Megan Young Miss World 2013 : They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated said Devina DeDiva

To all my fellow Filipino Female Friends and Families,

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This girl above an Indian-Singaporean made racist remarks on the current title holder Miss Megan young Miss World 2013.  Her remarks like:  "Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha," Facebook user Devina DeDiva said in a post that immediately earned over 400 shares on the social network.  And another, "They are poor, smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated," DeDiva said. "Majority [of Filipinos] are maids and one won such a title! It's shocking and dumb!" she added.

I was shocked and furious about her statement.  She does not know that our fellow kababayans who are working overseas, just to provide basic needs for their loved one, is the most noble things they’ve done.  Imagine the great sacrifice they made like not seeing their love ones every day, and only once in a blue moon they will visit home and realize the lost time that they missed seeing their children had already grown up.  It is hard for every parent to miss those moments.  I do not know if she had parents issues.
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Well she did not know that some Filipina Legendary Figures and Monsters stood united against Devina DeDiva. Here are the members of the League of Extraordinary Filipinas:
1.       Ana Julaton 
2.      Deborah the Manananggal 
3.   Gabriela Silang  

4.   Galema       

5.   White Lady of Balete Drive

 6.  Princesa Urduja

7.  Darna 


 8.   Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Rommel Caguiat
Guest Writer (Photos courtesy of Google) 

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