Guidelines in Guest Writing and Sponsored Articles.

Submit your Articles and consider the 5 Rules.

To all aspiring SEO Companies' writers, Digital Marketers, and  Digital Content Writers, this is for you. 

    ๐Ÿ’ชOriginal and Distinctive. doesn’t support plagiarism. Copying from other resources is punishable by law. We are responsible for our actions, we don’t want to publish any post w/c is totally copied/pasted. You can do adaptation but never ever plagiarize.
    We advise you to create your own original article Contributed content must be unique.

    © Exclusiveness:

    If you are going to submit your write-ups to “”, they should be exclusive and not be published to another site once published here. The main reason why we required exclusiveness is that all the contents in this blog are automatically indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines; therefore,  it will appear that one of us stole the content from the others.

    By that, we both get penalized, one of us does, or the most recent post gets filtered from the search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    If a guest writer will republish his/her work, we will remove it right away.

    ๐Ÿ”–Topics and Contents. is a Lifestyle Blog, most of the topics are all about Travel but I believe that having a niche will hurt my creativity and passion for writing various topics that are close to my heart - such as Dog, Plants, Humor, Fitness, and Products.  I then published as well informative topics - Health, Restaurant, Establishments, Review, Money, Technology, Events, Music and etcetera (check the homepage to see categories). I  also want to bring up information about the Philippines and beyond. Varieties of hidden stories, Culture, People, Foods, Society, and  LGBTQIA

    ✍ Writing Approach.

    The writing approach is a huge help for you to win the reader’s heart. A positive writing approach is more readable than writing negative thoughts. Since we want to publish quality and informative posts, so, the article should not be less than 500 words. Or else we will not publish it. From the time that your articles are rejected, you are free to publish them on your own site or guest post somewhere else.

    Reasons why your post may be rejected:
    • Avoid writing a negative or argumentative tone if your topic is without substance. 
    • Don’t to derogatory and pejorative stereotypes, we accept opinions yet not an opinionated article
    • Don’t tackle or write a topic that has already been done, redundancy is not advisable.
    • Don’t be too promotional on your article to the point that you are now selling.
    • We DO NOT accept articles nor link it outside-  that tackle, illegal drugs, adult toys, gambling, or cigarettes.

    ๐Ÿ“ง Submission. 

    If you feel that you want to voice and share some information through your writings, just send it to . We will review your work and publish it.

    ๐Ÿ’ฐ Blogger Rate Card.

    • Free for those who are just building online visibility and portfolio; and articles that have NO do-follow links/backlinks and will be labeled as "Guest Post with writer's BIO".
    • (As of  5/14/2022)  100 USD per article that has do-follow links/backlinks, and I will NOT label it as a "sponsored post". (maximum 2  external do-follow links). This domain has been established in 2013, in addition, is in good standing indexing in google, yahoo, and bing. 
    • (As of  5/14/2022) 200USD.  Get a brand mention on existing (already indexed into Google!) content for an administration cost of 200 USD (maximum 1 external do-follow link/ backlinks).
    Be reminded that the pricing is non-negotiable; indeed, the rate card is based on the domain's authority score,  expenditures in keeping the domain, blog's tenure since 2013, digital Marketing Industry rate, and reputation in white-hatting.  

    “ILOVETANSYONG” is looking forward to working with you guys; and having a permanent and longer partnership; and let’s supersede the Web. More power and keep in touch. 

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