The Silent and Placid Panglao Island During Night.

In Panglao Island Province of Bohol, is generally associated with very white powered sand. It is very pristine beach perfect for summer getaway. There are several other pricey resorts scattered along the coastal strip surrounding this mostly flat island, which is separated from Bohol by a narrow channel. There are also affordable beaches where-in you can only rent a Nipa-Hut for an affordable amount.

During sunset you can witness the dramatic change of orange sky which is very exquisite.

Moreover, Panglao Island during night is very silent, placid and perfect for relaxation. The Island’s nightlife is perfect for couple because of its romantic atmosphere. The calmness of the surroundings is very soothing.

In Dumaloan Beach Resort, aside from the waves that will serenade you, you can only hear the music from an acoustic band in one of the Bars along the beach. This Island is very diffrent from Boracay in Aklan. Boracay is very lively at night but with Panglao it is very tame environment.

But when we were at the Island, what we did was group jamming at the beach shore since I brought my guitar. The group decided to sleep at the shoreline, yes! Without tent and the only beddings we set up was the blanket that we got from our room. We slept entire night outside and luckily when we woke up, our cell phones and cameras were still there. Wow! Walang Magnanakaw!

The best thing about this place at night was the light from the hotels. It was very visually pleasant.

While the Team was jamming, the cottage adjacent to the area we were located someone asked if they can join us and i was able to video their sample talents

πŸ“ Location: Panglao Island, Philippines

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