Escaping Urban Living & Giving Time to Myself

Good day guys!

I just got home from a short vacation in ‪#‎puertogalera‬ - three days July 2,3 and 4, 2015 .It was fun and vibrant experience. I was able to meet random people from different walks of life – had drinks and rave party all night. But what is the most highlight of my travel - “I WAS ABLE TO WORSHIP AGAIN THE SUNSET” after six months of continuous working for a living.

Sigh!!! ... While staring at the colourful sunset.. The sun talked to me “Baby, it is ok to breathe in!”

(Video : I was waiting for the sunset at Tamaraw Resort, Puerto Galera with my friend Kuya Allan)

Sobrang tagal ko na pala na di ako nakakita ng sunset” Yes, I almost forgot when was the last time I witnessed the beauty of twilight. I just realized that I roughly exposed myself too much working for a living, to the point that I felt myself imprisoned because it was my option. I was captured in a reality that I have to prioritize my work or else I have nothing to pay for my bills.

One time, I come up an idea “WHY NOT LIVE AS MINIMALIST?”- Living life in a simple way, no lavish expenses, no stress and living my life in the fullest. But still i have to think twice – pros and cons.

I felt a sudden slow pace moment and I answered “I am now ready to go back to the real world tomorrow”

I am hoping that once i'll get back to the urban zone.. everything will be OK

πŸ“ Location: White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

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