Conquering The World’s Highest Canyon Swing, THE PLUNGE of Danao, Bohol.

Hello Tansyong Lovers, I just got home from a long-weekend vacation(Bohol), and before I become too busy due to my job, let me share you first this #vlog of mine; it is one of the amazing and breath-taking experiences during my stay there. I took the famous "THE PLUNGE CHALLENGE" at Danao Adventure Park. To experience what I felt that moment, just watch this vlog! Hope you'll enjoy.

I’ve been saying this quote “live life to the fullest co’z life is worth celebrating for”. I always kept in mind that I have to embody such statement in my every day way of living. Do not settle in a boring situation because we can only live once and so; we have to make the most out of it. I always make sure that I have to experience exciting things that I’ve never done before.

Looking back these past 30 years of my existence, I think this one of the most extreme adventures that I have experienced – to conquer the world’s highest canyon swing.  May 26, 2018 together with William Pombo ( a good friend of mine) and my cousins from Bohol – Rosemarie “Inday”Bastasa and Vitaliano “Bajun” Bastasa Jr. Witnessed how I shouted when I was released and got swing towards –somewhat, I called it infinity. 

I don’t have any phobia of height at all but the experience was mind blowing wherein it will leave a scar of happiness and fulfilment in my whole being.  Undeniably, it was one of the highlights in my life. This story took place at Municipality of Danao, Province of Bohol which we really spent time and effort just to get there. It was then worthy to give aim this (in) famous dignifying “THE PLUNGE” for the amount of PHP700. Indeed, I was not paying for “the Plunge” itself but I paid for the so called “EXPERIENCE” and it is priceless for me.

“The Plunge” is just one of the main activities offered by E.A.T (Extreme Adventure Tour)  Danao. EatDanao is Bohol’s ecotourism park where tourist can go river trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, caving and even kayaking through the parks incredible and picturesque landscape.  A canyon swing adventure attraction named “The Plunge” is mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide defile. The swing itself calls for you to free fall for about 70 meters before being launched into a pendulum swing, 100 meters wide back and forth – which really made me dizzy and threw up afterwards.

Watch My Vlog:

Truly, I will never ever forget this event in my life. The feeling - seemingly it was the end of the world, those shouts that echoed within the location, those laughter from the people watching me while I was swinging, those were memories that will leave a mark in my heart. And I want you guys to experience that.

Promise! I’ll bet my life if you will not enjoy it.  Love Love Love..

📍 Location: Bohol Danao Adventure Park – Magtangtang, Danao, Philippines

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