๐Ÿ“บ Me at ABS-CBN Network During Its Peak.

Due to the influences from the stories of various stars who succeeded and became famous by joining the contest in a TV show, undeniably, I am also one of those who dream of becoming one. ABS-CBN is one of the biggest networks operating in the Philippines and if you even have a 1-second exposure  - it is going to be a big achievement.

Before the ABS-CBN shutdown, yes I am guilty, I auditioned in one of their shows -I Can See Your Voice, but unfortunately, I didn't make until the end. Maybe, I don't have the star quality that they're looking for. It is the same thing when applying for a job - there are qualifications that the interviewer is looking for. You might get hired or not but what important is - the experience that you can use in the next interview.

With that being shared, watch this vlog of mine as I underwent the so-called audition in one of the biggest networks in the country during its peak. This audition is already part of my history as the ABS-CBN is no longer in operation.

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After not making until the end, I have learned that mainstream media is not the only platform available where I can use to let my voice be heard. I have Youtube - who embraced diversity and inclusion. In this platform, I am able to communicate with my supporters, I can be who I am, and mostly - I enjoyed it so much.

๐ŸณREVIEW: Perfect Size Multi-Cooker for Small Condominium Units and Apartments.

Living in a small-sized Condominium Units or Apartments is not an easy lifestyle. It takes tactfulness in choosing what to buy and what to bring inside your room as it has limited space. It is not advisable to buy full-sized appliances if you’re living in tiny rooms. Mostly, in purchasing cooking appliances; it has to be compact and multifunction.

I am recommending you this item that I bought from an online platform Lazada – a small electric multi-cooker.


I’ve been using this multi-cooker for almost half a year now and I have no huge problem with it. At first, I was under the impression that it won’t last long since the price was kinda cheap and we all know that most of cheaper appliances when it comes to durability seemingly questionable. But after using this multiple times, the function is still perfectly fine – it still can cook.
The price is Php399

  • Made from non-stick ceramic coating + food grade PP.
  • Suitable to fry, steam, braised, stew, and all kinds of cooking purposes.
  • Adjustable power (225W/450W) to suit your cooking need.
  • Tempered glass lids cover for durability and safety.
  • Anti-scald pot handle with a comfortable grip.
  • Double safety protection with automatic power-off function when the temperature exceeds 200°C.
  • Equipped with fuse to prevent accidents in case temperature regulator faulty.
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel, Wood
  • Capacity: 1.2L
  • Control Mode: Push Button
  • Electric/Hot Pot Function: Stir-Fry, Teppanyaki, Hot Pot, Stewing, Braising, Steaming, Frying, Frying, Boiling
  • Power: 225w-450w
  • Voltage: 250V, 10A
  • Size: 28x16x16cm(Product), 31x23x17cm(Packaging)
  • Weight: 620g(Net), 980g(Gross)
  • Package Included: 1.2L Stainless Steel Grade Multi-Cooker (Without Steamer) SB-D08, 1pc Wooden spade, 1pc AU Cord, Users Manual, Packaging Box
  • Available Color: Red, Beige, Mint Green

One thing that I only noticed is that the heating iron behind its actual cooker is not evenly heating. It is noticeable as the left part of the whole cooker is burned and the opposite side is not. But good thing, the Teflon (non-stick ceramic coating) is still fine after how many times I washed it. We just need to avoid using metal material to mix your foods and do not use the green side of the sponge while when washing.

Overall, I must say that this item is worth buying. For the amount of php399, until now I am still using it and it is still working.

SCORE -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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๐Ÿ”ดLIVE - Let's Talk about #WorkFromHome Due to Quarantine w/ Guests - Sol & RJ

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Hello Tansyong Lovers, it is another live session, and in this episode, we have two guests - SOL and RJ.
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