Bayanihan and Resiliency: An Appeal to a Strong Humane Filipino Spirit

 Body scattered anywhere  Photo by EPA/Francis Malasig
Volunteers showcase the meaning of Bayanihan
(photo by Danny Pata)
When I watched the live coverage of the Typhoon Haiyan in CNN, my heart was completely disheartened when I saw the devastation made by the ravaging storm which is the strongest ever recorded in the history of our planet.  Thousands of homes were gone, a lot of people were in despair searching for their lost love ones, and children were all frightened and crying when they recall the story of their home was being swept by the rampaging floods.  I have seen all the past destruction made by past typhoons, the recent earthquake or even volcanic eruptions, but the devastation of the cities in the Visayas made by Typhoon Haiyan this past weekend, was different experience for me because I was shaken by the sight of the wide spread destruction, the people who still searching for hope of finding their lost loved ones no matter what state of being they are in, looters were all rampant on all groceries and convenient stores just to feed themselves and their loved ones.
Rescuers in Coron, Palawan Caries the Victim's body of super typhoon Yolanda (photo by Lowell Stafa)

US Marines stack gear onto a pallet during preparations for disaster relief for the Philippines at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan ( (photo by
However in spite of all the devastation and desolation, there still hope in the faces of the people and still believe that they could move on as what they did the last typhoon even they witness and experiences the most destructive typhoon of this year.  Even Bayanihan still lingers not only for the Filipinos but also for foreigner also exist in their humane aspects.  A CNN foreign correspondents and his crew help a nearby desperate family who are desperately trying to get out because the flood waters were rapidly increasing and will reach the top level in no time.  Also according to the foreign journalist, the looting is not like the other with violence and gunshots but people share their loots to nearby folks especially for the elderly.  In spite of all the destruction the people still show their humane spirit and their civility towards fellow men.

The Philippines were already experienced a tantamount of disasters man made or by nature.  Since our country experienced the terrible devastation and inhumane violence during World War II, the people at that time learned to move on and rebuild the city out of ruins.  We have witness volcanic eruptions including the 1991 Pinatubo Eruptions, in which the entire island of Luzon covered in darkness for many hours and rained ashes throughout the day, but we still manage to clean our roofs and our surroundings.  Earthquakes also gave us a shaken experience during the past centuries and past decade until recently in Central Visayas, the old Spanish built churches in Bohol and Cebu were completely in ruins which the rich old Heritage and Culture all vanish by the October Earthquake, but we still hoping to rebuild and restore the old facade and the rich heritage and culture of the past.

Typhoon Ondoy (Photo Courtesy of Michael D. Sellers)
Who could forget the past floods made by the typhoons Ondoy, Haikui and Maring, which the entire metropolis were flooded from a knee deep to a neck deep flood level , people are suffering from this disaster but other able people sacrificing their lives just to save a complete stranger.  Every year typhoons and storms always ravaged the Philippine especially through rainy seasons caused a lot of landslides in the mountainous areas and deadly flashfloods that cost the lives of every innocent people every year, then came the Typhoon Haiyan, it was formed a Super Typhoon with a wind velocity up to 315 km/h which is the strongest tropical cyclone to make a landfall on record and the Philippine Government made preparations to minimize the disaster however, the velocity of the storm is so intense that cause devastation in Eastern Visayas with an estimated 10,000 people may have died.  Yes we have indeed used to tropical storms rampage but we have never face this so much ferocity in our lifetime.  Most of the people especially in Tacloban who survived the rampage in spite of their lost loved ones still continue to move and find better ways to find food, shelter and clean water.  Most of them appeal for help and rebuild their homes and never gave up in searching for their lost love ones.

Every year we shown to the world that how resilient our people were in the face of disaster, however with the recent disaster made by the typhoon Haiyan, the whole world have now credited and acknowledge the Filipino people that we are the most resilient being in the face of the planet.  Even the spirit of Bayanihan is not only shown by the Filipino people during the disaster, but also by foreigners who are visiting the Philippines at that time.  Like Jonathan Fitzpatrick a 23 year old from Britain who kicked down the hotel doors to help children and adults escape to safety.  Even United States President Barrack Obama acknowledge the spirit and resiliency of the Filipino people and even mention the word Bayanihan, in his message of condolences and sympathies to entire Filipino people.

The Super Storm Typhoon Haiyan did not only brought devastation and desolation, but it was also not only gave the Philippines and the entire people to unite in one cause to help our countrymen to recover from this disaster, but also the entire world, like Pope Francis and other world leaders, celebrities and activists, have laid down their differences and stand united just to help our countrymen to recover and to give cheers in the faces of the Filipino people especially the children.  The impact of the disaster have proven in fact that the world can be as one and united in one heart.

Rommel Caguiat
Guest Writer
(Disclaimer: Images being used courtesy of Google. ) 

What is Bayanihan Spirit? See Pictures Below
(Michael D. Sellers Photos)

This Video is originally made by various singers for Haiti. Recreated by Kevin Ayson , who says: "This video is edited as a simple way to give thanks to all the nations who are helping the Philippines"
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