How to go to Sagbayan Peak in Province of Bohol?

After the Typhoon Yolanda, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that made the tourism of Bohol decreased was almost forgotten by the Filipinos. Nowadays, our focus is the YOLANDA victims. Therefore, I decided to write this article regarding Bohol’s one of its top of the line tourist spot which was also a victim of a devastating earthquake. I was lucky to visit this place before the earthquake attacked towards the province. Right now, you can set back and relax because I will bring you to Sagbayan Peak.

Sagbayan Peak is located in Town of Sagbayan, Bohol. Sagbayan is a fifth class municipality of the said Province. The town is surrounded by municipalities of Clarin, Inabangga, Carmen, and Balilihan. This place is managed by Mrs. Myrna Torrefranca, who belongs to a famous political family who did an excellent job in promoting the town

Sagbayan means “place for hanging”, which came from the Visayan Word Sagbay that means “to hang”. As per locals, the inhabitants of the town came up the name of place because inhabitants practice of hanging deer hides on trees to dry after hunting expeditions.

How to go to Sagbayan Peak from Tagbilaran?

You can also explore Bohol using the cheapest mode of transportation; From City of Tagbilaran to Sagbayan Peak is only 41 mins via Bus. The Bus Terminal is located in Dao. From the Airport or seaport you can ride a tricycle going to Dao Bus Terminal. Once you arrive at Dao Bus Terminal, just look for the Sagbayan Buses.

How to go to Sagbayan Peak from Municipality of Tubigon?

Take a Jeepney from Tubigon to Sagbayan peak. Jeepney Trips are few so its disadvantage if you have an itinerary. However, if you are a solo traveler and you don’t have a plotted time, then it’s fine. Travel time is 45mins to 1 hour.

Sagbayan is politically subdivided into 24 barangays namely:

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• Calangahan
• Canmano
• Canmaya Centro
• Canmaya Diot
• Dagnawan
• Kabasacan
• Kagawasan
• Katipunan
• Langtad
• Libertad Norte
• Libertad Sur
• Mantalongon
• Poblacion
• Sagbayan Sur
• San Agustin
• San Antonio
• San Isidro
• San Ramon
• San Roque
• San Vicente Norte
• San Vicente Sur
• Santa Catalina
• Santa Cruz
• Ubojan

What is Sagbayan Peak?

Sagbayan Peak is a mountain resort, theme park and one of the tourist spot in Bohol that we can compare of to the “great wall of china” due to its foot pathway designs leading to one viewing deck to another.

Moreover, the resort offers a magnificent and picturesque view of the chocolate hills with the sea separating Bohol and Cebu on the background.

What to expect in Sagbayan Peak?

Right in the Entrance, a Tarsier sanctuary will welcome you. The sanctuary entrance is for free and you can only give a donation.

Adjacent to the entrance is the Sagbayan Peak Water Park.

The theme park offers a Kids’ Town, a town featuring all kiddy features, like a small castle, Snow-white and the 7 dwarfs, spiderman, hulk, life sized animals statue and etc.

In the same manner, it also features a butterfly dome. For a small extra fee, seeing a lot of butterflies inside a dome is totally worth it. A guide will also be with the guests visiting the dome to explain the bits and pieces about the butterflies

A very expansive viewing deck where you can have a 360 vision of the whole Bohol with the splendor of the Chocolate hills. The place also has a canteen that you can buy food and beverages.

Latest about Sagbayan Peak.

On October 15, 2013, Sagbayan was the epicenter of an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 Mw. The town suffered 12 fatalities and damage to almost 1,000 homes, including total destruction of its town hall. Today, LGU is now focusing on rebuilding the Municipality, not only the Municipality but the entire Province of Bohol with a tagline Padayon Bol-anon!.



From LGUs
DBP - Tagbilaran City Branch
Account Name: Provincial Government of Bohol
Account No: 0780-008214-081

From Religious Groups
Metrobank - Cogon Branch, Tagbilaran City
Account Name: Social Action Center - Diocese of Tagbilaran
Account No: 712-371204324-6

From Private Sectors & CSOs
RCBC - Tagbilaran City Branch
Account Name: BCCI
Account No: 1468430947

Some of the Pictures

⏰UPDATE AS OF MAY 26, 2018

For the third time, I visited this place. 

After the extreme challenge that I took at EAT Danao which is "The Plunge", we headed towards our last destination - SAGBAYAN PEAK. Sagbayan Peak is very similar of Chocolate Hills where you can chase the small hills in its surroundings. We decided to grab our dinner at the Restaurant in Sagbayan Peak.  I was no longer in the mood to create a vlog because of the aftershock from “The Plunge”.  


After our dinner, it’s time for us to leave my beloved Bohol and travel via sea heading towards CEBU- where our new adventures continue.  

πŸ“ Location: Carmen - Sagbayan - Bacani Rd, Sagbayan, Bohol, Philippines

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