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12 July 2019

πŸ”Š Review and Unboxing of Treeone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter And Receiver.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

In this vlog, I will be unboxing my newly purchased Treeone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter And Receiver from Lazada Philippines. The said gadget is advisable if you have old speakers, subwoofer or alike that are not Bluetooth-ready. 

Just like me, I have an old speaker and subwoofer that I've been using for almost 8 years now. I opted to just buy this item so that my old speaker and subwoofer will be capable of connecting my gadgets with our using wire. It would be easier now in my end since I will no longer keep on pulling and inserting the audio jack every time I used my gadgets. 

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I had multiple bad experiences with Lazada in my previous purchases, Remember my vlog about  "πŸ›‘ Proof : Lazada Philippines Selling Returned Item." ; yesterday, I went back to Lazada App to check what item would be best for my needs and I just realized that I need a Bluetooth transmitter as an accessory on my Audio set up. From a long span of time that, I didn't order via Lazada, then yesterday I opted to take the risk to purchase again through them. 

I opted Treeone Store, I am not familiar with that store as seemingly they don't have any physical store in the City. But with the price of PHP 719, when I got the item, that was worth for the doubt.

I ordered it on July 10 and two days after, I got the product and it was delivered to my door. It was actually working and when it comes to quality, in comparison on using jack - it was almost the same.
I tried using it on my SMART TV and it was 100 percent the same as the quality when using 3.55mm jack. The same thing on my laptop, it was totally the same but when it comes on my phone which is Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the audio quality is not good. I tried to troubleshoot but it was not really working perfectly on my phone. 

The sound decrease into 50 percent, there is an echo/reverb effect and it is not crisp sound as I expected. When playing youtube, the sound breaks badly every now and then. Then I went back to my SMART TV and the quality is 100 percent best but using my phone - that was quite disappointing. And so, what I just did was I mirrored my phone through my Smart TV and used the TV audio instead to broadcast towards the Bluetooth. 

So all in all, not all gadgets are compatible with this tiny guy. In my personal experience, it only works with SMART TV and LAPTOP which delivers the best audio but not on my phone. 


Overall, for the price - it was a good buy as I was still able to use my old speakers and subwoofer. And it is now Bluetooth-ready.


08 July 2019

🀳 STOP GLAMORIZING IN SOCIAL MEDIA - Put “YOU” in Youtube, Post “SELF” in Selfie.


Dear Tansyong Lovers,

Undeniably, social media content creators nowadays are glamorizing in their post which is requisite. It is… yes… indeed requisite so that - it would be more visually appealing to you guys. I tried to emulate the trend to the point that I became fake to myself just to go with the flow. Faking statuses, fabricating positive stories and emotions – those tricks just for the so-called “likes”; but these made me sick later on.

Romanticizing everything made me crazy and it was disturbing since I can’t be consistent towards these curative posts. Social media taught me to embody a person who I was not – perfect. Tulad nito, English ako ng English pero sa loob ko, hirap na hirap na- e.g. things like that.

Pero natutunan ko na baguhin ang sarili ko. “LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS” and share it on your social media without hesitation that people might not accept it due to the fact that it isn’t the norms in social media. As long as you’re happy in yourself, the first entity that will first accept you is “YOU”.

Post your real “YOU”, don’t get scared if you commit mistake lalo na sa grammar, wag matakot Makita ang malalaki mong pores at oily mo na mukha, wag kabahan !
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Put “YOU” in youtube, Post “SELF” in Selfie.

Pasensya na at medyo madrama ang post ko na ito. Hormonal imbalance ata ito. Charot!

Salamat at patuloy parin kayo na nandiyan sa akin. Mamatay man ako sa kinauupoan ko, Mahal na mahal ko kayo.


23 June 2019

πŸ’Έ How I Budget My Monthly Income Over My Expenses.

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Hello Tansyong Lovers, sana wag niyo po masamain ang pagshare ko ng income ko at expenses ko. May mga bagay na hindi na dapat pa e-share sa social media pero kailangan ko maging transparent para naman ko kasama kayo kung saan man ako patungo  - might success or failure.

Gusto ko malaman niyo na simple lang ang pamumuhay ko at gusto ko maging totoo sa inyo at sa sarili ko. At dito ko sisimulan sa tanong "MAGKANO BA TALAGA ANG INCOME KO AT GASTOS?" bilang simpleng mang-gagawa sa Manila.

#MoneyTalk #UsapangPera #SimpleLifestyle
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27 May 2019

πŸŽ₯ What Did I Learn From Youtube Creators Camp 2019 ?


On May 25fth 2019 was actually the day that Pinoy Creators are waiting for the whole year – Youtube Creators Camp 2019. It is an annual event hosted by Youtube Philippines - benefits program that grants creators like me -e.g. access to new benefits, resources, and events as your subscriber number grows.

The last year 2019, I was not invited but fortunately this year, I was given a chance to register and be part of this –somewhat, event that motivates creators like me to keep going. It was held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas located at Belle Ave, Paranaque, Metro Manila adjacent to City of Dreams.

The event was a whole day full of activities and of course numerous Pinoy Creators from small to huge subs count together.

Watch the video below:

It was a tiring day, I must say but seems that workshop – it helps me to understand how to handle burn out especially in creating contents. Being a Youtuber nowadays became a number game, meaning; the success is being measured by numbers which lead to creator became pressured to produce contents. With that being said, creators might forget to enjoy such passion and it will become work which eventually you’ll give up especially if you noticed that you’re not mathematically growing in a short span of time.

And I am guilty on it….

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Meanwhile, the next day May 26 was the day for the fans – so-called Youtube Fanfest 2019. FanFest takes YouTube's biggest stars from screens to live stages all over the world and celebrates the freedom to be heard, to be in the know, to be what’s next, and to belong. Simply, it is a concert for big Youtubers and a chance to all fans to watch their idols on stage. 

This year it was held at SM MOA Arena, Pasay City.

Watch the video below:

I attended as my friend Brains Techknowlogy invited me as he was part of it. Honestly, I am not a big fan of attending Youtube Fanfest and in fact, that was my first time to join such fanfest.

Watch my LIVE Experience:

Watch the whole show courtesy of YoutubeFanfest Channel.

15 May 2019



In this #vlog , susubukan nating i-prank si Princess na forclosure na ang aking condo dahil di ko na kayang bayaran. Mangungutang ako ng pera sa kanya at titingnan natin kung papauntangin ba ako. 

This #prank video is inline sa mga ginagawa ng mga #PinoyYoutubers, kaya naman gagawin din natin.
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