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Hello Tansyong Lovers, Indulging The One Night Stay Over Three Resorts at Panglao , Bohol and in this #TravelVlog I'll bring you to this prestine beach of Panglao Island, Bohol - named Dumaloan Beach Resort, Bohol Beach Club and Alona Beach Resort.

After a long travel via air from Manila which took us (together with William Pombo) almost one hour. And, from Tagbilaran to Panglao Island via land (jeepney) which took us 30 mins. We finally arrived at Dumaloan Beach Resort. (Watch How We Travel).

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Dumaloan Beach Resort has two properties; one for private and the other one is open for public. We opted to book our room at the public resort as it has quite affordable room rate.  Perfectly located in Panglao Island, the island of Bohol known to its fine white sand beaches. It is a family-oriented resort that is popular for recreation and vacation. Total relaxation is exactly what this resort wants you to have.

It is the one place that has things any traveler desires most — white sandy beach, great accommodations, quality service, fun outdoor activities and hospitable people. At Dumaluan Beach Resort you can truly loosen up and unite with your loved ones and friends, while perfectly enjoying a vacation away from your busy lifestyle.

Public Resort – It has open nipa hut cottages, table, closed private nipa hut, and air-conditioned rooms.  Our air-conditioned room rate was quite expensive in comparison kapag hindi summer. At dahil summer ang MAY, in proportion to the demand, the prices increases.  There is a restaurant but you have to reserve foods for an overnight inuman because the said resto isn’t open 24 hours.


Private Resort – At the private property , you can find a bar where-in an acoustic live band performs every night with simultaneously inuman ng mga guest. The vicinity is quite well-developed in comparison sa Public. Good thing, nakakapasok naman ang customer from public towards sa private kapag gusto mo mag-inum – the entry point in front of the beach.

BOHOL BEACH CLUB also known as BBC has opened its doors once again with major changes including new rooms, new suites and modern facilities to cater to the most discerning travelers. The resort is well laid out so that space is maximized giving all guests’ the feel of freedom, privacy and solitude.

From the rooms, to the restaurants, the activities and facilities, all aspects of the resort have been enhanced with the satisfaction of our guests’ in mind. Aside from this, BBC continues to boast of having the best beach in the island.


A large private beach with powdery white sand, pristine waters and most importantly, all the breathing space that guests’ need in order to enjoy, without the maddening crowd and unwanted distractions. Food choices are also well thought of as the new kitchen team offers a wide variety of traditional Filipino fare as well as international cuisine that will surely satisfy the gastronomical desires of all guests. Add to this the impeccable service of the BBC Team; genuine service that comes from the heart! This is what makes for a perfect vacation in Bohol.

Speaking of  “PRIVATE” – sad part if you’re guest from Dumaloan, there is no way for you to enter this property, however you can walk at the shortline adjacent to it but no can do if you’re planning to go there from the beach. Security guards are very strict even taking pictures is no longer allowed today, pero last time na pumunta ako dati , pwede. In fact naka pag short pa ako ng video dati – (WATCH HERE). Pero today, sobrang higpit. , you can still swim at the beach adjacent to it pero bawal na mag-ingay. Pinagalitan nga si William dahil nagpatudtug siya ng speaker na dala naming. Bawal daw !

Alona Beach is a small, quiet, tropical paradise located on Panglao Island, right at the southwestern tip of Bohol in the Philippines. It is famous for it's beautiful white sand beach and great scuba diving, butit's also a great place to just sit back and relax.

The beach at Alona is a beautiful 1.5 kilometer stretch of white sand bordered on both ends by two rock walls. You can walk from one end to the other in 10-15 minutes. It's a great walk! You will pass by all sorts of hotels and restaurants where you can stop in for a cold beer or soda and enjoy it while sitting right next to the ocean

Good thing, my cousin brought his friends na may motor, kaya naman nakapunta kami. Madaling araw na, that was 1 am na kami nag punta at ang daming tao dun, it’s totally opposite of BBC. Alona vicinity is full of bar and restaurant occupied by numerous white people “ang daming afam!” .

Variety of bar – EDM, Reggae, acoustic and etcetera. 

πŸ“ Location: Bo. Bolod, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

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