Boracay not Bora: The Paradise Island and a Playground for Beach Lover.

Boracay is a topical island located in Malay,Aklan. It is a Beach Capital of the Philippines due its powder white beaches and crystal blue water wherein it leads to become a famous gateway worldwide. The healthy marine life under the seas, tropical palm and flowering plants, and the fresh air are few assets of the Island.

What is Boracay?

April of 2012, when I first visited the Island, I was very excited at last I can now wander the number one Tropical Island of the country. Boracay is famous tourist spot for popular and well-known people; in fact it is popular playground to those who can really afford like celebrities and businessmen. As an ordinary wanderer who allocates and saves for this travel, it is really glorifying to experience the Island.   

Boracay came from old local word bora which means bubbles and bocay for white, associated with the Atis' or Aeta amazement at the resemblance of the white sand to water bubbles.

How to get there?
There are two airports located near to the island of Boracay. 
                       • Caticlan or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport
                         • Kalibo International Airport

My Top 10 memorable picks in Boracay Island.

1. Walking from Station 3 to Station 1.                       I met a local, he worked at Mang Inasal . He toured me from station 3 to station 1 by walk only. Imagine the distance we walked, we started 11AM and we finished 1PM. For the span of 2 hours I was able to take pictures of the long shoreline on the said Island in different angles. We were only walking topless and only wearing sunglasses the whole time. I really enjoyed the heat of the sun while walking and while looking the establishments along the beachfront, I forgot the too much heat of the sun because it was totally fun. I experienced how long the Boracay Shoreline is. It is perfect for jogging with your golden retriever.

2. Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancer (Click here Upclose and Personal)
With their sexy curves and toned muscles, it really captures your attention. With the burning fire and the beat of the music, it is very entertaining to watch this group of fire dancer in Boracay performing every night for the tourists at the beachfront. It is for free since the show is just right at the open area of the beach. You can also take pictures with the dancers right after their routines, you just give a certain amount for donation to the baskets.

3. Island Hopping

Island Hopping in Boracay is very fun to do with your friends. We rented a motored boat to tour around the Island.  It was pleasurable while we were sailing, we met a lot of locals and foreign tourists in their boats across the sea that were waiving their hands towards us and we did the same. Along the way, we were able to witness the various water sports like jetskie and many more.

In addition, indescribable feeling while glancing the white beach from a different point of view which was from our motored boat. You will appreciate the beauty of the entire island. 

4. Rave Culture during night. (Click here )
Have you been to rave and overnight wild parties? In Boracay you will notice those party-goers who don't get tired dancing all night. Will maybe if you are too tame and not too observant you won’t notice that. But it was my true experience at Epic Bar and Juice Bar; I was approached by someone offering me a colored pill that came with symbols and designs stamped on it. You knew what I mean.

In the Island, the local drug authority has classified the island as one of the areas where drugs, including Ecstasy, is available to tourists and locals alike. As long as you know the right person to approach discreetly, you will be able to experience it here. However, since it is an illegal drug therefore it is a crime. Moreover, raves are only common during weekends and super peak season. 

5. Boracay Pasalubong in Talipapa.

The pasalubong I bought were brinted Shirts, bracelet and what I loved the most was the Paper Weigh made of shell where-in inside there were lot of small shells and marine products being designed. I got it for PHP50 only. 

6. Buko Juice in the Middle of the sea.

During our Island hopping, I was surprised when I saw a Buko Juice Vendor right in the middle of the sea sailing and selling.  

7. Meeting Tourists and Locals

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I met different people during my stay in the Island. Tourists and locals, I was able to mingle with them. I spoke one of locals who worked as a supervisor in a hotel. I won’t forget his statement saying “ Para sa akin di ako naniniwala sa Love between a tourist and local inhabitant” he said.

The place is very perfect and romantic for the visitors, the tendency is you will get tempted to meet anyone in the Island and you thought that everything is perfect for a relationship. But the truth is, you are just looking someone half of you especially if you are on vacation by yourself. That is the nature of this Island, for one night spectacular only.

I also met a foreigner in a disco, and he told me that he is with her wife and he met his wife in Boracay few years ago and they are now married.

I met various people with various story. Some are dramatic approach some are not
8. White Beaches.
The four kilometers long white beaches and about a hundred meters at its widest point. The pristine Beach is perfect for relaxation. Beach front in each station reflects on how enjoyable to stay there.

                    • Station 1. – Very Silent and Elegant place. If you are staying in Station 1 you were labeled as socially inclined individual because the place is very expensive and high class services offered. 
                   • Station 2- Partyphiles place and crowded. It is very lively place, lot of events from various companies are happening (for promotions) within this proximity. If you are looking for affordable party places and restaurants, Station 2 is perfect for you. Pang MASA is the Approach. 
                    • Station 3. Hotels and Establishments. Station 2 is more like a combination of the atmosphere of Station 1 and 2 

9. Volleyball until Sun burn

For those who love to get naturally tanned and just want to spend the day basking in warm sunshine, Boracay Beaches have the perfect places for you. You can do yoga, massage, dragon boat and any adventure under the heat of the sun. Sunbathing and just enjoying a cool drink is just one of best thing you need to do during at night.

For me, what I loved the most was playing volleyball 12NN up to 1PM. Yes, I played it with my friends, we only have a bottle of water aside, and every time we felt the sun burn we just dive towards the sea water.  

10.  Aglipay- 

We usually called AGLIPAY if we see a Filipina (woman or gays) with their foreigner partner.  We come up the term AGLIPAY simply UGLY PINAY. It was just a common joke nothing serious.  I don’t wanna say something about it, baka mabomba ako ng mga AGLIPAY haha. 

πŸ“ Location: Boracay Island, Malay, Philippines

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