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07 June 2013

Quick Interview with Ramon Mon Tulfo, Jr. at Pristine Beach, Puerto Princesa City.


The Pillar Publication Staffers with Mon Tulfo (Wearing Blue)
Unexpectedly, Together with the Pillar Publication Writers, while we were enjoying the low tide and the wide shore of pristine beach in Puerto Princesa City, we met Mon Tulfo.

Ramon "Mon" Tulfo, Jr. (born November 19, 1946) is a famous TV host, sound radio broadcaster and fierce columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He is also the main character of a March 6, 2012 Airport Controversy, when a fighting scene video clip became viral online including two celebrities; Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. Mon is a well-known dreadful and respected journalist and a bother of Raffy, Erwin and Ben   Tulfo who are popular Journalists as well.

Mon Tulfo is a nature lover, he loves scuba diving. Not surpringly, Pristine beach is one of the entry points of Palawan’s Coral reefs divers in Palawan. Luckily, on the same day that we were in Pristine Beach was also the same day that he will be diving.

The Team are Excited to meet Mr. Mon Tulfo
Most likely, that was around 2PM, we were having fun when  a small speed-boat docked, so everyone were running ahead to the boat, took some pictures and the other went inside to experience. We had a short conversation with the driver of the boat and he mentioned that he was waiting for Mon Tulfo, as they will cruise to the mid sea for Scuba diving for an amount of PHP15,000 So, as true-blooded writers, everyone is excited to meet one of our idols in the same battlefield of journalism. A few minutes went by, all of us were waiting, we saw the man wearing a blue rashguard and that was Mon Tulfo.

We introduced who we are. I asked some questions personally to him.

Question: Are you in favor of installing electric light inside of Palawan Underground River for convenience to all the tourist?

Mon Tulfo said: No, it will disturb the Ecosystem. I am not against towards developing tourist spots in the Philippines however if eventually resulting to a long term damage, I’d rather not to.

Question: How about the issue about the resources owned by the Philippines, yet other countries are claiming it?

 Mon Tulfo: This is very alarming issue that our government should take a course of action. We are the one should benefit the resources of the Philippines. We already experienced the Japanese occupation in World War II, The history should not repeat itself or else “Poor Filipino”.

We asked Mon if we can have a picture with him and he is willing. He prepared his stuff and started to ride on the Boat.

He just waived his hand and said Good Luck to you guys! The Future Journalists! And he smiled to us.
This was the Boat of  Mon Tulfo

06 June 2013

Megan Young Miss World 2013 : They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated said Devina DeDiva


To all my fellow Filipino Female Friends and Families,

(Photos by Google, Edited by I Love Tansyong)

This girl above an Indian-Singaporean made racist remarks on the current title holder Miss Megan young Miss World 2013.  Her remarks like:  "Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha," Facebook user Devina DeDiva said in a post that immediately earned over 400 shares on the social network.  And another, "They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated," DeDiva said. "Majority [of Filipinos] are maids and one won such a title! It's shocking and dumb!" she added.

I was shocked and furious about her statement.  She does not know that our fellow kababayans who are working overseas, just to provide basic needs for their loved one, is the most noble things they’ve done.  Imagine the great sacrifice they made like not seeing their love ones every day, and only once in a blue moon they will visit home and realize the lost time that they missed seeing their children had already grown up.  It is hard for every parent to miss those moments.  I do not know if she had parents issues.
Photos by Google
Well she did not know that some Filipina Legendary Figures and Monsters stood united against Devina DeDiva. Here are the members of the League of Extraordinary Filipinas:
1.       Ana Julaton 
2.      Deborah the Manananggal 
3.   Gabriela Silang  

4.   Galema       

5.   White Lady of Balete Drive

 6.  Princesa Urduja

7.  Darna 


 8.   Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Rommel Caguiat
Guest Writer (Photos courtesy of Google) 


05 June 2013

Tanay Rizal Veterans Memorial: Men fit to live are not afraid to die


In Memory of all Tanayans who fought in the Philippines Revolution of 1898 and the Filipino American War of 1899-1901 the plaque was humbly dedicated. This plaque is attached in Tanay Rizal Veterans Memorial, in Tanay town proper. Adjacent to the Municipal Hall is the space where –in the World War II Defender’s name were listed.

The said location is considered as a heritage site in Tanay, Rizal. If you arrived in Tanay Municipal Hall, it is located at the left side of the Municipal Hall Garden.

See and witness so that you can feel the heroic deed of our origins

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04 June 2013

⛪ Devastating Bohol's Churches after the 7.2 magnitude earthquakes.


Three in the afternoon, Tuesday October 15, 2013.  I woke up from a deep sleep (since I am a nocturnal being). I opened the television to watch my favorite show when a special coverage is running on the screen with the subtitle “7.2 magnitude earthquakes hit the province of Bohol and Cebu”. At first, I just ignored the news when the said coverage flashed a few photos of the damaged “Baclayon Church” and “Loboc Church”. I was shocked and I can’t even believe while watching the news - those devastating images simultaneously the reporter mentioned the phrase “Bohol and Cebu now is under State of Calamity with continuous numbers of casualties due to the 7.2 earthquake”.
      During my visit in Baclayon Church. I was under the impression that this
      architecture is perpetual and will last longer. 

      A flashback was happened when I quickly grabbed my memory card, insert to my phone and browsing with my Photo archives during my Bohol Travel. I was crying ( I admit it) looking at my travel photos at the same time comparing the images flashed on the TV screen.
          I can’t still believe it, my home town is Bohol. Bohol is top of the line choice in tourism due to its stunning old churches, but look at now, most of the major spots and heritage of Boholanos are gone in just a short span of time.

              The Altar of Baclayon church. I am not able to go inside
              because Short Pants are not allowed
              Bridge that connects the two sides of the River. Loboc Church is on the
              other side

              When we were in Bohol (in Baclayon Church specifically) w/ my friends , I can still remember when our travel guide/driver proudly  told us that “ Nako sir, Ilang Bagyo na at Lindol ang nangyare pero di parin natitinag ang Simbahan na to!” or simply “ As a matter of fact sir! Innumerable Typhoons and Earthquakes happened here but  the Church is still stunning”.
                  Baclayon is a fourth class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines where in Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is situated. Almost tw- century is the existence of the said building. It is one of the oldest preserved Jesuit built churches in the Philippines. The said church exterior made and the design is really great. It is made up of corrals, stone and huge narra lumber, and the binder that they use was an egg white. So basically, the durability of Baclayon church is very famous in terms of engineering.
                      So when I went ahead online after I watch the news, there are images of Baclayon Church circulating online showed the half-collapsed bell tower.
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                      Meanwhile, another church   that I’ve been in Bohol is also a victim of the tragedy the Loboc Church was also heavily damaged after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the province.
                        The Philippine Information Agency or simpky PIA in Central Visayas over social media Twitter said, “The century old church in LOBOC is heavily damaged as per Jun Dy of comm rescue group in Bohol.” As a matter of fact the Parts of its roof can also be seen in front of the structure totally damaged
                            Moreover, Loboc Church is the second oldest church in Bohol rebuilt in 1638 after a fire gutted its original structure.
                              It is adjacent to the famous Loboc River and both have become major tourist attractions for the province.
                                  While looking towards the effect of the Earthquake, I hope the Boholanos (my kababayan) can recover the devastating situation. I know that, tourism status will decline as of right now, but in due time I know everything will be OK.
                                      And I hope the family of the casualties can also move on towards their predicament.
                                          I LOVE YOU BOHOL!! BANGON DAHIL PAGSUBOK LANG YAN

                                          Photo From Jed Cortiz

                                          Photo by JAMICH Twitter
                                           The bell tower of the Church of San Pedro Apostol in Loboc, Boho Photo by Robert Michael Poole
                                          A couple of centuries-old churches in Bohol such as Loboc Church, seen in the photo, were heavily damaged by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol Tuesday morning. AFP PHOTO  ( Photo From Inquirer) 

                                          Baclayon Church (Photo from Inquirer) 

                                          List of the Churches Affected 

                                          • Church of San Pedro Apostol, Loboc, Bohol
                                          • Church of Our Lady of Light, Loon, Bohol
                                          • Santissima Trinidad Parish, Loay, Bohol
                                          • Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Baclayon, Bohol
                                          • Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Dauis, Bohol
                                          • San Nicolas Church, Dimiao, Bohol
                                          • Santa Cruz Parish Church, Maribojoc, Bohol
                                          Some of the Bohol Churches damaged .

                                          Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Baclayon, Bohol (Photo from Pia Ranada)
                                          San Nicolas Church, Dimiao, Bohol  (Photo from Pia Ranada)
                                          Santissima Trinidad Parish, Loay, Bohol (Photo from Pia Ranada)
                                          Church of San Pedro Apostol, Loboc, Bohol (Photo from Pia Ranada)
                                          Santa Cruz Parish Church and Diocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer, Maribojoc, Bohol (Photo from Pia Ranada)

                                          03 June 2013

                                          Microwave Pulse has something to do with Typhoon Haiyan aka YOLANDA

                                          Photo by Noel Celis/AFP

                                          Today, Typhoon “Yolanda” is top of the line topic worldwide due to the rumors that it was only an experimental phenomenon made by US, CHINA,JAPAN and RUSSIA.

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                                          Yolanda was the second of the “experimental typhoons” which came from the boundary of Russia and Japan prior of positioning in Guam and totally attacked within the Philippines , afterward went to Vietnam and it was totally gone

                                          The said experiment was called by the experts as “Microwave pulse typhoon” because it was created using radars from biggest countries . The temperature of the atmosphere was scientifically produced so that the route of the said super typhoon is controllable and the countries who were the brains of the experiment can avoid it.

                                          It was mentioned the said Typhoon Wilma was just an advance party of “Yolanda” and the next on the line is “Zoraida”. These three Typhoons named WILMA,YOLANDA AT ZORAIDA have one and only route so that the superpower can make sure the Success of their experiment

                                          The territories wherein these three Typhoons originated are the locations wherein the secret radars of JAPAN, RUSSIA, CHINA and US are also situated
                                          To those who are interested about the details about this issue you can do a research using google and just type the keywords "Microwave Pulse Gives Birth to Typhoon Haiyan".

                                          You can also use these keywords for better research: NASA-Airborne Science-ER-2 Investigator-Sponsored Instruments...
                                          Here is the Video :

                                          "AMPR is a scanning passive microwave radiometer operation at frequencies of 10,...on the ER-2 to conduct cloud radiation and severe storm filed experiments".

                                          The powerful countries like US, China at Russia wanted to avoid the devastating attack of this phenomenon like “Hurricane Katrina” that maybe a potential cause of creating a Super Typhoon that leads to their proximity.
                                          Just like an anti-flu, the only thing to avoid it is to inject a weak strain of flu virus to a human’s body. Moreover, the typhoon WILMA, YOLANDA AT ZORAIDA" can be stopped by creating a "man-made typhoon"


                                          I AM JUST WONDERING Why we Filipinos allowed to suffer such effect of Hostile use of Environmental Modification techniques while others are enjoying their safeness? because we admit that we are weak?  and Filipinos are resilient?

                                          02 June 2013

                                          🏬 SM Mega Mall : Five for one, one for five !

                                          giving the real meaning of Bonding!!

                                          Erwin Calibo , vinna villaluz , Geronino Pasay and I are group mates in a thesis entitled Logistic Management. After we went from a company, we decided to drop by at SM mega mall. We bought tiny barkada pack ice cream. That time Debbie Marcelo (she is the girlfriend of Erwin Calibo ) just arrived . She decided to go with us
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                                          While walking at the hallway of SM mega mall we noticed an ice cream both 30 php 5 ice cream, so we bought and eat and its very delicious, each one of us has its own flavor, its very enjoyable moment because of one factor “the quality of time we spend each other” its not the ice cream that matters most, IT’S THE BONDING of the team researchers.

                                          Jonathan Orbuda

                                          The Cheapest Ice Cream
                                          The economics students that believe that we can conquer the challenge in thesis making for as long as we are united huhuhu!!! So emo

                                          🎣 What's in the Nipa Hut in the Middle of Laguna Lake?


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                                          Humans and nature interrelate in a locale where thrill and adventure combined; hence, this is evident every time a bahay kubo or simply nipa hut an old Filipino architecture is found in the local countryside.

                                          However, it is surprisingly to discover that the traditional cubic shape house is found not at the countryside but in the core of Laguna Lake.

                                          This picture opens the pulse of our curiosity so immediately; we ride at a paddled boat for thirty minutes and realized that he nipa hut is owned by Mang Rolly Larita, a fisherman and ten years caretaker of fishpen.

                                          Mahirap tumira sa lawa. Tyagaan lang talaga”, his opening statement to us who were wandering.

                                          As a caretaker of fish pen owned by his brother Mr. Popoy Larita, he is responsible to guard it day and night. The reason why he built hut out of bamboos afloat on the lake, this serves as his shelter when he’s on guard.

                                          Bahay Kubo at the Lake is not made of typical hut. Bamboos are the foremost materials used in building such.

                                          Piled bamboos at the bed of the lake serve as the nipa’s foundation while tied bamboos on the floor and walls and the “lona” served as the roof. These canes warm and dry those tired workers after a long period of sailing and fishing.

                                          Just like a family’s shelter, fishermen are sharing their foods for lunch and dinner under the refuge of this national dwelling place.

                                          Mang Rolly considered this bamboo cabin as his guardhouse watching the entire fishpen from thefts through the use of what they called “daylight”.

                                          Uso kasi ang nakawan dito kahit na tubig ang ginagalawan, ninanakawan kami ng alagang isda sa pamamagitan ng pagbutas  nung net tapos sasaluhin nila yung mga isda na lumalabas kaya kailangan gising na gising kasi sa gabi sila umaatake” Mang rolly narrated (“ Robbery/piracy is rampant here, the thefts will make a whole on the net and they will get the fishes from it. It’s a must that we need to keep on watching all night long”)

                                          On the danger of living at the lake, Mang Rolly testified “ Kapag makulimlim ang kalangitan nakatutok kami sa radio para pakinggan kung may bagyo ba. Kasi Kung meron inaalam naming Kung anong signal na, kapag signal number one, mananatili pa kami sa kubo, babantayan ang lambat na nakalatag sa lawa. Pero kapag tumaas na at inaanunsyo  na lumikas kinukuha na naming yung mga importanteng gamit tapos aalis na kami.Pagkatapos ng bagyo saka kami babalik para tingnan ang palaisdaan.” In English: “If the weather is bad, we focus on listening news if storm exists. If there is a storm, we make sure to know the signal Status, if it is signal one, we are still here. If the signal gets worst, we will pack and bring our important belongings and leave right away. And we will go back after the storm.”

                                          Truly, typhoon is the worst enemy of either agricultural and fisheries’ industry where it totally destroys the fisherman’s living and turn their labors vain.

                                          Jose Linaw, an eighteen year old young fisherman, visayan native, works for almost four months as caretaker, experienced life on lake to earn a living. He worked on Korean-owned fish pen but then transferred to other fish pen owner due to hardness of works but low wage earning.

                                          Mahirap manirahan sa lawa kasi masyadong malayong malayo dito yung mga kailangan mo, tyagaan lang , ang kaibahan lang dito tahimik at mas presko, yun lang kalaban talaga dito ay sama ng panahon, delikado talaga, kasi dimo alam kung kailan darating” Jose said. In English : It’s a sacrifice staying here the fact that it is too far from the availability of your needs, it’s a matter of determination. The only difference here is the placid and fresh environment, yet your primary enemy is the bad weather which is very dangerous coz you’ll never knows the fortuitous event.

                                          Built by bamboos whose characteristics is standing at firm after the storm and looks down no matter how tall, this hut standing at the lake reflects the people who subsists  in it , soaring and standing firm after storm of problems and staying as humble as they are no matter how far they’ve reached.

                                          As the saying goes “Bahay mo ma’y bato , kung ang natatira ay kwago, mas mabuti pa  ang bahay kubo ang nakatira ay tao” there is no place like BAHAY KUBO.