Restoran sa Aplaya: Truly Filipino Restaurant with unlimited Karaoke.

When I browsed my old pictures in Facebook, I just remember this restaurant in Rizal. I’ve been there several times maybe because the location of the Restaurant is just PHP8 away from my former university. The said place is not just a small restaurant but it is a huge place where-in you can rent the place for your special events (e.i Debut, birthday, wedding and etc).  The name of the establishment is Restoran sa Aplaya.

Restoran sa Aplaya is situated in Along Manilla East Road, Brgy Tagpos, Binangonan , Rizal. Which is 30 mins drive away from the Shaw Blvd. From Show Blvd, you can catch a jeepney (43PHP) or Van (50PHP) at the terminal in front of Starmall with the signboard of Binangonan.

What I love this place is the unlimited videoke/karaoke. Since I love to sing (as much as all Filipinos) this place is advantage for Barkadas since the Videoke is for free. The exacting part is you need to sing on the stage since there is a mini stage right in front of the whole restaurant. It is perfect for get together especially after office hour since beer and various liquors are also available here. There is a mini bar also set up adjacent to the stage.  But what I love the most is their Pancit Canton where-in it only takes 20 minutes of waiting. The taste is good and I can’t deny it that it is perfect if you order rice, and there you go A Perfect Heavy Meal.

The place is very Filipino approach especially at the back part of the entire restaurant; you can feel the nipa and bamboo atmosphere due to the materials that is being used to build the establishment. The place is relaxing because it is very native surrounded by backyard, full of green plants. And don’t worry the wash room is clean. Parking area is also wide and for free so don’t worry.

Meanwhile, let me share you some photos of my experience. I am sorry if it’s kind of blurred because I was only using camera Phone (N70 to be specific).

Physical Preparation Tips Before Traveling

Sweet Potato 
Preparation in Travel is a must for you to enjoy the most out of it. Not just preparing your belongings in your back pack or even the preparation of your itinerary. But the most important is you. You need to be physically prepared.

For you to Travel efficiently you should pay attention to your physical aspect. You need to strengthen your immunity system for you to avoid getting sick during your travel. By that, you can quickly decide or attentively think during fortuitous events while traveling.

 Getting sick during travel is a big no no.  You will not enjoy your travel, and it is dangerous to rove alone during your illness moment.  Let me share you guys my tip how I prepared myself physically.

I worked graveyard and it is very difficult for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But since I want to become a travel blogger, I need to prepare my physical aspect prior on doing my dream. I don’t wanna risk myself to any battlefield without readiness.

Here are my Top 5 Physical Preparation Tips.

Chicken Breast w/o salt
1. Stop Smoking and Drinking.

I personally stopped from being a chain smoker.  Since my job is night shift I need to be alive as much as possible. So therefore, Cigarette is the answer of my problem up until; I always suffered from difficulty of breathing resulting asthma.

Same as drinking, I drink a lot after my shift so that I can sleep right away. Up until, I can’t go to work and I always woke up late, that leads me to multiple disciplinary actions. So I also stopped coz I always got sick.

Beef w/o salt
2. Sleep deeply At least 8 Hours.

Very deep sleeping is a big factor for us to get a strong immune system. And that’s the thing that I’m not able to achieve since I sleep during daytime. The Quality of my sleep during day is very different from sleeping at night. There are factors, like the hot atmosphere, the noisy surroundings and the light from the sun. What I did, I rented a room where I am currently staying. It is a dark and silent room during daytime.

3. Exercise Daily / Go to Gym Regularly.
I also enrolled in a Gym, and I have an exercise program for weight gain. Since I have an ectomorph body, my trainer gave me an intense exercise two hours daily.

I gained weight dramatically in just 2 months of spontaneous exercise.

Whey Protein 
4. Eat/Consume Foods and Drinks which are high Protein.

After my intense wok, I took 500 mg of protein daily (whey protein and foods) because it is the best substance for increasing strength and building muscle. Remember that in travelling, you keep moving from one point to another point so to improve your strength will help you to become an affective traveler.

Our main goal here is to avoid getting sick before the day of your travel and Protein is a  Major component of the immune system, and is used to make enzymes, which facilitate every reaction that goes on in the body.

5. Take Food Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals.

Other Supplements
I admit that I ate foods which are not nutritious, especially if you came from a stressful job. The tendency is you feed yourself to satisfy but not with balance diet. This is very alarming; I was hospitalized due to kidney stone. The said stone was due to uric acid that came from eating high uric acid foods.

In the same manner, I always got sick due to low immune system, so taking Food Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals is the best alternative way for us to avoid illnesses.

Being healthy before travelling will helps you to become a tactful traveler. And you need to be healthy as well after the travel because that will be the time that you need now to write your articles. Writing articles, you need to be clever for us to come up a good write ups.  And how can you perform the task if you are not feeling well?

I hope that with my simple few tips and experiences, it will help you a lot.

Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines

Thanksgiving by merely offer a small prayer of thanks to the Lord and celebrate with a feast and without official date and month thats how Fililipino practice "Thanks Giving" or simply Pasasalamat (Photo from Wikipedia)
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We observed the holidays during November like the All Saint’s Day (Nov.1) and All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2), and Bonifacio Day (Nov.30), but if you are working in an American company particularly in the BPO sector, for every fourth Thursday in November they observed and celebrated Happy Thanksgiving Day which some companies will declare a non-working Holiday since most of the people living in the United States celebrate annually the most important holiday ever since the first colonist from Europe landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts during the 17th Century.

 In the Philippines, American expatriates will make preparation in celebrating the most important holiday of the year and will flock to the groceries where Turkey the main feast is available in every cold storage and even recipes for Apple Pie, Pumpkin soup and other American dishes is also available.  Filipinos living in the United States also celebrate Thanksgiving Day and relatives from all over State will visit their family and friends and feast to the most important day of November.
Sculptures at Fort Bonifacio  Taguig b y Ferdinand R. Cacnio as form of “Pasasalamat” (Photo byAmado L. Castro, Jr.)
But there is one question in mind,  Do we Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines and how?  Yes we do celebrate Happy Thanksgiving, but in a different setting.  Unlike in the United States, that has a certain date and month and declared a National holiday, in Filipino tradition we celebrate Thanksgiving by merely offer a small prayer of thanks to the Lord and celebrate with a feast and without official date and month.  If you are one of the elites in the society will celebrate with the Lechon Baka or Lechon de Leche as the main feast, but for simple celebration any feast that is acceptable as long we offer our thanks to our significant accomplishments.

We celebrate thanksgiving by means of having surpassed an ordeal and other important events such as: 

 1) Graduation not only in colleges, but also in High School elementary and even preparatory, since it is the most important occasion not only for the child who graduated and finish his or her studies, but for the parent’s hardship of sacrificing their lives no matter what manner of job they have to inflict to as long as their children finish their studies and move to a better future.

2)  Passing the Board or Bar Exams is another achievement to only few who succeeded in obtaining a license and will take a Hippocratic Oath (not Hypocrisy Oath to some professions) and will have the most grandiose celebration and will invite all the members of the barangay for this egoistical event, while others will just offer prayers and donate wheelchairs to the one who needed the most. 
Photo by Dave Donovan
3) Company Promotions sometimes is just more of a shallow approach of ‘I’m here you’re down there,” we do not know what manner or the cause of his or her promotion but sometime they feel like celebrating not through feast but through gimmicks and blowouts.  

4)  Success in business is particularly that the Boss or the Manager will treat his or her subordinates a small feast like ordering a pizza and if glamorous will call catering services and of course prayers were also included in the program.
OFW Homecoming (photo by Aileen Adalid)
5)  Homecoming is most important especially to the love ones who is working abroad. Or Manny Paquiao Homecoming and Meagan Young Homecoming

6)  Having a new car was really something for the middle or working class Filipinos, because owing a brand new car is not a common trait to the Filipinos because of the socio-economic issues in the Philippines. Whether is a company issued and purchased by the hard-working individual, we tend to celebrate by presenting the new car to the priest to be blessed and go out and celebrating.

A native Filipino harvesting
 (photo by
7)  Harvest time, farmers in the rural Philippines whenever they made a bountiful harvest, most of the communities will share what they can offer in the table and the whole community will start celebrating with a prayer and bountiful feast.

If you notice that Filipinos no matter what type of event, they often start the celebration with a prayer of thanks, which is a genuine trait of every hard working Filipinos no matter what level of society he or she belongs to.  Even before the Spanish came, ancient Filipinos were not stranger for thanksgiving whenever they had a good harvest, winning a war, and of course the special day for the Datu of the tribe.

Thanksgiving will always be a part of our culture even before the Americans came and introduce a type of Thanksgiving in which Turkey and Apple Pie was introduced in islands during the American Colonial period.

Rommel Caguiat
Guest Writer
(Disclaimer: Images being used courtesy of Google. ) 

Please, for the Love of God, Manny Pacquiao is not a Messiah.

Manny Pacquiao  (Photo by Robert Ecksel)
I would like to say Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for winning against Brandon Rios last Sunday in Macao and certifying a comeback of his career.  During the match, I observed the kind of fight Manny executed against Rios, is the same old Manny Pacquiao that fought with the likes of Margarito, Hatton, and Dela Joya.  The same old fierceness and speed that makes the crowd more energetic was Manny’s trademark and it shows that pure determination and there is no room for detractors and users, just plain old South Paw Boxing, than his last two fights with Bradley and Juan Miguel Marquez is not really satisfying and it shows that Manny was on downhill performance.

It clearly states that the entire country is behind Manny Pacquiao, even in the typhoon-ravaged city of Tacloban, who made an effort to set up audiovisual and electricity, just to watch Manny Pacquiao fight because he dedicated his match to the victims of the typhoon Haiyan.  Even one of the victims watched and told reporters that Manny uplifts their spirit in spite of their homes being lost due to the storm surge of typhoon Haiyan.  It was an uplifting spirit even temporarily because, after the fight, the situation in Tacloban will return back to reality, but no matter how temporarily it is and it is not a long term basis, at least people in Tacloban and other cities ravaged by Haiyan , the people still have time to find their happiness and smiles even in the middle of the devastation.
Manny Pacquiao  Won against Brandon Rios
As I expected in yesterday’s news, the press were gaga over the victory of Manny Pacquiao, and the headlines show, “Bumangon na Si Manny, Babangon din ang Tacloban,” and “Pacquiao wins uplift the spirits of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.”  Then the over-exaggeration Qunito Henosn an uber-zealous commentator which I really hate when he starts to speak had given another over-exaggerated point that Pacquiao hesitate to knock out Rios due to his nickname of Bam Bam.  This over-zealous, false Filipino pride is taking shape again and I could see another Manny Pacquiao’s journey to the Blackest hole in the universe.
Filipinos cheer as Manny Pacquiao wins fight against Brandon Rios (photo by demotix)
Another was made by a comment of a General of the Philippine Army and said Manny Pacquiao should be given full military honors.  WHAT?!!!  What is the significance of his comeback fight and uplift the spirits of Filipino spirits?  Then they should also give full military honors to Alicia Keys that uplift the Filipino children in Villamor Air Base who were victims of typhoon Haiyan and gave crayons and coloring books.  I think we could have another case of the misconception of honoring an individual.  Manny Pacquiao made a contribution to the Philippines and it is obvious that his win uplift the spirits of the Filipinos.

Victory of Manny is Victory of Yolanda's Victim
We all know that we Filipinos are resilient in other ways, and the world already acknowledges that and certified it that we Filipino are very tactful, but Manny Pacquiao’s fight and his win is just temporary and it is not long term management against desolation and devastation, we are still a long way to go towards rebuilding and rehabilitation.  The one who must give full military honors is the volunteers who help the victims of typhoon Haiyan, the Philippine National Red Cross led by Dick Gordon, CNN’s Anderson Copper for providing us the truth, the US Marine Corp for arriving in time in helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Even the Mayor of Tacloban City Alfredo S. Romuladez, almost lost his life of not abandoning the city and try to maintain order in the middle of chaos and the National Government deliberately filed a case against the good mayor for standing up to his truth and honesty, due to the infinite wisdom of the DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and the Maleficent figure behind the DILG is none other than President B.S. Aquino III.  Well even the prisoners of Tacloban City Jail in spite of escaping the prison during the ravage of typhoon Haiyan, returned to the City Prison from their families to check if everything is fine.  Those people should be given honor or commendation for their sacrificial efforts and none expects in return for they are the models of an honest and resilient Filipino people.

Manny Pacquiao said in an interview after the fight stated that he will visit the Tacloban and other places that were ravaged by the typhoon Haiyan.  I do not know if there is a political motivation in his part because the faces behind the national fist of fury consist of the poacher Chavit Singson, Lito Atienza and to name a few.  Or he is just want to visit the people of Tacloban just to uplift their spirits.  The picture has a thousand faces to tell, but the most important is, Manny Pacquiao is sincere in his intentions and I will gladly thank Manny that his earnings will go to the proceeds of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Remember Manny Pacquiao is a hero of every Filipino people, with his dedication of hard work and determination that most Filipinos should try to emulate, not carpet riding in his success.

Philippines joy as Manny Pacquiao breaks losing
streak with win over Brandon (Photo by Mirror)
There is also one disturbing article that really gave me chills and could almost throw me out of balance upon reading this article.  “With the win, Manny could be the next President…”  I do not know if this is a bogus article or an editorial, but it really is disturbing on my part.  With just only one comeback and one win, then Manny Pacquiao is ready for the Presidency.  OMG, what a load of bull, it means that Filipinos are really immature and were really riding again in Manny Pacquiao’s Porsche,  I hope this is only a fallacy and hoax, but surely if he is pursuing this career and will win, then the Philippines is truly cursed.

Manny Pacquiao has no doubts that he is a hero, and sincerely dedicates his fight to the Filipinos especially to the victims of typhoon Haiyan (Alleged Cause of Typhoon Haiyan aka YOLANDA).  Yes he served as an inspiration to some and a beacon of hope, but he is no messiah or Pinoy Super Hero, yes we need someone to look up to like a big brother, but the most important power is not from someone but from ourselves, our inner core, that is the important source of being strong and resilient in any other way.  I’d like to say congratulations again to Manny Pacquaio and be careful this time of choosing the right people or you might knock out once again not buy a boxer but by the gloves of reality called truth.

Rommel Caguiat
Guest Writer
(Disclaimer: Images being used courtesy of Google. ) 

Throwback: Leadership Caucus in 1489 Cableway Resort , Binangonan Rizal.

When I was in college, I used to be a President of an Art Organization for one year. Handling three departments namely Visual Art Department (for paintings and sculpture), Theatre Art Department (Theatrical) and Performing Art (Sing and Dance). It was an official Art guild of the University of Rizal System in Binangonan.
Damdam Kalilimodan Art Guild Members 
At the Registration 
So since I was a President, the University sent me (together with my six members) to a leadership caucus. The said Seminar was aiming for a better leadership to all the organizations of the University. So I was lucky enough because the caucus was happened not in a four corners of the classroom, however in a Resort.
The University rented the whole resort for 24 hours seminars (in the morning) and Team Building (in the afternoon to evening).So I was able to experience the services of the resort.

So lemme give you a review towards the resort namely 1489 Cableway Resort.
1489 Cableway Resort:
According to their website, It is a family-oriented, wholesome, clean and safe place for relaxation and gathering. This simple resort prides itself with its courteous and friendly staff.

1489 Cableway Resort was started as a vision. To develop a place that will cater to families opting to have a bonding time since the owner of the place values family ties. That is why “FAMILY-ORIENTED RESORT” is on top of its description. The resort is trying its best to have a wholesome environment by placing measures that will aid in its goal. The employees and staffs will see to it that your resort will always be clean. The lifeguards are in charge of the cleanliness of the swimming pool and to keep you reminded of the swimming safety measures of the resort.

1489 Cableway Resort. Pools and Pavilion. From simple family gatherings to momentous weddings. They have a place for you. Be it on our well maintained swimming pool waters or air-conditioned pavilion.

How to get in to 1489 Cableway Resort?
It is Located at the heart of Calumpang, Binangonan Rizal. From the metropolis (Shaw Blvd is the terminal), take a jeepney with signboard Binangonan (PHP45). Ask the driver if it is Binangonan Bayan or Binangonan Hiway, you need to choose Binangonan Bayan Jeepney because it will pass through right at the resort. But is you take Binangonan Hiway Jeepneys (which is also had a signboard of Tanay,Cardona, Morong), you need to drop off at Binangonan Municipal hall to ride a tricycle going to Calumpang amounting PHP9.

Reviews:(Pictures used below are owned by 1489 Cableway Resort)
Kiddie Pool with Fountain
Kiddie Pool is very simple and clean. It is appropriate for parents which concerned is the safety and security for their kids. With those fountains

Mainpool with Slide

The large pool is also safe since the deepest part of the pool measures 5ft only. The pool is clean provided with its clear and crystal water. The pool comes with a huge slide that will surely add an enjoyment of your swimming.

Private Pool

Private pool is also clean due to the fact that they only offer the pool to those who are VIP people only.

Open Cottages.
Electric supplies Socket are available in all cottages. I knew that is the first question of all guests who are only availing the cottages. The materials used on the cottages are bamboo and nipa so surely it is visually cool.

Family Room
The family room is just an ordinary room, nothing special.

Air-conditioned Pavilion.
This is the best place for you to celebrate such as wedding and debut because the Pavillion hall is very spacious. It is also elegant and perfect for seminars. The Resort also offers Sound System for your event and designs suitable for the event

Videoke Hall.
Since Filipinos love to sing, Videooke is also offered for free. It is located adjacent to the main pool. This is my favorite place of the night because I kept on singing that night.

Children’s Playground
This is a perfect place for your children because of the colorful TOYHOUSE. But for me the reason why I love this spot because of the garden, it is perfect for picture taking.

Parking Lot
Parking lot is provided also free for all guests who owned a car. It is located right at the entrance.

Phone Number  2893964


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