πŸ›’I Was on Panic Buying Due To COVID19 Pandemic Lockdown.

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I’ve forecasted that in the next few months when the government declared total lockdown, there will be no establishments opened and food will be the main problem. Panic buying happened; canned goods and noodles became scarce. In fact, you’re only allowed to buy five pieces of instant noodles and you have to go put the next day to buy again which defeats the purpose of lockdown if you keep going outside to buy such items especially if that is the only item you’re capable of buying from your tight budget.
Not to mention, there are also scheduled market opening depending on the first letter of your last name to avoid the area became congested. Those challenges and uncertainties are on the top of my head because I am only alone and those trigger my anxiety.

Undeniably, the COVID19 pandemic and lockdown happened. Numerous Filipinos lost their job; many of the people who are in the middle class became poor; there are industries being forced to close due to fluctuation of the economy.  And, as of the time being while writing this blog entry – it has been 9 months and we are still in the middle of this COVID19 battle.  I am hoping that we can make it as we’re all in this together!


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