Restoran sa Aplaya: Truly Filipino Restaurant with unlimited Karaoke.

When I browsed my old pictures in Facebook, I just remember this restaurant in Rizal. I’ve been there several times maybe because the location of the Restaurant is just PHP8 away from my former university. The said place is not just a small restaurant but it is a huge place where-in you can rent the place for your special events (e.i Debut, birthday, wedding and etc).  The name of the establishment is Restoran sa Aplaya.

Restoran sa Aplaya is situated in Along Manilla East Road, Brgy Tagpos, Binangonan , Rizal. Which is 30 mins drive away from the Shaw Blvd. From Show Blvd, you can catch a jeepney (43PHP) or Van (50PHP) at the terminal in front of Starmall with the signboard of Binangonan.

What I love this place is the unlimited videoke/karaoke. Since I love to sing (as much as all Filipinos) this place is advantage for Barkadas since the Videoke is for free. The exacting part is you need to sing on the stage since there is a mini stage right in front of the whole restaurant. It is perfect for get together especially after office hour since beer and various liquors are also available here. There is a mini bar also set up adjacent to the stage.  But what I love the most is their Pancit Canton where-in it only takes 20 minutes of waiting. The taste is good and I can’t deny it that it is perfect if you order rice, and there you go A Perfect Heavy Meal.

The place is very Filipino approach especially at the back part of the entire restaurant; you can feel the nipa and bamboo atmosphere due to the materials that is being used to build the establishment. The place is relaxing because it is very native surrounded by backyard, full of green plants. And don’t worry the wash room is clean. Parking area is also wide and for free so don’t worry.

Meanwhile, let me share you some photos of my experience. I am sorry if it’s kind of blurred because I was only using camera Phone (N70 to be specific).


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