๐Ÿš‘ Rushing Myself To St. Lukes Medical Center BGC Due To Acute Tonsilitis.

This a recorded raw video for my blog update..I am currently in St. Lukes Medical Center due acute tonsilitis that leads me to inability to swallow foods and water - dehydration. I also suffered high fever-39.5 degree cel. And i felt extreme dizziness and weakness. This is my first upload update.
July 8, 2016 Monday, I ate an ice cream thingy from a fast food resto.

2AM Tuesday July 9, 2016 was my scheduled work technically. Medyo iba na ang pakiramdam ko. I had this fever inside and I can no longer understand my feeling and still I was able to work then. But when later shift 11AM Tuesday when I was about to go home, I decided to rush myself to St Lukes Medical Center. My fever was too high - 40 – and the emergency room Doctor injected me a paracetamol . They also ran a complete blood test and I was diagnosed of having an acute tonsillitis. They sent me home with medications.

 I already decided not to go to work and just rest the entire time. But unluckily the infection in my tonsil went extreme and I can no longer take my meds nor swallow any water. My fever also went up high and I can feel that I need to rush myself back to the hospital.

July 10, 2016 5AM - Confinement was advised to avoid dehydration and to monitor also the infection because possible organism is Streptococcus spp. And they have to culture it to determine the right cure.
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