cloth and soap, and you’re good to go. When you Push Button control you will see a 4 Digit display to monitor the time, temperature, and voltage. There is also a Timer Setting to program and Auto shut off function. Unfortunately, I can’t say if it is an energy-efficient product because I have no chance to monitor it as I am using numerous appliances inside my condo unit.

When it comes to aesthetics, I don’t have questions as this fits in one corner and the dark color of the item won’t show easily when a mess happens. I was even planning to have it built-in on the countertop when as I planned to have a renovation and build a small kitchen.  However, this might no longer happen because the cooker spark this month of July 2020 and it is no longer working since then.  If I started using it in July 2020 and not working in July 2020, the product only lasted for 12 months to be exact.

I was disappointed with the fact that it didn’t reach 5 years regardless of how I used it with care. The worst part of it, when I de-cluttered my unit during the lockdown, I threw away the warranty paper but I think, it is no longer usable because the purchased date was Dec. 2019; I just didn’t use it. In reality, I only used it for 12 months and if we think about it, durability is questionable undeniably. 

I brought the defective item to the nearest repair shop named Love Electronics Service Center. It is located in Facilities Centre, 54B Shaw Blvd, and Highway Hills Mandaluyong city – near SNR Shaw. After inspection, they quoted me PHP1200 for the repair. Honestly, I was reluctant if have to take the deal because I can buy a new induction cooker for that amount, hence a different brand which I can’t be sure if it is durable or not. But I just took the deal since I need to get have the cooker as this is needed badly. I need to cook on my own and not buy foods every now and then.

Maybe, I will just give another 12 months when I got the newly-repaired item and hopefully, it will last because if this will stop functioning in the latter part, then it will be time to dispose of this cooker and give it a try the HYUNDAI cooker as my friend recommends it and after four years, it is still working. Let us see! 

Meanwhile, watch the vlog below as I purchased a new Induction Cooker from Lazada while my cooker is not working. 

  📺 WATCH THE VIDEO- Unboxing Defective Induction Cooker From Lazada Philippines.

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