I love Tansyong’s Guidelines of Guest Blog Writing.

Thank you very much for your interest in writing your articles.

After Five Months of superseding the Blogging World. “I Love Tansyong” is now setting up some Guidelines on accepting guest articles. Due to the fact that “I love Tansyong” maintained the brand’s tagline as “Your One-Stop Travel Blog”, the blog wants to publish quality posts only.

I Love Tansyong will help you to uphold and endorse your article.

• You will be included in the list of Guest Writers and Contributors with your Bio
• We will include your name, Pictures and Back-Link in each post.
• We will use key worded title, tags and we will include your authorship snippet linked to your Google+ so that Google will index your article under your name.
• We will promote your post to our Twitter, Facebook and more social media.
• We will publish it here of course…. Therefore readers can check your post and can leave a comment.

Submit your Articles and consider the 5 Rules
Original and Distinctive 
I Love Tansyong don’t support plagiarism. Copying from other resources is punishable by law. We are responsible in our actions, we don’t want to publish any post w/c is totally copy/paste. You can do adaptation but never ever plagiarize.
We advise you to create your own original article Contributed content must be unique.

If you are going to submit you write ups to “I Love Tansyong”, it should be exclusive only and not to be publish in other sites after we published it here. The very reason why we required exclusiveness because all the contents in this blog are automatically indexed by Google, Bing and yahoo search engines; therefore it will appear that one of us stole the content from the other.

By that, we both get penalized, one of us does, or the most recent post gets filtered from the search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If a guest writer will republish his/her work, we will remove it right away. Can we promote our article in our blog? Yes, you can as long as you are not going to repost the whole content of the article. You can simply modify it and inform your readers that it will be featured to “I love Tansyong” and indicate the link.

Topic and Content
I Love Tansyong is a Travel Blog, so most of the topics are all about Travel. We want also to bring information about Philippines and beyond. Varieties of hidden stories, culture, people, food, the society and alike are the concentrations of the blog. We want to bring the answer of the question “What is the Philippines and Beyond?”

Moreover, since it is a travel blog, you can also share your own adventure and travel stories. Share some tips about travelling, blogging, and backpacking. Our focus is the Philippine Country but still stories abroad are acceptable as long as it has to do with being a nomad.
Since we want to publish quality and informative posts, so, article should not less than 500 words. Or else we will not publish it. From the time that your articles are rejected, you are free to publish it on your own site or guest post somewhere else.

Writing Approach 
Writing approach is a huge help for you to win the reader’s heart. Positive writing approach is more readable than writing negative thoughts.

Reasons why your post may be rejected:
• Avoid writing negative or argumentative tone if your topic is without substance.
• Don’t to derogatory and pejorative stereotypes, we accept opinions yet not with opinionated article
• Don’t tackle or write a topic that already been done, redundancy is not advisable.
• Don’t be too promotional on your article to the point that you are now selling.

If you feel that you want to voice and share some information through your writings, just send it to . We will review your work and publish it. Together, with your articles you are required to submit your own photo. Attach at least three images that have something to do with the content and topic of your post. Original Photo is required especially you are sharing your travel experiences. You can also send Photo which not copyrighted as long as you will provide the ownership info so that we can give credits to them.

Moreover, you need also to submit your bio and your face picture. See sample click here.

“I love Tansyong” is looking forward to work with you guys.  And let’s supersede the Web. More power and keep in touch

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