Quick Interview with Ramon Mon Tulfo, Jr. at Pristine Beach, Puerto Princesa City.

We asked Mon if we can have a picture with him and he is willing. He prepared his stuff and started to ride on the Boat.

The Pillar Publication Staffers with Mon Tulfo (Wearing Blue)
Unexpectedly, Together with the Pillar Publication Writers, while we were enjoying the low tide and the wide shore of pristine beach in Puerto Princesa City, we met Mon Tulfo.

Ramon "Mon" Tulfo, Jr. (born November 19, 1946) is a famous TV host, sound radio broadcaster, and fierce columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He is also the main character of March 6, 2012, Airport Controversy, when a fighting scene video clip became viral online including two celebrities; Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. Mon is a well-known dreadful and respected journalist and a bother of Raffy, Erwin, and Ben   Tulfo who are popular Journalists as well.
Mon Tulfo is a nature lover, he loves scuba diving. Not surprisingly, Pristine beach is one of the entry points of Palawan’s Coral reefs divers in Palawan. Luckily, the same day that we were in Pristine Beach was also the same day that he will be diving.

The Team are Excited to meet Mr. Mon Tulfo
Most likely, that was around 2PM, we were having fun when a small speedboat docked, so everyone was running ahead to the boat, took some pictures and the other went inside to experience. We had a short conversation with the driver of the boat and he mentioned that he was waiting for Mon Tulfo, as they will cruise to the mid-sea for Scuba diving for an amount of PHP15,000 So, as true-blooded writers, everyone is excited to meet one of our idols in the same battlefield of journalism. A few minutes went by, all of us were waiting, we saw the man wearing a blue rashguard and that was Mon Tulfo.

We introduced who we are. I asked him some questions personally.

Question: Are you in favor of installing electric lights inside of Palawan Underground River for convenience to all the tourists?

Mon Tulfo said: No, it will disturb the Ecosystem. I am not against developing tourist spots in the Philippines however if eventually resulting in long-term damage, I’d rather not.

Question: How about the issue of the resources owned by the Philippines, yet other countries are claiming it?

 Mon Tulfo: This is a very alarming issue that our government should take a course of action. We are the one should benefit the resources of the Philippines. We already experienced the Japanese occupation in World War II, The history should not repeat itself or else “Poor Filipino”.

We asked Mon if we can have a picture with him and he is willing. He prepared his stuff and started to ride on the Boat.

He just waved his hand and said Good Luck to you guys! The Future Journalists! And he smiled at us.
This was the Boat of  Mon Tulfo

πŸ“ Location: Palawan, Philippines

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