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23 June 2019

πŸ’Έ How I Budget My Monthly Income Over My Expenses.


Hello Tansyong Lovers, sana wag niyo po masamain ang pagshare ko ng income ko at expenses ko. May mga bagay na hindi na dapat pa e-share sa social media pero kailangan ko maging transparent para naman ko kasama kayo kung saan man ako patungo  - might success or failure.

Gusto ko malaman niyo na simple lang ang pamumuhay ko at gusto ko maging totoo sa inyo at sa sarili ko. At dito ko sisimulan sa tanong "MAGKANO BA TALAGA ANG INCOME KO AT GASTOS?" bilang simpleng mang-gagawa sa Manila.

#MoneyTalk #UsapangPera #SimpleLifestyle
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27 May 2019

πŸŽ₯ What Did I Learn From Youtube Creators Camp 2019 ?


On May 25fth 2019 was actually the day that Pinoy Creators are waiting for the whole year – Youtube Creators Camp 2019. It is an annual event hosted by Youtube Philippines - benefits program that grants creators like me -e.g. access to new benefits, resources, and events as your subscriber number grows.

The last year 2019, I was not invited but fortunately this year, I was given a chance to register and be part of this –somewhat, event that motivates creators like me to keep going. It was held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas located at Belle Ave, Paranaque, Metro Manila adjacent to City of Dreams.

The event was a whole day full of activities and of course numerous Pinoy Creators from small to huge subs count together.

Watch the video below:

It was a tiring day, I must say but seems that workshop – it helps me to understand how to handle burn out especially in creating contents. Being a Youtuber nowadays became a number game, meaning; the success is being measured by numbers which lead to creator became pressured to produce contents. With that being said, creators might forget to enjoy such passion and it will become work which eventually you’ll give up especially if you noticed that you’re not mathematically growing in a short span of time.

And I am guilty on it….

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Meanwhile, the next day May 26 was the day for the fans – so-called Youtube Fanfest 2019. FanFest takes YouTube's biggest stars from screens to live stages all over the world and celebrates the freedom to be heard, to be in the know, to be what’s next, and to belong. Simply, it is a concert for big Youtubers and a chance to all fans to watch their idols on stage. 

This year it was held at SM MOA Arena, Pasay City.

Watch the video below:

I attended as my friend Brains Techknowlogy invited me as he was part of it. Honestly, I am not a big fan of attending Youtube Fanfest and in fact, that was my first time to join such fanfest.

Watch my LIVE Experience:

Watch the whole show courtesy of YoutubeFanfest Channel.

15 May 2019



In this #vlog , susubukan nating i-prank si Princess na forclosure na ang aking condo dahil di ko na kayang bayaran. Mangungutang ako ng pera sa kanya at titingnan natin kung papauntangin ba ako. 

This #prank video is inline sa mga ginagawa ng mga #PinoyYoutubers, kaya naman gagawin din natin.
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27 April 2019

🏠 As Young Professional, Which One is Better - Condo within Metro Manila or House and Lot in Nearby Provinces.

Hello Tansyong Lovers, in this sit-down #Vlog I'll be discussing a Comparative Analysis as a Young Professional’s Point of View - on which one to invest as your dwelling; buying Condominium Unit within Metro Manila or House and Lot in nearby Provinces. If you’re still undecided on which one to acquire, and particularly if you’re within the ages of 24 - 34, working class and with a fast pacing lifestyle, then better consider watching this video.

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 πŸ’Έ1. Total Cost Price (TCP) 

Before I finally decided to get a condo unit, I’ve been thinking this multiple times. Condo within the Urban Zone in Metro Manila is pretty expensive in comparison to the houses and lots in nearby surrounding provinces e.g Cavite, Bulacan, and Rizal.

 πŸ“ 2. Location of Work.
However, my workplace is in Taguig City, which is very impossible for me to travel from the province towards my office every day. It would be exhausting and stressful. In addition, my fare would be higher if ever I have to take a public vehicle.

 πŸ’± 3. Return of Investment (ROI)  

Return of Investment, in this case, is not monetary. I am pertaining to the “value of the property that I am paying every month”. If I am getting a house and lot, the tendency is – I still have to rent an apartment just to cut off my commute time. Indeed, my property will be idle and my monthly amortization won’t be indulged yet my “house and lot” is continuously depreciating. Unlike if I’m going to opt a condo; my monthly amortization might higher but the important is – I am able to use the property.

  ✍️ 4. Ownership 

Having a condo is not a lifetime. There is a law in the Philippines the so-called “50 Years Ownership Act”, wherein if the whole condominium building isn’t in good rigidness anymore, then this will be demolished. Since you only have the title of the unit solely and not on the land, it is impossible for you to claim your property. But I imagine – I won’t stay in my unit during my retirement. Maybe that time, I might have another property in the province for my retirement.

🍹 5. Lifestyle.

Moreover, my lifestyle is truly fast-pacing. How can I get a job in a timely manner if I reside outside Manila? I might get a job but not as urgent as someone who is actually living in the Urban Zone where the opportunities are achievable.

 πŸ”‘6. Accessibility.

If I am living in outside Manila, it would be difficult for me to go to the huge malls whenever I want.

πŸ’°7. Expenses

The cost of living in the Urban Zone might quite higher than living in the province. But my source of income is located in the City. I would sacrifice a small expense rather than not getting a well-paid job.

πŸš— 8. Parking Fee

Getting a car is a liability for me especially in the City where we experience scarcity of parking area. You always spend whenever you park your car but what about the gas and toll fee if you’re traveling every day to your house outside Manila.

🐢 9. Pet and Plants.
Getting Pets and Plants inside the condo is quite challenging especially if the “Management” prohibits it. But with your fast –pacing lifestyle, I am not sure if you still need to get a PET and Plant which need special attention.

πŸ”’10. Security.


Undeniably, my viewpoint might not suitable for all my audiences as we have different priorities and plan. But I am giving you my suggestions as Jonathan Orbuda, who always being asked multiple times on such question "BAKIT DI KA KUMUHA NG BAHAY AT LUPA"?

22 April 2019

πŸ“Ή Backstage Scene During My Tina Turner Challenge.

Not all the people watching the event are allowed to go backstage. And so, in this Vlog episode I will bring you to the real scenario behind the vibrant lights and audible applauses - BACKSTAGE.
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08 April 2019

πŸ˜‹ My Personal Top of the Line - Food Choices.

Hello Guys!

Gutom na ba kayo? Well, mas gugutomin ko kayo. In this food blog that I am sharing you is one of my favorites.  So savory kaya naman sisimulan ko na.

1. Salted Egg with Tomatoes. 

2. Grilled Tuna.

3. Boodle Fight Type of Eating. 

4. Fern Salad

5. Fishilog

6. Tan-tan men with Giosa.

7. Greek Foods at  Cyma Greek Taverna Shangrila Plaza, Mandaluyong City

22 March 2019

πŸŽ™FINAL EPISODE: I Don't Pay For Love But I Pay For Enjoyment.


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“I don’t pay for love but I pay for enjoyment,” said Bb. Melanie. She is the blogger behind of the most visited “Todo sa Bongga” blog site. Jonathan Orbuda interviewed her impromptu, during the Blogapalooza at One Esplanade, SM Mall of Asia.

In this episode, she narrates how she experienced such discrimination because of her gender expression (crossdresser).

πŸ—“️ FINAL EPISODE This SATURDAY 11PM Philippine Time.

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17 March 2019

πŸ”΄ LIVE - First Time Ko Mag LIVESTREAM Using Webcam sa Laptop.

Hello guys! Live po tayo ngayon. Today I am using my built-in webcam sa laptop ko - first time. We are going to talk about my demonetization , update abut Princess and how to control cockroaches.

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