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23 September 2018

🌄 Revisiting Chocolate Hills After 8 Years.


2011 was the last time I visited this amazing world wonder – Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Now 2018, I am now revisiting this never been faded tourist destination of Bohol.

Watch the vlog below.

William Pombo, my friend, it was actually his first time to see a Chocolate Hill aside from seeing them in the posters and in the internet. Wala pa din kupas, the fact that this tourist spot was also distracted by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, among others. Bohol tourism department was truly able to rehabilitate the area that was damaged due to the aftershocks.

There are few changes – I didn’t see the swimming pool anymore and the store on the top of the highest hill is no longer there. But other than that, everything was still maintained.
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09 September 2018

Overnight Manila Brings You The Top of the Line Properties Alternative to a Hotel.


Escaping the congested area in Manila and avoiding the stressful fast pace of life – just for one day or more, doesn’t need you to travel going to provinces. However, you can just book a short term stay-cation within the urban zone and you can feel the tranquillity that you’re looking for.

But how? Just simply book a property for stay-cation from Overnight Manila.

Overnight Manila is a highly recommended hospitality management company that provides you access from different real properties around Manila. They are visible in major platforms like Airbnb, Homeaway, TripAdvisor,and Moreover, they handled guest communications, booking and verification check. With a reasonable price, you can stay for a short span of time or so at Acqua Private Residences, Azure Urban Resort Residences, Knightsbridge Residences and etcetera. Nothing to worry about as guest can arrive anytime of the day or night and they will personally hand you the key.

In addition, if you’re a property owner and wanted your idle place to generate income without hassle, Overnight Manila will do it for you. They will market your property in a comprehensive approach by carefully listing in major booking platforms and search optimization. They will take care of your property to maintain the hotel quality standard; and they will make sure that your property is out risk from theft and vandalism by checking the rooms before the guest leaves.

This is beneficial for you, if you’re an OFW or a busy property owner who owns an unoccupied condo units and who doesn’t have sufficient time to manage and market on it.  Overnight Manila doesn’t believe in a long term contract and owners can pull out their properties anytime if you’d like to. You can even freeze the booking availability if you need to use your own unit and just resume whenever it becomes idle again.

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 RATING: ⭐⭐⭐

Meanwhile, I personally experienced how Overnight Manila handled their client. They kept in touch with me via email regarding the details of my stay. One of their employees met us at the lobby to personally welcome us. She brought us to the various amenities inside the building.


 RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

We stayed at Knightsbridge Residences located at the heart of Makati. I was honestly amazed because of the sophisticated ambiance of the place. When I arrived at the lobby, I noticed right away their security guards “like they’re all pleasing in my eyes darling!”. Inside, you can discern that the interior and architectural designs were actually inspired by United Kingdom theme. The intricate designs on the ceiling   are proof how luxurious the place is. The chandeliers are massive that give a tungsten ambiance around the place. At the hallway, artificial deer antlers are attached on the wall adjacent to the elevators door and it gives a characteristic of the place.

Heading towards to our room, I really love the hotel standard bed and the sofa-bed that can accommodate four guests. The lights are sunken on the ceiling which gives a homey feeling.  The bathroom is clean that has hot and cold shower available. Toothbrush, shampoo, soup and tissue paper are also in there - offered. It has a decent kitchen with induction cooker, rice cooker and kitchenware. Coffee, tea and chocolate drinks are also for free. The wall facing to City Hall is entirely made of glass so that you can see outside without actually doing there. Indeed, dining table with four chairs is also available.

As an online content creator, internet is really essential for me prior of booking a hotel or condo. But I was surprised how fast the internet they have as I was able to broadcast live in my Youtube Channel in 720 resolution.  If you want to stay the whole day inside, that is fine because they have Ruku TV with Netlfix and Youtube.

Watch the Live Session Below:


RATING:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Naloka ako teh! 

Numerous amenities are available based on your life style. If you’re a bookworm, then go to the library. If you have active lifestyle, then use their complete gym equipments and yoga/dance room. If you want to showcase your sexiness, then go to the swimming pool with Jacuzzi.  If you belong to Gen X and Y, then go to arcade and movie room. If you’re Millennials, then indulge their game room. Sauna, Steam room, you name it, they have it; among others.



Since it was Sunday night, unfortunately the nightlife was somewhat pale, but bars, clubs, spas and other establishments were still open. I was just expecting a more dynamic nightlife which obviously – it wasn’t. It was actually raining and that might be the reason why the bars were not that kind of vibrant. But if you stay at Knightsbridge Residences, the access to various establishments isn’t stressful as you can just walk – eg. City Century Mall and etcetera.

Undeniably, my 31st birthday stay-cation that was held at Knightsbridge Residences is one of my unforgettable moments as I was able to bond with my friends at the same time I was able to work with Overnight Manila as a social media partner.

 Overnight Manila
2/F Commercenter Alabang, Commerce Ave.
Corner East Asia Drive, FilInvest Corporate City,
Muntinlupa City.

📱 #09063903488

27 August 2018

🚢 What's Inside the ShipHaus? - Batuan, Bohol | VLOG | REVIEW & RATING


RATING: ⭐⭐⭐ 

The ShipHaus is one of Bohol's new tourist destinations, which is located along Loay Interior Road,  Poblacion Norte, Batuan. It is a spectacular simulation Hotel and tourist attraction uniquely designed like a ship, with balconies & a nautical-themed interior; thus, the name ShipHaus. It is a house owned by Capt Gaudencio Dumapias, a native from the town of Batuan who became a successful mariner.

The house was opened in late 2011 to local and foreign tourists to showcase the culture of Batuan. One can see the local weavers at work and buy their wares at the souvenir shop. Beside to the house is where the shop located at where the Mariner’s uniforms where tailored.
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Inside the ShipHaus you will find captain’s cabin, chief mate’s cabin, kitchen, mess hall and others. The workers are all dressed in sailor's uniform. And it is so fulfilling because upon entering the house, you’ll have the chance to dress like a mariner.   

At the second floor, you will experience the simulation. Heading to the third floor, there is a roof deck that resembles the front of the ship from which you can imagine looking into the endless ocean while taking some refreshments – juice or coffee. You can also buy some Bohol’s delicacies.  This place is so much fun especially to those who are dreaming of going in a cruise ship for a vacation yet in reality – it is so impossible due to its expensive price. But in ShipHaus, it emulates that feeling of being at the moment. From the beginning, where they welcome you very warmly.

ShipHaus became prominent when it was featured in a favourite TV show. Indeed, bloggers and youtubers also talk about this amazing architecture.  Local tourist guides and travel and tour agencies will be glad to bring you to Shiphaus. It takes around 2 hours travel time to Batuan from the city of Tagbilaran. If you want to go own your own, go to the integrated bus terminal in Dao and catch a bus going to Carmen. Look to your right upon entering the town of Batuan, Bohol.  Meters away from the church you will see the Shiphaus.

26 August 2018

📱 Review of Samsung S8 Plus After Seven Days Of Using

I brought my new Samsung S8 Plus in my Bohol Travel so that I can use it and review at the same time. It's been seven days when I unboxed this phone when I travelled to PATAR WHITE BEACH, BOLINAO Pangasinan. But this time, join me here in Pangalo Island, Bohol (Bohol Beach Club) as I will narrate the top10 things that I noticed on this phone.
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📱 Unboxing Samsung S8 Plus & Price In Philippines .

Hello guys I just got my new Samsung s8+ May 7,2017 . My friend William Pombo, renewed his Globe Plan and he offered me to buy the phone included in his upgraded package. The price of this "newly out" phone from Samsung is php 45,990 wherein you need to pre-order before the official releasng date.

I only got this phone - amounting to PHP 34,000 which is PHP12,000 cheaper  than its original price due to my friend's good deal.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Versus A5-2016 - Camera, 📹 Video & 📷 Photo Test 📱


  • Location - Dumaloan Beach Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol
  • Cameramen - Ransel Dahab and Alexis Neil from Bohol
  • Main Camera - Canon EOS 700D
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25 August 2018

🎥 What To Expect in Bohol's Man-Made Forest ?


I grew up in the Province of Bohol; but I’ve never been to this Man-made forest. When I was young, I only saw the beauty of this forest thru the prints of the calendars that we received during Christmas.  Undeniably, because I was young that time, I don’t have any capacity to rent a car nor travel. Unfortunately, I don’t have any resources that moment.  It is too ironic that I had a chance now to visit this place which took me 18 years to reach that dream since I left Bohol and decided to stay in Manila for good. Maybe because I have now the financial freedom to visit any places as I am already working; I never ever deleted this “Man-made Forest” in my bucket list anyway.
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Bilar Man-made Forest is a mahogany forest laying the stretch of a 2KM road located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. This forest became a tourist destination due its uniformed-planted trees which is “picture-perfect”.  Indeed, it is really amazing place for all new visitors because you can really feel the rapid change of the temperature once you get in the area. Seemingly you’re abroad because of its cold feeling, green surroundings, and wild ambiance yet the road is very well-maintained.

Noticeably, the 2KM road is essentially clean and it is understandable that there is a third-party exists who cleans the sides of the road regularly. I’m not sure if it is being maintained by Local Government Units or a Private Sector. Also, I’m not totally sure if there is enough lighting system at night which is I think – a requisite since it has crooked road.

During day time, since it became a must visit place, you expect a numerous tourist roaming around and innumerable parked- vehicles which became more challenging on how to take pictures without those. In addition to that, since it is a public road, expect that there will be buses and cars passing by every now and then which is dangerous to the tourist.

My cousins (left) Vitaliano Bastasa, (center) Rosemarie Bastasa and (left) Jonathan Orbuda.

We stayed there for only a span of 30mins to take videos and pictures and had no chance to totally indulge the place because we had to strictly follow our itinerary. But overall, I really love the place despite of having hard time to take perfect shots due to its numerous visitors and cars that defeat the purpose of a “forestry motif shot”. It was my first time to see such place anyway.

“Friend ! Ang ganda , parang nasa Twilight Movie, feeling ko vampire ako” , uttered by William Pombo, my travel buddy.

Yeah right, it reminds me even the tentacles of a giant octopus, in the “Lord of the Rings” movie while staring at the protrude roots of the trees. The place is quite mystical and might be creepy during late afternoon onwards since the dense trees and branches extremely stop the light to enter within the vicinity.

17 August 2018

🏡 How to Design Ergonomically a Condominium Unit for a Condo-Sharing Lifestyle?


As much as we can, due to an expensive lifestyle in the urban zone, we need to be tactful on how we can lessen our expenses. One of the best tipson how to cut off your monthly bills into 50 percent is to look someone who can shoulder half of your total monthly obligations.  And so, the idea of Condo-Sharing arises and became popular in Metro Manila recently.

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Condo Sharing is a course of action in accepting other parties to live with you in one dwelling, provided that all expenses must be shouldered equally by all dwellers. In this way, whoever is the owner of the property will no longer suffer towards pricey monthly obligations.
Having a roommate is like dating; sometimes successful and sometimes failure. And so you have to be careful in allowing someone to stay with you to avoid misunderstanding in the future. All parties must be informed about all the bills; there should be rules and limits that need to be strictly followed – e.g. accepting visitors.

Moreover, as a host/owner, you also have to consider the design of your condo unit – is it designed ergonomically to accommodate renters?  Or is it comfortable for all both parties. 

In this vlog, Archie Sa-onoy will share his “know-how” in designing a unit for a condo-sharing centric dwelling.  He will give us a tour inside his condo unit with a blue painted wall.

Watch the video below.

Truly, the idea of having a roommate is challenging but with Archie, he was able to practice a “since of togetherness” towards his roommate and, simultaneously decreasing his burden from his numerous monthly bills. Great Idea, isn’t it?

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