πŸ“Ί Me at ABS-CBN Network During Its Peak.

Due to the influences from the stories of various stars who succeeded and became famous by joining the contest in a TV show, undeniably, I am also one of those who dream of becoming one. ABS-CBN is one of the biggest networks operating in the Philippines and if you even have a 1-second exposure  - it is going to be a big achievement.

Before the ABS-CBN shutdown, yes I am guilty, I auditioned in one of their shows -I Can See Your Voice, but unfortunately, I didn't make until the end. Maybe, I don't have the star quality that they're looking for. It is the same thing when applying for a job - there are qualifications that the interviewer is looking for. You might get hired or not but what important is - the experience that you can use in the next interview.

With that being shared, watch this vlog of mine as I underwent the so-called audition in one of the biggest networks in the country during its peak. This audition is already part of my history as the ABS-CBN is no longer in operation.

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After not making until the end, I have learned that mainstream media is not the only platform available where I can use to let my voice be heard. I have Youtube - who embraced diversity and inclusion. In this platform, I am able to communicate with my supporters, I can be who I am, and mostly - I enjoyed it so much.

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