🏑 Designing a Tiny 13 Square Meter Condo Unit to Accommodate Innumerable Visitors.

A 13 SQM micro-living condo unit is such a challenge to everyone who is fascinated on welcoming visitors – friends and workmates. This is due to its limited size and a test of creativity must be taken on how to make this shoebox capable of accepting numerous visitors in one setting.

In this vlog, I’ll be visiting a unit owner of a micro-living condo unit along EDSA, Mandaluyong. She will be sharing what she did to make her friends feel welcome despite its constraint.
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Rai, a Transpinay acquired her property year 2018. She is fun-loving on maintaining a massive circle of friends. And so, she came up with sacrificing her queen size bed and bringing a couch for the visitors. In addition, she opted for a couch that can be converted into a bed for her comfort after work. She also bought an additional two foldable chairs so that she can hide them once not being used.  And she kept the other two for her dining table – free when the unit was turned over.

Rai loves yellow-green and so most of her things are yellow-green. She also considers not spending too much in making her unit visually pleasant.

Pumupunta ako ng Divisioria , kasi mahal sa mall “ she said.

Pag may nakita kayong nakasale or buy 1 take 1, grab niyo na

Undeniably, her own way on how to maximize a small space is truly amazing. She was able to design a dwelling that is visitor-friendly without sacrificing her comfort during her own “ME TIME”.

Watch the video below:


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