Foodtrip Under Boni MRT Station, Mandaluyong City. VLOG Episode 4

Another food trip with Belle and Mel. We decided to eat under Boni MRT station wherein food stores are vast to choose from.

Boni MRT Station, also called Boni Avenue MRT Station, is a station on the Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 3 (MRT-3). It is the eighth station for trains headed to Taft Avenue and the sixth station for trains headed to North Avenue. It has several restaurants and shops that surround the station, including a public market located across the train station.

Indeed, this public market is a must visit place due to its various foods available that are affordable. In the vicinity, there are wide array of eateries which make the place congested. In fact, the residents of the surrounding condominium and the commuters of Buses or trains are the major target market of the food sellers. Since BONI MRT station is the centre point of Boni Avenue, Pioneer St and Edsa , it is impossible for the food stores to get  low sales.

From street foods like Kikiam, squid balls, and bituka to Lutong-Bahay like adobo and rice, you name it – it is all in here.

Watch My VLOG Episode 4, together with Belle Pueyo and Mellisa Perilla, as we are going to have an exciting food trip under BONI MRT Station.

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