🍰Freshly Baked Banana Cake and Crinkles From Big Tummy MNL.

Let us support small businesses, yeah you heard it right.

In the middle of the COVID 19, pandemic wherein numerous people lost their job; the online selling approach became a trendsetter nowadays. The physical stores quickly became obsolete and virtual transactions became popular. And those people who lost their job took advantage of this technology to earn money despite this recent hindrance.

Recently, as part of supporting micro-businesses, I bought food from this online shop named BigTummyMNL. I ordered 2 boxes of Banana Cake amounting to php175 each and 12 dozen crinkles amounting to PHP 100; delivery fee shouldered by me which is quite affordable depending on how far you’re located.

A slice of Banana Cake perfect for coffee. I actually eat it before my shift at work; I just simply grab a slice of it. Put inside in a microwave to re-heat and boom. Perfect sweet to increase my sugar, and caffeine to increase my dopamine; which leads into a positive and productive night – doing my task as I am working from home at night.

The actual banana cake that I received. 

Taste-wise, the cake’s texture is quite “sponge-ish” as opposed to what is my preference “moist cake” (but still it is subjective because I love moist cake) but it tastes good as the aroma of banana cake is dominant. Since I didn’t eat it right away and I stocked it inside my ref for a span of 1 week, to my surprise, those lasted longer and I even just consumed 1 slice every set, re-heating is the key to make it soft.

On the top of the cake, to make it more visually appetizing, they sprinkle chocolates.

When it comes to crinkles, Girl, I like the transparent packaging. It actually captures your attention – what’s inside. It tastes good as well.

As of the time being, I am waiting for my next order…another two banana cake again.


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