Physical Preparation Tips Before Traveling

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Preparation in Travel is a must for you to enjoy the most out of it. Not just preparing your belongings in your back pack or even the preparation of your itinerary. But the most important is you. You need to be physically prepared.

For you to Travel efficiently you should pay attention to your physical aspect. You need to strengthen your immunity system for you to avoid getting sick during your travel. By that, you can quickly decide or attentively think during fortuitous events while traveling.

 Getting sick during travel is a big no no.  You will not enjoy your travel, and it is dangerous to rove alone during your illness moment.  Let me share you guys my tip how I prepared myself physically.

I worked graveyard and it is very difficult for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But since I want to become a travel blogger, I need to prepare my physical aspect prior on doing my dream. I don’t wanna risk myself to any battlefield without readiness.

Here are my Top 5 Physical Preparation Tips.

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1. Stop Smoking and Drinking.

I personally stopped from being a chain smoker.  Since my job is night shift I need to be alive as much as possible. So therefore, Cigarette is the answer of my problem up until; I always suffered from difficulty of breathing resulting asthma.

Same as drinking, I drink a lot after my shift so that I can sleep right away. Up until, I can’t go to work and I always woke up late, that leads me to multiple disciplinary actions. So I also stopped coz I always got sick.

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2. Sleep deeply At least 8 Hours.

Very deep sleeping is a big factor for us to get a strong immune system. And that’s the thing that I’m not able to achieve since I sleep during daytime. The Quality of my sleep during day is very different from sleeping at night. There are factors, like the hot atmosphere, the noisy surroundings and the light from the sun. What I did, I rented a room where I am currently staying. It is a dark and silent room during daytime.

3. Exercise Daily / Go to Gym Regularly.
I also enrolled in a Gym, and I have an exercise program for weight gain. Since I have an ectomorph body, my trainer gave me an intense exercise two hours daily.

I gained weight dramatically in just 2 months of spontaneous exercise.

Whey Protein 
4. Eat/Consume Foods and Drinks which are high Protein.

After my intense wok, I took 500 mg of protein daily (whey protein and foods) because it is the best substance for increasing strength and building muscle. Remember that in travelling, you keep moving from one point to another point so to improve your strength will help you to become an affective traveler.

Our main goal here is to avoid getting sick before the day of your travel and Protein is a  Major component of the immune system, and is used to make enzymes, which facilitate every reaction that goes on in the body.

5. Take Food Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals.

Other Supplements
I admit that I ate foods which are not nutritious, especially if you came from a stressful job. The tendency is you feed yourself to satisfy but not with balance diet. This is very alarming; I was hospitalized due to kidney stone. The said stone was due to uric acid that came from eating high uric acid foods.

In the same manner, I always got sick due to low immune system, so taking Food Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals is the best alternative way for us to avoid illnesses.

Being healthy before travelling will helps you to become a tactful traveler. And you need to be healthy as well after the travel because that will be the time that you need now to write your articles. Writing articles, you need to be clever for us to come up a good write ups.  And how can you perform the task if you are not feeling well?

I hope that with my simple few tips and experiences, it will help you a lot.


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