๐ŸŽ™Out of Reach by Gabrielle (COVER SONG featuring Cousin Rosemarie Bastasa )

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๐Ÿ“ธ Escobar The American Bully Loves the Small Dogs in Greenfield District Dog Park.

 Sharing with you this photoblog wherein my American Bully meets the small dogs at the dog park of Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

Saying Hello to Corky the French Bulldog.

Corky is trying to reach Escobar.

Small dogs are humping each other.

And, Escobar went ahead to their location.

Look! Toby the Pomeranian, humping Corky.

Oh, and Chooey the Dachsund is joining.

Look how cute this French Bulldog.

And he loves big dogs!

Look, Rocco! He also humped  Escobar; he is persistent regardless of height.
Watch this Cute Video that I made.

๐Ÿ•‍๐ŸฆบTips on How to Become Alpha Leader Over Your Dogs.

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Having a Dog in your life is not easy but the joy they bring into our lives is beyond description. Indeed, being a dog owner is not just solely calling you a “Furparent” but showing your dominance to your dog is extremely essential so they won’t control your relationship in the latter part. Dogs need a dominant, alpha leader; a being who is calm and very strong-minded. That is a dog’s natural behavior when they were living in the wilderness. They instinctually crave this leadership and guidance when they became domesticated and pet.

Since they do not live in pack; dogs’ lives evolve between them and humans (also known as hoomans). And so, unstable humans make unstable dogs. Size means nothing, it is all about your energy, firmness, and it is how the hooman’s feeling inside that dogs are mirroring. A hooman who lacks confidence will not have a dog who listens to their commands. 

Dog Lovers are normally emotionally unstable when dealing with a dog’s behavior. Have you seen your dogs’ eyes – the way they look at you every time you put your foods in your mouth? Undeniably, you can’t stop sharing your foods with them and it became a habit and you just noticed them jumping on you during dinner. Seems a bad behavior isn’t it? But have you asked – what drives them of becoming “One”? Well, it is simply you forgot that you’re the ALPHA; you followed your emotion which makes you weak.

In this video, I will share with you how my American Bully became submissive every time I corrected his bad behavior. 

Watch My Dog’s Reaction Being Scolded for No Reason.

Just to share, Escobar is scared of his poops because when he accidentally stepped on it, I showed him how angry I was and I even punished him. Nowadays, he makes sure that he won’t step on it and if he does, you will see him trembling in one corner assuming to be punished. 

Honestly, there is no definite way to explain how you reach this alpha position. Being dominant over your dog does not mean you should be hurting your dog. It means you must communicate to the dog who the leader is going to be. Pack leaders are not aggressive, angry, or bossy which we should not embody as hooman. We’re not dominant-aggressive, we are calm-assertive.

๐ŸงนUsing Enzymatic Cleaner for Dog’s Urine and Poops.

YouTube Creators for Change Philippines,Vlogger,Pinoy Youtube,Youtube Philippines,Jonathan Orbuda,I Love Tansyong TV,Blog,Blogger,Simple Life in Manila Philippines,Microliving Philippines,Life in Small Condo Apartment,dog products,dog products you need,dog odor remover,dog odor eliminator home remedy,dog enzymatic cleaner,dog enzyme cleaner,enzymatic cleaner,Enzymatic cleaner odor remover,product reviews,product review blogger Undeniably, pets bring joy into our lives. With Escobar, my American Bully Breed, I found myself as more of an “obliged dog owner” since I have no one to take care of him on my behalf. I am obliged to wake up every time I noticed that something smells bad coming from the bathroom.

The good thing with my dog, he knew where to pee and poops inside my condo. He also informed me whenever he finished his business by licking my feet until I wake up. But cleaning after your dogs’ pee and poop is not fun even if they’re already potty-trained. Escobar doesn’t know how to use the actual toilet and so, he peed and pooped on the bathroom’s floor. I am obliged to clean up after his business. Sometimes, he accidentally steps on his poop and runs to the bedroom which makes his poops scattered throughout my entire condo unit. 

The smell is really the challenging part of cleaning your dog’s mess. The poops can be easily removed by flashing water but urine will stay longer on the floor. I have to use detergent and Zonrox every time I wash the bathroom’s tiles

Recently, I discovered this Enzymatic Cleaner because Facebook’s algorithm recommended such a product on my feed. I purchased it and gave it a try. Enzymatic cleaners are any cleaning products that use enzymes in their formulas to help break down stains and smell. Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts – good bacteria, yeast, and likes, that speed up chemical reactions; this usually occurs in the body, but in the case of enzymatic cleaners, the process is used for a different purpose which for pets, it neutralizes the odor. 



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