Visiting The Philippine Version Of Venice Italy.

No need to visit Rome Italy just to experience the amorous atmosphere if the Grand Canal. Philippines has also a version of that.

Located at Cluster B, McKinley Hill Garden Villas, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila is this ideal please to bring your love one, among others. The popular and historic Italian city inspired Venice Piazza’s architecture which gives a romantic ambiance.

This is perfect for the lovers and hopeless romantics alike. Without having to leave the country, this place takes you to another world and offers an unforgettable romantic experience. International dining in an Italian setting can only be experienced here in the metro.

Moreover, they also have events weekly that can make your weeknights more exciting.  The said establishment is open 11:00 am - 10:00 pm seven days a week.

And so, I Love Tansyong TV goes to ....... Venice Piazza.

Featuring The Sexy and Hot Nomadic Man ( Why Video Outro Is Important In Youtube)

What’s goin on you guys? In this post I am featuring again and bringing you back those days that I interviewed this hot and sexy nomadic lad. His name is Rinell Banda (Click here to see the post)

I am very fortunate enough because I was the one who first interviewed him before he got featured in a number one magazine show in GMA7 and became famous.

Watch the video below:

Ok here we go let me post it here - this second episode of my newly set up YouTube Channel is entitled “Episode 2 : Interview With Rinell Banda , The Sexy and Hot Nomadic Man ” is also one of my Sony Vegas Pro 13 projects.

If you noticed on the last part, I included an outro . Video Outro is very essential in VLOG or Video blogging because it will attract your viewers to watch the next video by clicking the annotation. In a movie we called it as credits wherein names of actors and acknowledgments are being shown on the last part of the movie. In VLOG (specially in Youtube) , we called it video outro wherein, instead of saying BYE to your viewers , you will convince them to stay tune for the next video.

Lesson Learned: Creating Perfect Outro Using Sony Vega Pro 13

VLOG Episode 1: Have You Seen A Fire Ball? (My First Video Editing in Youtube)

I’ve been recording my travels and adventures for quite sometimes and have it uploaded in my youtube channel. But those video that I shared in my channel were raw files- no editing. I realized that video editing is really a requisite especially in video blogging or else my final product is not visually pleasant.

Lately, I discovered and just installed this sony vegas pro  13 , it is a video editing software package for non-linear editing (NLE) originally published by Sonic Foundry, now owned and run by Magix. I found it interesting and so, I studied it personally on how to use by watching youtube tutorials. In fact, famous Filipino Vloggers use this software for their Vlogs

I decided to create a new youtube channel which is associated in this blog “I Love Tansyong TV”. I made it so that I can upload my videos that are edited using Sony Vegas Pro. Indeed, it can also be a medium for me to notice my progress on the said field- editing. It is challenging task but I am enjoying it.

In this first Episode, I learned how to create a fireball and plasma ball effect. Though I admit that it was not really perfectly edited but as a beginner- it is acceptable.

Watch it:

๐Ÿ– Feeling At Home at Finnese Residencia, Puerto Galera.

 RATING : ⭐⭐⭐

Finding a cocktail bar, restaurant and lodging along the stretch of White Beach, Puerto Galera? Finesse Residencia can provide you – the most accommodating establishment in Puerto Galera (among others) . Owned by a couple, Mr Renante Trinidad and Mrs Jereline Calderon started to run the said establishment on January 2016.
Morning coffee at the Bar.

“We rented this place – Bar and hotel – from the original owner and together with my wife; we opted to run this business.” Mr Trinidad narrated.
e = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “I never imagine myself running a bar along the shore since I have a sea phobia” he jokingly added.

Mr Trinidad is a certified accountant who used to work in a financial industry. He left the industry because he felt that there is something that he needs to do – something that makes him feels fulfilling.  Ever since, he is an aficionado of mixing liquor and so he worked as a bartender somewhere in Malate and San Juan.

>“I was riding the Banca and I found myself here in Puerto Galera. Ironically, no one can even persuade me riding a banca due to my fear.” He added.

That time, the original owner of the said establishment was planning to have it rented. The couple gave a try to start a new venture.

“I then applied my know-how on mixing liquors.” he humbly uttered.

Mr. Trinidad had an offer for cruise ship as a bartender but he decline the offer due to his fear of the sea.

Finesse Residencia Bar is situated at the left part of the beach. The location is quite silent because it is a distance away from the middle wherein the drag queens and fire dancers exist. But the couple applied their knowledge and ideas to bring the vibrant atmosphere on that area.

Summer of 2016 was their first summer. They brought an urban DJ and ledge dancers from Metro Manila to perform. Surprisingly, even if Puerto Galera is the Gay Mecca of the Country and majority of the guest are Gays, they were surprised because their bar was congested and patronized by gays despite that their performers are straight – ledge dancers and DJ.

“I am proud that we (with wife) were able to bring back the happiness in this pale area. Punong puno ito nung summer, abot hanggang dun (pointing to the beach)” proudly said.


HOTEL 8/10

Together with my friends, we stayed at Finesse Residencia Hotel for two days and two nights. Since July is off-peak season, we’ve got the room- with two queen size bed, hot and cold shower and aircon - for only PHP1, 000 which will cost you PHP10, 000 during Holy Week. The room is enough to accommodate four guests and more. The water flow is awesome compared to other hotels – “malakas”. There is a television available and a wi-fi connection. Towels are also available upon request.

BAR 9/10

Since the owner is a proud mixologist, his bar offers varieties of mixed liquors which is new to my taste. He served us “Mindoro sling” but the base is vodka and it was truly amazing taste. Though, they charge 10 percent service fee on the top of the total bill, the service is quite pretty ok. Their service crews are attentive to response any request – refill of ice cubes, water and etc.

Moreover, karaoke is also provided for free


I will go back to this establishment; if I may not able to stay in their hotel maybe I’ll go back here to taste all their liquors. But what I love is that - I was able to meet the owner and had a little conversation. And I appreciate it so much.

For Booking  ,contact Jeriline Calderon. Click Here

With Mr. Renante Trinidad , Inside thier Bar and Restaurant

Escaping Urban Living & Giving Time to Myself

Good day guys!

I just got home from a short vacation in ‪#‎puertogalera‬ - three days July 2,3 and 4, 2015 .It was fun and vibrant experience. I was able to meet random people from different walks of life – had drinks and rave party all night. But what is the most highlight of my travel - “I WAS ABLE TO WORSHIP AGAIN THE SUNSET” after six months of continuous working for a living.

Sigh!!! ... While staring at the colourful sunset.. The sun talked to me “Baby, it is ok to breathe in!”

(Video : I was waiting for the sunset at Tamaraw Resort, Puerto Galera with my friend Kuya Allan)

Sobrang tagal ko na pala na di ako nakakita ng sunset” Yes, I almost forgot when was the last time I witnessed the beauty of twilight. I just realized that I roughly exposed myself too much working for a living, to the point that I felt myself imprisoned because it was my option. I was captured in a reality that I have to prioritize my work or else I have nothing to pay for my bills.

One time, I come up an idea “WHY NOT LIVE AS MINIMALIST?”- Living life in a simple way, no lavish expenses, no stress and living my life in the fullest. But still i have to think twice – pros and cons.

I felt a sudden slow pace moment and I answered “I am now ready to go back to the real world tomorrow”

I am hoping that once i'll get back to the urban zone.. everything will be OK


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